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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learnin Lessons in Rancer and a first KM!

  Had a quick fleet today that turned out to be pretty fun. I haven't been out on a fleet a few days, so I thought I'd let my Blackbird stretch its wings. FC called for Ewar and I was in for the fun.

  We headed out, not sure what to expect but sniffin around the local lowsec haunts we were ready. Our first run in was a couple of Jaguars playing gate games with us. Since they were flashy we were free to engage. The amusing part was part of the fleet had already jumped, while the other half was told to hold on their side. The Jags ran into the first half and blew through, jumping into my half of the fleet. Naturally, I started melting their targeting but they just jumped right back through, not agressing once. They jumped back and forth a few times, making comms a bit fun to listen to as each side called out when the Jags showed up. What was odd was the fact that we had points and webs on them multiple times, yet they were able to ignore it and tank our damage til they hit the gate. Warp stabs? Doubtful. They just seemed to be having fun. Soon, though, they both jumped to my side and warped off.

  So we moved on.

 With call outs for a few flashies along the way, we made our way towards Rancer. It's always a fun spot to pick a fight and local pirates are usually up for one. We ran into our pirate friends from The Black Rabbits on the gate to Crielere, where they were camping. With wrecks on gate, we were hoping to get some action. We didn't have to wait long. Just as I was in warp to the gate, a few flashies were called but ended up warping out. But a bit after I landed, a Drake from united showed up. 40 km from the gate. Alone.

  We were on that like a fly on...ya. Pointed and webbed, and myself permajamming, it wasn't long til the Drake popped. Icing on the cake was grabbing her pod. It was lucky I locked fast enough.

  We were all wondering who got the KM, when a SC told everyone to check their logs. I've never gotten one so I assumed it would be blank as always. Much to my surprise, my first killmail!

  The fleet disbanded soon after, and I had to be elsewhere. But I left quite pleased with the success.

Until later

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