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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Beginning for It (cont)

  Double post extravaganza! I am a bit eager and figured I might as well get this going while I have the time. On my last post, I left off talking about my current corporation Eve University. I will shamelessly plug them because they are a big corp that is dedicated to educating and helping the pilots of New Eden and effort like that should be rewarded. They have done well by me and continue to do so.

  As such, much of my experience is tied to the Uni and its operations. From earning my first shiny cruiser to learning about the darker sides of Eve. I began as a good ole carebear, specifically a miner. It quickly surprised me, when I found Eve bloggers, how thats used in a derogatory manner. It confuses me, since they are largely who gathers minerals and produces the ships that everyone uses. Why bite the hand that feeds? But that is for a different post. I am hardly someone that would shrink from a fight, I just prefer to do different things. I attended fleets quite a few times. It just wasn't my primary focus.

  I mined as much as I could, clumsily until I found what ores to mine as much as possible and attended a few mining fleets. I thought I was doing really well and rollin in it when I could pull in 10 million ISK in 2 hours. 10 million is still a decent amount of money to me, but looking back I can only shake my head. haha
I didn't really mission all that much, until I found I needed standing for perfect refines. So spider fleets became my friend. That didn't last too long. I still do every so often, I need standings.

  Then I got the PvP bug. Big. I haven't mined in weeks and lately all I have done is train skills that make me better at fighting. This comes largely in the form of Ewar, as I found I love it. No ammo, less skills to spread myself thin on and just as fun as shooting. I also got into Wormhole space. I am making more money than I ever saw before and can't believe it.  I just bought my first Drake for it since I am finding my Myrmidon is less than ideal when range is an issue. It now is my source of income and I plan to move into WH space in the near future, with a corp of course. I am loving Eve and just getting started. I lost my first Blackbird a few nights ago and I am finally comfortable with losing ships. 3 more are ready to fly. I have my eyes set on a Falcon, a Scorpion that I will be able to train sooner than the Falcon, and then I hope to go back to a bit of Industry to get a Hulk and Orca. Must. Focus. Training. haha

  For now, my view for this blog will be my thoughts on Eve in general, my excitement for Pvp and learning it, WHing, and my endeavors in Industry as well. I like to read after action reports so I may write a few myself. I am far from experienced, I am just now getting close to 5 mil SP. But that does not count me out in any degree. So I hope that what I have will amuse, edify or in the least give you something good to read.

 Until later

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