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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


  So, tonight we made new friends. Out of the blue, the corp INE Crew. Now if you just look at stats, sure it looks scary. But if you look closer, you'll see them for the sad, sad cowards in the light. They gank noobs. They trick noobs to pad their killboard.

  And they just decced a 1500 man corp with our War SOP. For you tl;dr people, the nutshell is this: We don't mission, mine or carebear at all during war. We station spin or we are actively hunting our wartargets. You won't get an easy kill because there won't be any to get.

  They just got notified that 1500 ppl don't like them and are watching them, waiting to go out and camp then into next year. Feel free to check our own killboard and all the past wars. Wondering why our efficiency is so high? Still think it's a good idea to dec the Uni?

  We may be noobs, and we may not have tens of millions of SP. But we fight as a unit and we do it well. Dec us at your own peril, because you will do nothing but bleed ISK and tears. But by all means, we love fighting as much as anyone. hehe

  Research before you dec. Think before you act. It'll save you one day.



Shirralia said...

Reading this before coming online and seeing it I can only say "awwww...". A war comes and I still don't have a reliable connection to participate.

Memoocan said...

Aww I'm sorry. Well you know it'll just turn into a day of mopping them up and then they quit as always lol

Herodotus Prime said...

I saw the war dec notice and nearly fell out of my chair with excitement. Yeeeesssss we're going to blob someone!

Then that little voice in the back of my head said, "hey haven't I seen these guys leaving cans outside of Arnon?"

Total flop. Well lets hope they at least come out and play for a couple of days.