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Friday, September 24, 2010


  It seems war always comes in pairs for the Uni..or multiples sometimes. Now, we are going to war with the Privateers. Again.

  They're for hire so it's always interesting to wonder who hired them. But this will actually be a war of note. They are skilled pilots and if it wasn't for our SOP, we would lose a moderate amount of assets. Then again, the last time we ran into them, we still came out ahead.

  So I can look forward to some fleets in the near future. I'll probably lose a Blackbird or two, but not before I jam a few of them into next year.

Fly dangerous o7


Azmodeus Valar said...

It doesn't even mean that they were hired. They do like to occasionally wardec us because they are bored.

Herodotus Prime said...

Way to get in on that Typhoon km!

Ardent Finder said...

Nice job tonight. If I didn't have to log, I might have gotten some action, I'm jealous!

Memoocan said...

That is certainly true. And they have proven their skill. Thanks Hero :) It feels great to go out and jam somebody, even if it wasn't a WT. Sorry about that AF, you missed some good fun :)