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Friday, September 17, 2010

Back in the Game

  Quite literally. I finally received my new laptop. It's my second Macbook Pro and I love it already. And I am sure a few of you just cringed a little. Yes, I play and work on Macs and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am not some elitist Apple user, however, as I did grow up using nothing but PCs. I have fond memories of MS DOS and the blue screen of death. But, as I am a graphic designer, this suits me better. And it can run Windows just as well if I really want. But I won't egg on the PC vs Mac war. haha

  Still setting everything up and trying to figure out what programs and information I am without now. Still needing to get the old info off my dead laptop's harddrive. But I don't know how to cannibalize a Mac and don't want to hurt the drive. Guess I'll have to talk to Apple.

  As for in-game, I jumped into a fleet when I logged on. Of course this was after I had to reset my overview and all the in-game settings I'm used to having already set. And I lost all my bookmarked sites and personal ship fittings. *sigh*

  The fleet initially turned out to be a reinforcement for a fleet already out in the field. I naturally X'ed up in my Blackbird, ready to melt some flashies. We headed out soon after and made it all the way out into lowsec, to find we had been made. They had neutral scouts no doubt and bugged out. So, we took a bio and ended up merging the two fleets into a whole entity. A couple people had run out of time so they dropped, leaving some big holes in the fleet. As needed, I jumped into a squad commanding role.

  Now, I am still very new to SCing but I love it. This was about my 3rd time and of course it's nothing more than relaying orders and keeping things orderly. It's always fun to be in command chat though.

  After the bio, we headed back out, poking around and initially thinking we were going to head to Rancer to pick a fight. Scout reported it absolutely dead. Hrm...that's a first. Luckily, our flashy friends from earlier wanted another shot. So we jumped back over and hunted them down. We caught a couple small guys on gates, but I didn't get on the KMs. Stupid me forgot that you have to break cloak to lock enemies....and they died quick. But all was not lost, we kept going and ended up in Ammamke with some flashies playing hard to get.

  A Caracal decided to jump in on the fun, and somehow we got a point. I love my Blackbird since I can jam easily at 100 km, but he was only 70 km out. We all burned at him, permajammed and pointed with damage when in range. A Rupture jumped in 270 km out and seemed to just watch but bugged out soon after. It wasn't long til the Caracal went pop.

  Then someone noticed a cyno drop. Well, time for us to head out. I believe someone have a Nidhoggur and Archon on D-Scan before we jumped into highsec.

Fun time.


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