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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Testing and More Training

  Hooray, I finally have my T2 hardeners. But last night I didn't. And last night I ran a C3, again with my Drake. I am seeing why people prefer them in lower class WHs. Even with T1 hardeners, I was never in much danger from being primaried. Although that was also because we brought overkill, more on that in a sec. I'm growing more and more comfortable with the ship and thankfully have a bit better range now that I bought a few skills. It didn't matter much last night since we were in a black hole environment. It nerfs your missile velocity, drone control range, lock range and fallout. Big time >.> 

  It was very late...or early, however you count the wee morning we initially it was me and the guy trying to get a group going. There were something like twenty six anomalies ready for us to explode. We had little interest for a while, then a bunch of people started X-ing up. We didn't get them all sadly, but we were all tired. However, I'd say 13 anomalies in about 2 hours is pretty dang good. Here is where I explain the overkill.

  We called for battlecruisers. Well we didn't much interest. A few people mentioned battleships. In the end, we had 9 people. A few more than I would usually like in a C3 but I figured the number of anomalies would compensate. Our roster was 2 Domis, a Tempest, 2 Drakes, a Brutix and a Sleipnir. The other two were salvage and scout I believe. Yes, you read that right, a Sleipnir. We were hesitant, but he said he had done C3s in it before so he came.

  Starting out, we did 3 sites in 30 minutes. We had a dozen melted nanoribbons already. I've never gone so fast and it was quite comical. With a horde of drones, a cap and RR chain, and massive DPS we had no worries. It was a great way to spend a late night and push through a bunch of sleepers. I'm awaiting the payout, since it will help with my new plans.

 Earlier in the evening, the wormhole channel creator mentioned wanting to take a "field trip" to WH space, set up a POS for a little while and have fun makin ISK. I love the idea since I want to live in WH space anyways, this would be great practice. So now, my Cov Ops training was shoved aside (I swear, I'm more ADD with training than a squirrel with nuts) and I am now training up for a Scorpion. I have a fit or two I am working towards and I should be able to use it in about a week, week and a half. For me, it's a great ship to get familiar with large scale operations. I can utilize RR/cap transfer as well as my beloved ECM. I can be useful \o/ 

  So we shall see how this goes. I stuck Caldari Cruiser IV in the que and now have to wait a couple days. Then on to T2 ECM and RR and I'll be flyin with the big boys.

Fly safe and have fun


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