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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Beginning for It

  A friendly hello for you.

  I wanted to start this out with just a little introduction and hopefully a general direction for this blog. This is a blog for those interested in the online MMOG Eve Online. As we all know, internet spaceships is srs bsns.

  There are quite a few existing blogs and I will add more links to them on the sidebar as I collect their URL's, all of which will probably be more interesting than mine. But you're reading mine so I assume you think otherwise. Thanks :D

  I'm a college kid with time to feed my addiction to gaming and recently (about 4 months ago) I was introduced to Eve Online. Ironically, this was not the first time I had tried my hand at it. I was curious of the ads I had always seen so years ago popped a trial and found myself overwhelmed and lost. No WASD controls? WTF? Well this time it was different. This time, I had my brother telling me to try it out and making sure I understood what the heck was even going on in the game. It didn't take long before I was addicted. Being a former WoW veteran...yes I cringe was a far different dynamic than I was accustomed to in a MMOG. But that was a good turn for my gaming habits. Eve actually made me think, made me plan, made me want to achieve something and earn my way. Gaming has also been how my brother and I are able to interact on a regular basis, as we live 900 miles or so apart. So all the better.

  While I started out, doing the tutorials and eventually the epic arc, my brother and I tried to learn as much as we could about our new universe. It was and still is the biggest universe, especially a single shard 'verse, in which I had ever played. 60 thousand systems is staggering. I joined a small, new corp and thought I was getting somewhere. Then my brother told me about Eve Uni.

  That's when my playing really took off. I joined the nearly eternal que and waited weeks until I could be counted as a Unista. The absolute wealth of knowledge the Uni provides to new players as well as old is priceless. By now, the famous Uniwiki is proof of such. I have learned so much more in a few months than I could ever have done in a year by myself of in my previous corp and there are many great people in the Uni. If you're new or interested, feel free to look them up.

  I can see this is getting long for a first blog, so I will continue this in my next post.
I am not sure how this blog will play out or how often I will update, random more than likely but hopefully regularly.

Until later,

Fly safe o7


CrazyKinux said...

Added your blog to the EVE Blogroll as well! Also make sure to add your blog to the EVE Blogs OPML Master list. -CK

Memoocan said...

Wow, thanks CK! :D I will certainly do so and I hope I can become a worthwhile blog for both lists