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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lazy Weekend

  As the war continues, we have had some losses and no kills as of yet. Hit and run tactics are their best weapons it seems. And we have a few rather stupid Unistas...scuse me, former Unistas. Do something stupid and you don't last long in the Uni. No, you're not "an exception" nor "special". Rules apply to everyone for a reason.

  I think I went out on a fleet that I forgot to write about. I won't here since my memory is fuzzy but I will show this as proof. Tl;dr of it is that we were sitting at a belt, when the Phoon came it disco crazy. Took out a few unlucky frigs, but I had fun permajamming him as he died. We also got a Cane that was stupid enough to stick around for too long. He thought he was smart staying 200 km away...til we got a warp in and he found himself blobbed . Don't get cocky.

  Most recently though, earlier today in fact, was my first FC experience. I have SC'ed a fair amount now and during war there is nothing to do but station spin. As there was nobody out, I got a fleet going for home defense. Just a nice gate camp to ease into the role. It was a decent small gang, a random assortment of tackle and DD with barely any Ewar. As time dragged on (gate spinning isn't all that more exciting than station) more logged on and were interested. At the peak, I was in command of 50 players. A daunting thing for a new FC. And quite a few more than needed for our camp. We also had a fleet of NERV pilots on our gate, apparently camping for Grunts since they had a war too. That made things even hairier when you have to be careful to avoid the wrong person getting shot.

  I now have quite the fresh perspective about the duties of FCing and how hectic it can be. For anyone thinking of doing so, remember that you have WCs and SCs for a reason. Delegate your duties and make sure they are capable of handling the small hiccups. This will free you for taking care of the big picture. It soon grew to the point that enough pilots were bored and wanted a roam. On my first FC. And I needed to find a scout. Scary. Thankfully, a separate FC had started looking to start a roam, so I gave the fleet that option. Many of them left, leaving about 20 of us on gate duty. As I had been on station for somewhere between 2 and 4 hours, I needed a break. I soon handed over responsibilities and logged.

  I loved the experience. This is what I play Eve for in the first place. Eve is able to facilitate such a wide range of skill building encounters that can easily apply to real life. To be an FC you must be decisive, confident, and cool headed. To control an coporation, you must be able to delegate, judge character well, and be an authoritative figure in your leadership. This is why I became addicted, not for the pretty explosions...well that too at least...but because Eve has a level of depth I haven't found in many other games. So I can check off another first for my career and be happy that I didn't get anyone killed.

 Why do you play? What drives you?


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