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Sunday, September 12, 2010


  It is something hard earned. A good one at least. And it seems the administration of Eve University has worked hard to earn ours. It shows when I can fly a frigate into Ammamake and pirates will shout in local that there must be a Uni blob a jump away. I find it endlessly amusing. You call it a blob? I call it crowd tanking and pirate tears are just as wonderful. :P

  Most of said pirates are pitiful at smacktalk in local, something the Uni doesn't engage in since it's rather fruitless and kills IQ to act so childish. We let our guns do the talking. Now there are certainly pirates I love and have no problem losing a ship to in space. I even thought of becoming one for a time. I may, later. But if you are going to smack, be intelligent.

  My main aim for this post was my surprise at how many people still try to wardec the Uni. I'm sure they are just uninformed or hasty or just don't do their research. I've been wrong before. Sure, there's 1500 of us and we seem to be relative noobs. But we are 1500 noobs lead by some of the best fleet commanders in the game. Goons might be bees, but being attacked by the Uni is like having a swarm of baby dobermans. It hurts. There's also this thing called our war SOP. It means we don't fly unless it's to go kill a wartarget, so you won't find us out and about alone during war. So thinking you can get easy kills is a costly mistake that quite a few corps have learned the hard way. Take a look if you like numbers and killmails. I just hate faildecs, they're boring.

In a fellow Unista's blog post, he states it quite eloquently:
"Eve Uni never forgets our friends or our enemies. Eve Uni is unrepentant about kicking our enemies in the forks until they squeal for mercy.  It doesn't matter how long it was since the crime they committed to earn their -10 standings from the Uni.  If we find you in a place where we can hurt you, then we will."
-Deranged Carebear blog

Knowledge is power. Or in this case, knowledge is ISK better spent elsewhere.

Until later

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Shirralia said...


People will hopefully get into their heads that we do not back down just because we have fewer skillpoints or experience than they do. We have skilled leadership and we're fast learners!