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Monday, September 13, 2010


  Lately, some of our leadership has been aggressively attempting to pacify our local lowsec in Metropolis. In friendly back and forth, the Uni has had our run ins with the now famous capsuleer and blogger, Lady Shaniqua.

  She is a highly intelligent, highly skilled pilot and has quite the amusing blog. When Lady S is in system, you know there's bound to be a fight. Well, tonight there was. My brother called to me tell me about what happened so I thought I'd pass it on.

  As far as I can figure from what he said, or remember for that matter as I have horrid memory, is that he had been missioning around the Egmar side of Metropolis and had a few in local askin for a Uni blob. Asking. lol A bit unusual. So he passed on the info to our corp and a few actually had interest. Soon after he noticed Lady S in system and then jump into the next system. One of our FC's got a fleet up and made way over to my brother. After some scanning, they got a warp in and my brother pointed Lady in his Incursus. Soon, the Cynabal was nothing but space dust.

  There was more action, which ended up with my brother being popped out of his Incursus as well as one of our Unista's Hyena, when Lady S brought in a friend in a Machariel. All around great fun and finally getting a KM on her is well worth losing a few ships.

  I only regret not being online to get in on the fun. I missed a shot at the Lady a week or so ago after some smart gate tactics that kept me on the wrong side, allowing an escape from the fleet. I hope this is a reasonably accurate account, if not feel free to comment.

GF Lady S and here's to seeing you in space :)

Until later

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