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Monday, September 27, 2010

Leveled Up

  No I didn't find myself in an egg. Actually, it's been a while since that's happened thankfully. For me, this "level up" is my ability to fly a battleship. I can fly "with the big boys" now. Of course, at the moment, merely means I can sit in the hull which I love to do so I can spin and stare at my shiny. In a few days I will be T2 fit and ready to be part of an RR WH gang. Which is another new experience for me. Since this is my first time flying such a huge hull, I am now going to have to learn what is generally expected of a pilot at this level. I have a bit of experience with RR and cap chains, but only peripherally. Woo, something new to learn. I don't think I'll ever stop learning something new in Eve, it's just that deep and complicated.

  As I begin to fill out in my early Eve career, I read other's thoughts on their early days. So far down the road, they've lost their awe of the universe. They've forgotten what it's like being one of the smallest fish in the pond, eager to be useful and to be able to do something well. That's not to say someone flying a smaller hull is less experienced, only that there are different applications. While it would be naive to think I'll never lose it, I will hold on to my wonderment as long as I can. Mystery can drive a person quite far to uncover knowledge.

  What was your early Eve career like? Are you still in awe of the universe?

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Ardent Finder said...

Still counting the days till my CovOps. Then, I'll probably make for the Battleship, myself.

Memoocan said...

lol Indeed, my plan seems to be the reverse of that. Still around 15 days until I have my set up solid but it's worth it