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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Look Inside Pt. 3

(This post is part of a series that looks at wormholes and life within them. I will talk about everything from mechanics to perspectives and opinions on anything that relates to wormholes. The beginning is here and part 2 is here)

  So we talked a bit about the types and levels of resources that wormholes offer. You'll have to forgive me as this is something of a stream of thought that may get redundant, it is my first series after all and I write them separately.  But this post, I was thinking in the same vein as to wormhole environments.

  Wormholes are different for more than just being void of stargates. Inside the unknown, quite a bit is different. There are no rats to farm because there are no asteroid belts. Any asteroids you find will be at gravimetric sites and thus must be scanned down. There are also wormhole effects, "spacial phenomena" that can affect just about anything. For example, a Black Hole effect reduces missile velocity, lock range, falloff, and drone control range, but boosts inertia and ship velocity. Each effect is different, but not all wormholes will  have an effect and you can even warp to those effects. How do you know if one does? There are a couple ways, the simplest being to look around. The effect has a certain look to it and you will learn to know them each once you are around them more. One of my previous posts with screenshots displays an effect and this shot is a Black hole:

  As I mentioned above, wormholes do not have stargates which means you have to bookmark them when you are transiting. An important fact that I have forgotten a time or two. Wormholes connect to everything from null and highsec to other wormholes and you can determine where it goes by the wording. For example, if it "leads into unknown space" you are most likely going to a C1, C2, or C3 system whereas "deadly unknown" is a c6. The color can also tell you. But, beyond things like that, the easiest way is to use Static Mapper and Dotlan Maps. (Protip: Put Staticmapper into your trusted sites list for the IGB and it will automatically pull up the system you are currently in) They give you great information as to how many jumps and kills the system has and potential static links. A static is a wormhole that will always open up to a certain kind of system. A C1 with a C2 static is one that has a link to a C2 everyday. If you collapse that link, a new one will reappear instantly. Quite handy, those static links are. I mentioned in the beginning of the series that these wormholes collapse after a certain amount of mass transits, a tricky situation if you get stuck on the wrong side. A good way to know what sizes you are dealing with can be found on the Uniwiki. One of the great things about having a hole open up to null sec is ninja ratting. I have just done my first bit, finding a dead end system with good rats (even a faction battleship!) and taking our time to get bounties and sec status without worrying about blobs.

  Another "environmental effect" is that there is no local chat unless someone speaks there. So you cannot get free intel on who is in system or how many. Your best friend is your Directional Scan and when you live here, it becomes an obsessive habit to use. It only has a 14 AU range and can't see cloakies, but it is invaluable in what it can do. Often we find targets with Dscan without ever dropping probes, giving us even more tactical advantage.

  I love the advantages of a nullsec environment like being able to drop bubbles and use capitals. But you cannot hotdrop in wormholes and you cannot claim sovereignty in them. (Protip: If you ever see a territorial claim unit it's a trap) You also can't take a capital through a hole unless that hole can handle the mass, something reserved for upper class wormholes. Quite frankly, after spending much of my time in Kspace in my Eve career it is also easy now to say that wspace is some of the prettiest you will find in the game. Effects give a nice variety as well as being pretty cool and regular WHs can even give variation to the eye candy.

  My brain is fried from finals, which are done and I am home on holiday wootwoot, but I think I covered what I wanted for the most part. As it is the holidays, I'll try to keep the posts up but no promises. Oh and post 100 is very close! I can't believe it...I wonder what I should do for it. Perhaps another first, as in a contest for goodies? Hmm...hehe

  So, are you liking the sound of wormholes yet?

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