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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We Interrupt...

This regularly scheduled program to bring you news from New Eden.

  So, the next update is finally out and the much anticipated removal of learning skills has been implemented. Feels good, doesn't it? I like seeing all my attributes in the 20s and with an extra remap no less. I have to say, thank you CCP, you made my holiday with that alone. The new ship, the Echelon, looks pretty nifty too. Not that I'll use it, simply that I like moving parts on ships and CCP gets it quite well. Although it has exactly one slot. One. It's pretty quick and all, 500 m/s or so but that is no incentive to utilize it. Oh well, station bling is fun too.

  As for what I spent my points on, I spread them around. I didn't have many since I never took them to V, but I had enough for some of my needs. I filled in some holes in my core that are embarrassingly lacking. I worked a bit on some offensive skills, but mainly I brought the training for Caldari Cruiser V from 23d down to around 14 if I remember correctly. That is before I remap of course. I will be using this free remap to its full advantage, but right now I want to use my extreme Int/Mem map as best as I can. So I am continuing to train some core skills and electronics. When I'll switch....I'm not sure. I just don't want to rush myself into a remap and regret it later.

  This rebate made Mech's life much easier as well. Mining Foreman V was cut down from 11d to 4d and a few other skills were given a hand up as well. He will be remapping soon himself and getting into an Orca probably somewhere in January. I am pretty excited for it and I know he is too. Then it's on to combat for him. For now I have to be patient with them both.

  Back to finishing finals for me. Today, I have my last one and then I am free from this nightmare of a semester. I get to relax and do stuff. Memoo is stuck in our staging area...still. I am trying to kick corpmates' butts into action to extricate ASAP, but we shall see how that goes. 

  So, what'd you end up using your points on? Has the update given you any new ideas or plans?


Loki said...

I still haven't decided what I'm spending my Learning SP's on, but thinking about what I want to do after E-Uni, I'm leaning towards Anchoring V and Gallente Indy V - that opens up POS Gunner and Blockade Runner for me...

The extra remap is annoying in a nice way - I'm specc'd INT/MEM right now but am tempted to go PER/WIL for six months or so to knock off a few ships and guns skills, before moving back to building up my industry/inventing skills.

Damn you CCP for best Xmas present ever :)

Viperous Stark said...
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Viperous Stark said...

I currently have 5 Active Pilots.

4 of them (Viperous included) are in a Extreme Int/Mem plan to achieve "maximum" core skills. The 5th finally finished the int/mem plan and moved to a Perc/Will Plan.

My Int/Mem plan is the following: Core Compentecy - Elite, Active Shield/Armor Tanking - Elite, Passive Shield/Armor Tanking - Elite, Hull Tanking - Elite, Logistics - Elite, and High Velocity Helmsman - Elite.

While Viperous has relatively good Drone Skills (3Mil SP or so), the other 4 pilots have 0, as they have been Int/Mem since their birth.
Due to this, the 3 Hulk Pilots will recieve the following: Drones V, Drone Sharpshooting V, Drone Interfacing V, and Sentry Drone Interfacing V. This comes out to be around 3 Million SP. I will fill out additional Drone support skills at a later date. The though of dropping 20 Garde II's onto some unsupecting Rat is very tempting though :P

Viperous will finally get Heavy Drone Operations V. I am a Sentry Drone pilot so I don't have much need for Heavy Drones, but sometimes I need to move around as I mission and having Drones that can move will come in handy. Will be spending the remaining XP rounding out additional drone skills (See: Gallente / Minmatar Drone Specalization)

My 5th Character, who I always intended to be a support character, but has been in his Int/Mem remap for the past 16 Mil SP, will start moving along the path to being a Damnation pilot. Being Gallente, I love armor tanking so easy choice for me. I should be able to knock out all Charisma / Perc skills with the free SP (Armored Warfare V, Armored Warfare Specialist V, Warfare Link Specialist V), and then it will take another 180-200 Days to "Min/Max" a Damnation.

(does anyone find it weird that after only playing a year and a half that I find "200" days to NOT be at all scary, and find myself trying to figure out what the hell I am going to train when those 200 days fly by.

Just as a side note, the reason the majority of my free points are being spent in drones, is because a Mem/Perc remap is years down the road. Int/Mem (1 Year) -> Perc/Will (1 - 1 1/2 Years), -> ??? Is my current plan for all 5 Characters, Viperous being a bit the most "capable" of the group since he spent his first 18 months in a Int/Perc remap and has skills all over the place, unlike Pilots that were created a month or two after Viperous, and now have more SP (28 Mil SP in core skills ftw :P) due to extremely focused plans.

Memoocan said...

Haha I feel quite the same Loki. So tempting! I have had to hold back from remaps a couple times, gotta stay focused. I recently decided POS gunnery is somewhere in the future, whether for Memoo or Mech idc. Stop by ADHC Public when you're ready to move out ;)

Wow...5 characters already in a year? I must be slow on the uptake or something because managing 2 is enough for me. And the level to which they are all at already is awesome if you're moving to Vs in their respective roles. I have found Int/Mem to be a very useful mapping since it can cover Industry/Electronics/Core skills for quite a while. Memoo has been that way almost since he started, I think it's time for a change soon.

I love hearing how other people are progressing, thanks guys!

Viperous Stark said...

If all 5 were going in different directions it probably would get pretty crazy. I don't know which direction I want to take the "Hulk" pilots after they get into Perc/Will...but eventually I will have a pretty fun fleet.

Having 3-4 Hulk Pilots is a no brainer once you Max out your Orca skills

(assuming you're a carebear and love to mine like I do :P)

Memoocan said...

Haha true, I suppose that does make is a simpler matter. Fleet indeed, although it'd be a feat to use them for something beyond the rigors of mining. I do love a good mining session, Mech will probably be my Orca booster eventually while Mem Hulks it up