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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AHARM Eviction

*NINJA EDIT* So now I am starting to think and see that this whole post could just show me to be an idiot. I guess it's very possible to be a troll for propaganda since most of the links go to the wrong KMs. It seems R&K got spanked, not AHARM. I'll update when I figure it out and stop seeing double.

  I may be coming down with the flu, so instead of having delirious rambles you care nothing about, I will be keeping them short. I'll finish the WH series soon, I promise.

  An interesting story recently came to my attention that you may be familiar with from when the alliance Aperture Harmonics "abused" wormhole mechanics. I put quotations are it simply because CCP had told them it was fine, but everyone seemed a bit butthurt about it. Whatever, moving on. Well, for anyone that lives in wormhole space, these guys are the big dogs. I unknowingly ran into their home system myself not too long ago and stupidly lost a CovOps to decloaks. They and the Rooks and Kings alliance began to have hostile contact back in September, with fleets moving into AHARM's home system and trying to chain crash wormholes to reconnect after they were pushed back.

  Well it seems that 3 months is enough time to take down one of the most dug in and biggest wormhole alliances. The two alliances have had intermittent skirmishes over the last few months, but R&K has recently and successfully evicted AHARM from their home system. Persistence and tactics prove themselves to be attributes R&K corps have in supply. AHARM's Class 6 Magnetar wormhole home had capital capable holes, allowing R&K to bring in Dreads with support necessary to bash POSes. All of them, 8 total.

  Something like this is truly a feat and well executed. It is also one of the reasons I really do not want to live in a capital capable hole. You are able to produce capitals in any system, but only certain holes have the mass limits to allow them in and out. Keeping a level of control and a definite upper hand makes me more comfortable if anyone comes knocking on our door.

  So what does this mean? Well at the moment, it simply means one of our biggest competitors is out of the running for a bit. I doubt they will let this stop them altogether. To my knowledge we are on good terms with AHARM, and I'm sure we would have had some fun ganking R&K if we had known, but wormhole space is lawless and everyone is a target. I am curious as to why an lowsec alliance (R&K) felt the urge to find and destroy AHARM, though. I know little about the politics between the two, but in general the two types of corps are not in frequent contact. We only kill in kspace if we get bored or decide we want a different twist to combat. So much effort just to drive a corp from their wormhole corp is interesting to my psychological analysis side. Maybe I just missed something.

  In other news, after missing a carrier and a couple T3 kills due to being locked out in kspace, I finally got my Gila blooded. I logged in late, so I was at the tail end, but somehow still got 4th on the Nighthawk. There was a 3rd Proteus and a Guardian, but somehow the T3 got out of our bubble and the Guardian GTFO'ed as soon as he showed up for the fight. Saved his cruiser, that's for sure. These guys weren't so lucky and man it was the longest wait ever. They sucked at scanning and were ADD in ship choices. Arazu, Phobos, Helios, back to Phobos, etc. Fun times.  I have to say, I love the Gila. Again, if I already said it. Drones and missiles are sexy and it tanks like a beast. I've taken it into fights, sites, and it shows its might.

  I have also resurrected my Planetary Interaction productions for the good of the corp. I enjoy the clicky administration, but it seems it's getting hard to keep up with demand. I enjoy being an asset to the corp in more ways then just guns. Almost makes me miss my mining days. Almost. Carebear turned Warbear doesn't forget his roots.

 So much for short posting.

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