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Friday, December 3, 2010

Positive Run for a Negative Status

  Tonight was a different turn of routine for some of the corpies. We left the wormhole for a few hours. *gasp* I know, I know Kspace is scary right? After a small introverted inspection, I am amused how quickly my perceptions in Eve have changed since I moved into wspace. It makes me think that perhaps I should have been here long ago, as natural and comfortable as it is for me now. We see Kspace as something less desirable because of local, gate mechanics, sec hits...everything you get to avoid in wormholes. Many people see null sec as "end game" in Eve, but it isn't that way for us. Wormholes is how it should be played and learned. The average wormholer is more capable in many ways,  in my humble opinion, than most Kspace inhabitants simply due to the nature of the environment.

  Anyways, back to the action. We rallied in our highsec system and got everyone shipped into cheap T1 cruisers. We weren't suicidal, but we were aiming to trade them for good kills. Nothing like a good lowsec roam in throw aways. Initially it was a very small gang, but that grew a bit when word got out. So we headed out for the nearest Pvp hub, hunting along the way. What better place to start the night than Amamake itself. There had been a few neuts along the way, but nothing interesting enough. When we were on the gate heading into Ama, however, our FC decided to start small. A criminal vexor had dared to share our space, demanding his own end. He looked at me funny...he deserved fiery death. So we unleashed our fury on him as he predictably jumped into Ama with our backup tackle. I hadn't locked him in time, so I was able to jump in as well. Breaking my cloak on the other side, our tackler was working on the dirty scum as I laid down some meltage with my jammers. That's when things got really interesting and it all happened at once.

  First, I took a sec hit. My first ever with Mem and it drew the ire of the gate guns. Being former Uni, I am usually on the other side of the fight. So stupid me was burning at our target as he was speeding away. In a Blackbird, gate guns are death, or nearly so. At the same time, a Jag had engaged the fleet and a Minnie gang had landed on the other side of the gate. Our tackle valiantly held his ground, bleeding armor at alarming rates. I was not close enough to get any reps on him...yes I had medium reps...and he lost the tackle, but picked up the Jag as the fleet beat his face inside out. I was able to get a cycle off just as I was warping. The gate guns hurt....alot. So I bounced to a station on accident in my rush...taking more fire...and then finally on to planets and new BMs I dropped for bouncing. In hindsight, that Vexor was a bad choice, but it was still alot of fun. We didn't even lose anything.

  So now I'm flashy, bouncing around Ama when I see local. Someone said me? Oh! My wonderful friend and fellow blogger, Laedy. We had a good convo as I waited out my I see why pirates want it shorter :P Can't wait for her to get some posts out again. After everyone was ready and I had repaired, we headed off. Moving through adjoining lowsec, we pushed on in our hunt. A few systems away, we had it. We sat on gate while our impromptu scouts worked the system. Lo and behold, a vile cousin of the Vexor scum jumped into us. The Ishtar was immediately called as target and we got to work. He stood no chance since the fleet was all together this time and promptly melted to our glorious T1 fire. The best part was he was flashy, so no sec hit and no gate gun fire, except for him.

  We were quite happy with our luck, an hour or so in and we had two good kills. But it was hardly over. We were here to practice and practice would continue. Our FC had afk'ed, leaving his second in command for the Ishtar kill. He came back in time for us to head home, since it was extremely late. So we regrouped and set destination. It seems, in lowsec, when you are stirring the roost it pulls in attention. This was quite evident when we ran into a Ice Fire Warrior gang and a mix of neuts on a lowsec gate, leaving us in a Mexican standoff situation. Moving meant vulnerable points we couldn't handle. We could take them, but with heavy losses we didn't want. So instead, we locked them all down and waited to see who blinked. They smacked in local...apparently we are carebears? Come to our hole, we'll show you a few things...and admitted they wouldn't GCC. So we played gate games, jumping back and forth to see who was with whom. While on Kourmonen side of the gate, with the pack staring us down as we hugged the gate, an Apoc warped at range. A mix of my colorblindness and the mass on my overview meant I failed to see the yellowbox that went red. He sniped down my dear Distant Illusion in cold blood. My new family doesn't take kindly to that and his brood didn't seem to react as they jumped his newly flashy self. Grave mistake, my friend. It was too easy for them to get under guns, grabbing tackle and burning him into dust and ashes. I was avenged, a warning to those that face us. Trading a BS or a Blackbird? Dumb choice.

  It would mark the end of our night, however. My noobship made me nervous so I reshipped to a Caracal with a few modules to make it home. Another first and a good preview if I get into a Cerberus. 75km range? Surprising and rather awesome. We finally made it back to good ole' wspace and home where I fully fit my new toy. A good night and good practice for us. Hopefully we get more chances like this every now and again. So now I have a few hours before I need to be up to interview and then go to class. Today we record! I'm quite excited. This idiocy is going to be addressed, among other finer things. Stay tuned.

  Long post is long. Sowwy.

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Laedy said...

Nice to see you had fun being flashy :D
See, it's not that bad or evil is it? Now, if we can just get you out of those darn ecm ships and into something badass...
Can't be bothered blogging atm =/ I'm still having a break from it, although I've been playing EVE more lately.
laters o/