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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Look Inside Pt. 2

(This post is part of a series that looks at wormholes and life within them. I will talk about everything from mechanics to perspectives and opinions on anything that relates to wormholes. The beginning is here.)

  Today we are talking about resources. Resources are the basis of any operation and absolutely critical to success in each and every one. Whether it is ISK, ships or minerals they are all vital. All the more so when you are living in a place that is essentially an island.

  As a rehabilitated carebear, this is something that I still enjoy and something that is quite interesting to me in wormholes. I've mentioned before how I have taken opportunities to mine in wspace, trying out different forms like gas mining as well as conventional minerals mining. It's amazing the extent that the fields can reach. They are massive deposits that take quite a while to harvest, but are worth quite a bit more than Empire ores. You are able to find the rare ores that are usually reserved for nullsec and do it from home.

  With the Tyrannis expansion, PI opened up a new venue for carebears. A miniature version of moon mining that now allows players to control the market is a different way, producing POS fuels and components for all sorts of products. I finally just got my own operations under way, tearing down my Empire colonies and relocating into our system. The sheer quantities of raw materials waiting to be harvested is amazing. Good thing I already have the "Stupid Carebear" title if my corpmates read this :P On my first planet, one extractor set to a 24 hour cycle can bring in more resources than my Empire colony set to shorter cycles. Not only that, but the threat that DUST 514 potentially brings to my colonies is non existent. The only people populating the planets alongside me are corpmates. Talk about secure.

  When you are a corporation that needs to be as self sufficient as possible, those two sources are important. We can save money and make our own fuel as well as saving money and giving ourselves advantages with our own production lines if we choose. There are wormhole corps entirely dedicated to destroying Sleepers and putting their loot to use in Tech 3 production and others that simply mine to their hearts content to take back to Empire and make massive ISK. Sleeper loot itself is a resource to be collected and a profit to be made. All these resources keep the cycle going. For corps like us, we seek them out to keep ourselves able to go out and make pretty explosions in the dark expanses. You never know what the next connection will hold and it is always best to be prepared.

  So if you are a carebear at heart or simply enjoy the idea of making tons of ISK, wormhole space just might be the place for you. It takes alot of work and dedication, but with a corp as close as family and the right tools anyone can conquer it. It's unknown space, not impossible space.

  Sounding at all attractive yet?

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