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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Look Inside

(This post is part of a series that looks at wormholes and life within them. I will talk about everything from mechanics to perspectives and opinions on anything that relates to wormholes. Part 2 is here, part 3 is here, and Part 4 is here)

  So my work seems to never end. This is my last week of school and the projects and papers never seem to end. I just got a smaller one done so my reward is writing to my dear readers. See, you ARE important! It'll be another beast of a post so buckle up. We finally recorded our first episode for New Eden Chronicles, so be on the look out. I'll of course let you know when it lands. In the meantime, send us mail and head to our page to say hey. Oh and btw, you may notice the badge in the upperleft corner. Indeed, I am now on Twitter as a part of the Tweetfleet, something I never thought I would be sucked into for long. But that's social networking for you :P

  As far as ingame things go, I'm finally back in my home system. When were you ever gone? Yes, well I haven't said anything since it's all been hush hush and I may still need to keep some details to myself. But basically, our corp acted on some outside intel and set up in an upper class wormhole that has a static to an even higher class wormhole with the intention of it being a staging area. Only we found the intel was bogus AFTER the tower was onlined. Interesting welcome party too in our system.

  The tower was 1 min away from being online when 2 Russian Legions decloaked and engaged our handful of battleships. I was naturally in my Scorp and comms lit up as I got my jams going. It was intense and 2 more Tengus joined the fray. I was thankfully getting successful jams over and over, missing one or two. Our 2 Scorps took the brunt of the surprise as I slowly had my armor melted and we could only hammer through one Legion's armor. We never broke them, but they also never broke us. Just as I hit 99% structure the tower went live and pushed the aggressors outside. My heart was in my throat and we were safe. Relatively.

  The Ruskies retreated for a few minutes, only to have our cloaky call a Moros on Dscan. lolwut? It seems they were in the mood to hit us for realsies. We only had 12 hours of stront, plenty to deal with them. They soon got to work and had fun for a while. As fun as POS bashing is, although it's interesting being on the inside for once. The tower online with half shields as it was so they were making easy headway. But their hole had been destabilized in the process and they didn't even reinforce us. Certainly a party in these higher class holes. We spent the rest of our time repairing shields and onlining modules.

  Besides that, I am slowly making my way into Recons with little detours of needed skills. Mech is getting closer to Orcas and I can't wait. It is taking him longer because I am filling out his core rather than just being able to sit in an Orca. I am also waiting out the skill reimbursement for his benefit and even have plans to put him into HACs after the Orca train. Quite the little squad I have cooking.

But I am also here to get into wormholes. I think this will become something of a series, my first! :D
I will talk about everything from mechanics to perspectives and opinions on anything that relates to wormholes. Since this post is already so long, the real meat of things will start in the next. For now, my opinion!

  I found an interesting statement in the CSM Meeting Minutes from back in September 2010. The CSM is meant to represent the entirety of New Eden, and unknown space is still within those parameters in my mind. For those that are too lazy or can't find it, the comment was:

[ 17:24:06 ] Meissa Anunthiel > I totally understand the objective, but I believe it won't accomplish reduced cost (pos fuel, logistics), and I'll make more profit, so that's cool with me on a personal level, but I'm not sure it'd be well received. [/end]
[ 17:24:20 ] Mynxee > dv go
[ 17:24:40 ] Dierdra Vaal > there is one thing that will change: people who live in wormholes will not feel they have to go to k-space to build their T2 ships. end
[ 17:24:45 ] Meissa Anunthiel > !
[ 17:24:50 ] Mynxee > meissa go
[ 17:25:33 ] Meissa Anunthiel > People aren't "supposed" to be living in wormholes, I don't think upsetting the balance of the rest of the universe for wormhole people (in this one particular instance) is justified. You want to live there, well, more hurdles to you. They have to go
[ 17:25:53 ] Meissa Anunthiel > back to empire to buy fuel anyway, being able to do everything in there is not good for the ecosystem... [/end]

  It seems we wormholers have no advocate or voice. We aren't even seen as "real" entities. More hurdles to me? Srsly? Perhaps CCP didn't intend for us to live here, but it has happened and it is a very valid play style. So being shoved aside as some worthless minority chafes. While intentions guided original implementation, application has come into effect and quite frankly, should be what now controls the situation. We live here, so throw us a bone mkay?

  I have stated before that wormhole life is the endgame for me. Why? Simple, you get all the benefits of nullsec without the blob filled dramafests and endless wars. There's no politicking or need to worry about neuts and reds. For Adhoc, if you aren't in the fleet or in the corp you are red and thus earn the business end of my missiles and jams. It's simple. It also is a far more dynamic environment and one that allows for situational control. Is Jita too far away to be worthwhile? Roll the hole until you get a closer connection. Connecting systems dead and boring? Roll til you find new friends to play with. And boy do we.

  The hole also makes sure only certain amounts of mass comes through. If you have a small hole and worry about home defense, just make caps in your own system and it means you have them but nobody else can bring any inside. Our respect is earned by those who are willing to give us a good fight or aid us in our own. However, ADHC has next to no blues so being one is pretty significant.

  Those are some of the points that drew me to my new home and continually keep the game interesting and new. Sure, you can mission until your eyes bleed, but to what end? You can mine and it does have a good application for production. But why not mine in a place that can be safer than null and much more so than Empire? And the minerals are richer here, a plus even for a reformed carebear myself. I have a new title "Stupid Carebear" simply because I went on about it to the corp. I got to try out the "Rokhtopus" mining vessel and can use my skills for the good of the corp.

  Living in unknown space also means a closer connection to those you live with. You really do become a family, at least that's how I feel about ADHC. Teamwork is essential and vital to your survival and success. You could just blob people...but that's less of an option when you have to worry about mass limitations and logistics. Space is a premium.

  So, hopefully this series will show you a few new things about wspace and perhaps even give you the urge to check it out. It may not be for everyone, but it is my natural habitat now. I love it here. I do miss friends in Kspace so I do come out to play. I do want more friends and targets in wspace, but only those who are willing to accept the risks.

  For now, I'll leave you with these tidbits while I run my head through a wall with schoolwork.

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