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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Community Recognition

  The Eve Online Facebook page had a pretty cool link yesterday. I was busy so I only just now noticed. It was an article written over on Ten Ton Hammer, an MMOG source for news, guides and more. Linky.

  Basically, it says Eve is best. Specifically, in TTH's opinion our community is the best in the last decade. I can hardly argue with that. That's about half of my lifetime, of which I have played many, many games. There are few, if any, communities I have found that can equal the amount of involvement and camaraderie. Perhaps that's not true for everyone, but this is the first game I have been compelled to blog or podcast about.

  So congrats to CCP for giving an environment that enables such a community and thanks to TTH for the award. And rock on, everyone.


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