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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Incarna Revisited/Merry Christmas

  Ok, firstly I'd like to apologize for that abhorrent post for the blog banter. I don't know what I was thinking, but I've been staying up til 5 am alot lately and it obviously impairs my judgement. So please extend patience as I reiterate what I should have in the first place.

  Incarna, or amulation or walking-in-stations etc, is what Eve has on the horizon. It is coming soon and it will have quite the impact. New Eden is a universe driven by its inhabitants, namely us capsuleers. The community, as the squeaky wheel, often gets the grease for development and sometimes does not. Sure, the existing features need work. But something I noticed early on in Eve is that everything does get worked on. Perhaps it takes longer than some people want, but CCP is quite good about revamping things. Yes, it should be done right the first time, but you have to give them credit.

  Which is why I think the last expansion has been a good step in the right direction for them. Focusing on doing it right and that will extend to Incarna. The question was how it would affect gameplay and the players. In the beginning, perhaps nearly not at all or to a small degree. I don't look at the short term, though, when I judge the feature. Giving a body to our capsuleer populace is huge. It's something that is epic in my mind simply because this universe is evolving and breathing more than any other game I can think of to date. It can feel like a second life at times. The complexity, depth, and fascination of it all can capture even the cynical.

  Incarna will be the stepping stone into expanding our universe. To start, there won't be much more than pretty interiors and a few things to do. But what happens when the players get a hold of things and bring their collective intellectual might to the table? Eve is not what it was when it began and for its benefit it is so. Players were the ones who developed jet can mining, alliances, and so much of what we take for granted now. Who is to say we won't make a whole new part of Eve that can be enjoyed? I think it can even bring in players who wouldn't normally pick up Eve Online. First it will be station bound, but don't be so narrow minded. Those planets you fly by every single day...what happens when we roam those expanses? What happens if we are eventually able to board enemy ships and fight to overtake it? Why limit yourself to what is immediately available when Eve is a sandbox, not something to be stuck in a box.

  There will be those who want nothing of it, but so what. That is what a breathing world is about; diversity. It is what drives the very workings of the game. Miners provide materials to be made into ships and guns that then shoot the miners who need more materials and so on. We all like something different. For myself, DUST 514 means little. I am in a wormhole, so fighting someone for a planet doesn't really make sense when it is a corp mate. Unless we just are doing it to annoy each other, which is fun too. Missioners can have a different scope of how they mission, traders play more angles, and fighters....well I guess we shall see how that turns out, yeah?

  So, I am optimistic and think this will be epic. CCP is always moving forward and there are certainly growing pains. But I am a fan boy through and through now, so dig in boys and girls, it's going to be a fun time. Hopefully this satisfies things a bit more.

  I also just noticed I hit post 100 with the blog banter. Whoa. That's pretty big for me, a personal achievement. I wish I had noticed sooner, because I wanted to do something fun for it. With the holidays and now that, I think I feel a contest/giveaway/somethingfunforall event coming soon. Stay tuned, won't you dears?

  I will also be getting another bit of the wormhole series out too. Sorry that things have slowed down, but real life is priority for me some times more than others. But my readers understand, cuz I have the best. I also need to get back to some fun Pvp stories, don't I? That carrier kill would be a good one, and two days later we got another. That one I missed, why? Missioning in kspace. WTF yeaaa.....bad time to work on R&D agents amirite. I hope you all have enjoyed the podcast so far as well. I'm trying to think of how I will develop my segment. Noob i suck at those, but I'll try to improve...anything you want, lemme know. Depending on copyrights and all, it'll be And Now for Something Completely Different, John Cleese intro and all. That is if it won't get me sued into the grave. I am also working on convincing a corpmate to start blogging. I'm lookin' at you, Sao!

  Wow, sorry about the wall o' text. Anyways, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. It is almost 2011, good things on the Horizon (eh?eh?xD)


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