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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Return to Normalcy

  I am not yet there for the full return, but I am close. Finals end next week so I am slowly dying from everything I have to do til then. Between schoolwork and ingame events, writing has taken a backseat. Sorry about happens I suppose.

  Lots has been happening in our little wormhole home. There have been multiple times I log in to find we just had a massive fight and I missed it all. *le sigh* And I mean big. The reports are always borked, but whatever you get the idea. There are usually multiple rounds of fighting and both sides getting stomped. Oh well, I am happy to have the fights I get into and we certainly look for them everywhere. We have even gotten into a lot more roaming in lowsec and bashed another POS. That always makes for interesting situations when most of my corpmates have forgotten mechanics that apply. There was also, apparently, a Golem that came into our home...and talked in local saying (s)he? was just passing through. We don't keep local up, so she disappeared pretty quickly. If you go into a wormhole, especially when you know it is occupied, never talk in local. You are giving free intel and alerting them to a threat that anyone worth their guns will exterminate. Especially when you're in a Marauder that makes our KB look so good.

  I have also had my chance at using the Noctis. What do I think of it? It's the sex of salvaging vessels. Even with it only trained to the first level you have a 32km range on tractors and it's hard to keep up when it blows through wrecks like they aren't there. One Noctis can salvage faster than people can kill, something much appreciated in wspace, where the less time exposed the better. Speaking of new ships, it seems CCP is giving us another. The Echelon eh? Personally, I see it being about as useful as the Zephyr...which is not much at all. Perhaps it'll be useful for the Incursions...but it's too fragile and not worth risking just for being a dedicated hacker. So I hope you like station bling! I'll have to come out to kspace to redeem it I suppose. The longer I am in wspace...the less I like doing that. I feel so exposed and vulnerable, ironic isn't it? Fighting is less fun, as well, when everyone runs away and then smacks that we are nothing but carebears. You have noticed my negative sec status yes? I also find that I desire less and less to kill Sleepers as I once did. We can get a bit bloodthirsty and I have embraced it. I am anxious to get into a Falcon or Rook soon to be of more utility. Although, I have been loving my bomber. It has so many uses and packs a punch. I have gone into structure twice, but have yet to lose my little Garrote.

 The learning skill change is coming up and I am still wondering where I will stick those few skill points. This will certainly help my alt tremendously and I can't wait. He is closer and closer to getting into an Orca every day. And now I am thinking, after Orcas, he will be a HAC pilot. Maybe. What are you using the SP for?

  I am thinking I may start explaining wormhole life a bit better in future posts. What I need from you all is, what do you want to know? What is obvious and what is a little more vague? I will do my best to maintain opsec for the corp, but I'd love for more people to come to wspace.



Ardent Finder said...

Well, sure. More people in WH space means more targets for us. :D

Shandir said...

Okay, if you want more people in WSpace - tell us why we should come first.

Memoocan said...

Haha I shall Shandir.