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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to CCP

  For anyone that has been able to log on already, you understand the title. For those who haven't, the update came with a 30 minute delay and already needed a hotfix. Striving for excellence indeed. I like the intro, the music is far less intrusive and the darker tones make me happy. As for the game itself, ORE space has become chaos and death to most people, with roaming gangs of sniper BS and T3s. Even so, Noctis BPOs were in Jita within the hour and at a ludicrous 800 million ISK. Talk about inflation. The prices started tanking immediately, so it'll be interesting to see where it settles.

  I had moved myself to a lowsec staging area where my corp was planning to jump from so we could extract our own BPO. But I logged on and the fleet only had me and one other guy, so I guess I need to make my way back home now.

  I also just got mailed a link, and it seems I get mentioned in a Devblog in reference to NEC. Pretty cool to see your name on a CCP page :3 If you're a creative pilot, give us a ring and you could end up on the show. If you have a great corporation and want to get your names out, let us know. We are all about the Eve community.

  Short post is short.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to It

 Sorry for the slow posts, been a bit busy. I was sick and then went on break. I had a wonderful holiday with my girl and doing fun things in wspace with my new friends. Oh and learning SB tactics. Just got done with that Mach kill. It was an amazing gank with a great warp in.

  I had been on Minecraft, setting up stuff on a new server and had just stopped afk mining. I was on comms and someone called activity in an adjoining WH. So naturally, I dropped everything and logged in. I initially was in my stealthbomber from when I logged out, so I headed over. Two jumps over, our scout is sitting on grid with a Brutix, Myrm, and a dessie salvager and a Drake and Mach on scan. The Drake ended up just passing through from another corp. The ones we were hunting, we found after background checks, were big carebears. 40 bil in losses meant we just might get our share of fun. There was also a second exit that went into lowsec space in the system, which we had a cloaky camp. They seemed to use this as a fallback, popping on and off grid.

  Our bomber joined in to get eyes on, but they were all jumping around. We had found them in a grav site, the miners getting spooked at probes on scan. There were wrecks, so the dessie was cleaning up with the Brutix as a guard. As the Brutix slowboated towards some abandoned drones, our bomber decloaked to try a tackle. He must have been aligned to something because he bugged out quick, leaving the Cormorant.

Who continued to salvage.

And then sat there.

A few volleys later, he was dust.

 He had bad friends since they never even showed up to help. The Myrm had jumped out long before and the Brutix seemed to have done so as well when he ran from our bomber. Either he jumped out or POSed up, I can't remember. For a few minutes we lost the Mach on scan, until he showed up on grid with our cloaky on the lowsec exit. And disappeared. No way. This guy has a cloak? On a Mach? I mean, sure it's wspace, but people really need to think things through. I guess he was supposed to be the miners' point defense, a surprise to scare off anyone. But we are the wolves here and stupid people make us happy and rich.

  Even better, he had jumped on grid 100km from the exit. The rest of us jumped into system and made our way to the hole, which was painfully slow in the Scorpion. Our Onyx bubbled up and we waited. If I remember correctly, our Curse gave a pro decloak, dropping right on top of the Mach after he bounced. We jumped into action and quickly had him locked down and pointed. I began my jams and unleashed the fury of my few cruise missiles. He had a monster tank, but it wasn't going to last long when our Curse got to work. The Onyx bubbled back up on the Mach and our bombers launched their volleys, everyone on their toes with adrenaline.

  Then his active shield tank broke. He slowly bled shields and we ate into his armor. It quickly melted under our fire and he became a multi-billion ISK wreck. Even though we had the bubble, a bomber pointed the pod and we waited until everyone had it locked. Longest 25 second lock of my life. We had started out thinking we might steal an Orca, but were ecstatic to have this shiny on our KB with a 2 billion drop bonus. This is why I love wormhole life :P

  It has been quite a busy week. Recording is coming up, I'm a bit nervous. I haven't gotten any feedback, so my segment is going to be based around corporation spotlights. In that vein, what kind of corporations do you want to hear about? What kind of information is important to you?


Friday, November 26, 2010

Podcast Content

  I wanted to make a quick post to get some feedback from you guys. We are currently hashing out particulars and putting our crafty minds together to kickstart New Eden Chronicles. We have alot of bases covered so far, but what would you like to hear?

  It is a communitcy centric format, so if you have anything that remotely relates I want to hear it. I'm racking my brain for a few that I could contribute, but I thought "hey! the more brains, the merrier" since I am only one pod-man.

  Leave a comment or Evemail me. Bring on the ideas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Learning Skill Removal!

  Yes you read that right. They have finally broken down and decided to remove learning skills altogether. It started with ceasing the NPC selling of the books. According to the Devblog, this change will be around December 14th, so quite soon. What exactly will this all mean? Here's some details:
    • We're not kidding. In your head, in your hangar or in your anything else, they're gone. Vamoosh. Deleted. Sent to the big recycle bin in the sky. Etc etc.
  • All skillpoints invested in learning skills will be reimbursed, including all the fiddly corner cases. If you have 2,012,692 SP in learning, you will find yourself down those skills, but with 2,012,692 skillpoints to redistribute.
  • All skillbooks not currently injected into people's heads will be reimbursed at the old NPC sell price. The money will go to whichever character or corporation owns the container that the skillbooks are in. For example, things in cans you've anchored for yourself will be reimbursed to you, things in corporate hangar arrays or the "deliveries" bin will be reimbursed to the owning corporation.
  • This will also involve cancelling any and all market orders containing these skills. Contracts containing learning skills will have those skillbooks substituted for copies of the Pax Amarria.
  • All new and existing characters will have an extra 12 base points (ie, non-remappable) in each attribute.
  • The 100% training speed bonus up to 1.6m SP will no longer be available. People partway through this bonus will lose the remaining bonus amount. They will of course gain a huge attribute bonus to make up for it.
  • Miscellaneous other cleanup tasks will be performed that are not very interesting, details available on request.
  So it seems this will be quite similar to the SP redistribution that we did for the extended downtime a while ago. If you are too new to remember that or have forgotten, here's how you can do it when it comes time. 

  It's a very long post with some tricky things to go along with it so I urge you to head over there. One thing of note for newer players is that they no longer have accelerated training speed after this change. But this is a big thing for everyone. It means starting characters have all 20s and Charisma has 19. Of course, this drives me nuts because my new Orca alt is trained only in learning skills and a few others, so that was all a major waste of my time. *sigh* oh well. This means I can get that much faster to a Falcon with the reimbursement. 

  For now I shall continue my training and worry about all this later. Back to Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Holiday

  For U.S. residents, tomorrow will be Thanksgiving. A day of being thankful by stuffing as much food down their throats as possible and passing out in a food coma while watching American football. I am on holiday from school until next week so I will be a bit busy catching up on lost time with my girl and my family.

  I may be able to log in, swap skills and talk to corpies, but I doubt I'll have much to write about. The new Incursion trailer looks pretty cool. It's cool to see a person in a vid. I need to get back to keeping up on news, but for now I get to relax.

  So on that note I'll say this much. I'm thankful for all you guys and the opportunities I have gotten in Eve and with this blog. Enjoy your week :)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grand Theft Dreadnought

  The more I am in wspace, the more I love it. You just don't get stories like this in Empire. I logged on to update bookmarks and see what was going on in our hole. A fleet was forming up as I got onto comms to run Sleeper sites. It was a good time to blood my new Myrmidon, Angel's Fury. It's complete resist and buffer for Sleeper sites and since we had Logi support, I was happy to take it out. I have to say, being in a corp that lives in wspace sites are extremely fast. It's normal for them and they just breeze through all opposition. We had gone through 4 and part way through our fifth, one of our corpmates who had been out scanning started talking.

  He had followed a Heron to see if we could get a fight. Only he followed it to a POS that, despite the contrary 5 min earlier, had no shield. With hangers and arrays and ships littering the area. And a unpiloted Moros. It was the first dreadnaught I have seen in space before. So we popped the hangars and arrays and started getting everything out that we could pilot, which was everything. I dropped my Myrm back to our POS and podded my way back to pick up a Retriever. After leaving it back at base, I reshipped to my new Thrasher. Oh yea, btw I lost my first Thrasher and got podded yesterday. That was a hassel and 50j just to get back home. But back to the fun stuff.

  We scanned the ship, finding it to be fully fitted and had a siege module. So what do you do with something like that? We stole it, of course. Not only that, we turned around and bashed the offline tower to dust. A first for me and it certainly pads my killboard. The problem, however, was deciding what to do with the monster. We couldn't take it out, since the connections weren't able to handle a cap ship. We could self destruct for insurance or sell it or ransom it...but it ended up that we turned to the other POS in system. We had a dread, so we figured if it was Stronted we would leave it alone or smash it if it wasn't. Since my Thrasher would get alpha'd I went back to my Myrm to do some real POS bashing.

Funniest name for stolen property on Dscan.

Little POS go boom

  I have to say, POS modules give quite the padding. We wiped out the guns first, since we had alot of smaller ships and Logi's took care of the small DPS they were dishing out. It was easier than fighting Sleepers. A piloted Orca sat in the shields, afk I assume or too scared to do anything. After a solid ten minutes, a Retriever warped into the shields along with an Iteron III. POS bashing is boring when you're just sitting in BS's, but a Dread makes things more interesting.

 Local even didn't seem to mind as we hammered them:
[03:22:51] Kelbash > this is awsome, too bad i am the target...oh well
[03:24:20] Darth Stewie > yall accepting applications??

We worked on the tower for a while, but wanted to get out soon because our connections were weak and end of life. The corp had also done bashing just before I joined and was tired of it as it was. The Moros made life easier, but still. The carebears acted extremely new and noobish, so we tried a bluff. We gave them options of leaving with their pods and give us what they have and a few others. I offered the idea of giving us the Orca, which would let us take the Moros fittings and a free Orca. Unfortunately, the Orca pilot had logged off after feeding us a line. His corpmate's stupidity soon revealed itself:

[04:19:58] My corpmate > *hem* interesting
[04:20:16] My corpmate> You said you didn't have the access to take the tower down
[04:20:36] My corpmatet > Except for the fact you just onlined an array
[04:20:45] My corpmate> Ergo, you have the roles to take the tower down
[04:21:12] Darth Stewie > true so why make it easy on you
[04:21:30] Darth Stewie > make u use your ammo and waste your time
[04:21:43] Darth Stewie > pop the pos i dont give a shit
[04:22:34] Darth Stewie > see i havent played this game long but im not that dumb
[04:22:51] Darth Stewie > i know as soon as the shields went down yall would pop me
[04:22:58] My corpmate > Paranoid lot
[04:23:11] Darth Stewie > nope just a fact
[04:23:14] My corpmate > Fair enough, I can understand the paranoia, given that you've not seen us before
[04:23:28]My corpmate > And, while I can assure you we won't shoot you
[04:23:34] My corpmate > You won't believe me
[04:23:36] Darth Stewie > so why fuck with this pos when we didnt fuck with yall
[04:24:48] My corpmate > Well, one of your alliance members did give us a dread
[04:25:12] Darth Stewie > well he left that dread here because get it out of the hole
[04:25:18] Darth Stewie > just like yall cant
[04:25:36] Darth Stewie > he couldnt
[04:26:01] My corpmate > Well, yes, it can't leave, so we had to take it to the nearest tower
[04:27:07]My corpmate > But I imagine you're aware of that
[04:27:26] Darth Stewie > yea we see it
[04:28:10] Darth Stewie > but soon yall will be out of ammo or the hole will close
[04:28:29] Darth Stewie > then yall will be stuck here with no ammo just drone
[04:28:32] Darth Stewie > drones*
[04:28:41] My corpmate > Lasers don't remember out of ammo, and probes are reusable
[04:29:01] My corpmate > That is, run, and really, you wouldn't be the first tower
[04:29:05] Darth Stewie > lasers have crystals and they burn out
[04:29:34] Darth Stewie > oh u talking the other tower in here?
[04:29:58] Darth Stewie > the one u took out that really didnt have anything there worth anything but the moros
[04:30:07] Darth Stewie > he one that was offline

  Apparently lasers run out of ammo and saying the other POS had nothing worthwhile in it besides the saying "the bank had nothing but money in it" as someone commented on comms.

  So TL;DR is we stole a Moros, bashed the POS that housed it and proceeded to bash the neighboring POS for kicks and sent it into reinforced before going home.

  One thing I do know now is that I want to try flying a Stealth Bomber. I have the skills already since I fly Cov Ops and Torp training is a matter of a day or two, less when I remap. I hear the Manticore isn't the best, but it'll be what I have to work with. A new type of role to learn and more fun to be had.
Now for more pretty pictures.

Gotta be one of the coolest sounds from a gun in the game

First POS again

Biggest pewpew I've ever seen


...After we self destructed it.


PS-sorry for disjointed phrasings. It was around 3 or 4 am when I wrote this. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Settling Into My New Home

  Well, just as the title states, I am finally settled into the home system of my new corp. And I am quite happy. Already I am learning in two days more than I have learned in the last 3 weeks. This morning is when I finally got things straightened out. Yesterday, I did a little scanning to help out and got used to working with BMs.

  The "rabbit hole" as they call it has gone quite deep and there are alot of connections since I joined and it can get really confusing what leads to what. I am quickly getting the hang of it though. I am sick right now, feeling like utter crap, and I ended up waking up at 2 am today. I couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to do something useful. I jumped out, one of the connections thankfully was 1 jump away from where I left my assets. So I just spent a couple hours hauling in a couple ships and getting accustomed to ship maintenance arrays, corp hangars, and general routine to living in wspace. At the advice of one of my new corpmates, I picked up a Thrasher instead of bringing my Rifter. I don't know why, but this is the first time I've ever been in one. So now I have a Thrasher, fit out to instalock and alpha Covert Ops. Can't wait to try it out.

  I'm loving it. I can't wait to get on a reasonable time when the majority of my corpmates are on so I can really get to know them.  Hopefully soon I can even get in on some Pvp action, something they are exceptional at in my opinion. If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to head over to Youtube and watch Asayanami's videos. He does awesome editing and the action is great. There is quite a bit I have to learn and I am certainly ready to do so. I wish I had focused on core skills more, since now I have to take time to round them out. I want to be useful, which from what I hear requires an aHAC. But I'm set dead on my Falcon so they will have to wait ;P

  I did, however, have my first Pvp experience in ADHC this morning. Our transit connectin got busy with a Drake, Mammoth and a Helios. Our scout had eyes on and we waited. I was in kspace so I fitted my new Thrasher quickly and got ready to jump in. The Mammoth, after sitting on their array for a while, finally aligned and warped to the customs office of a nearby planet. Our scout called point and I jumped in, hoping to get onto the KM. The only other corpie in our fleet was the stealth bomber pilot. I was almost there when it popped, the SB apologizing. He did get the pod and waited, giving me the honors of my first kill of being an ADHC pilot. I was pretty excited. But the other pilots didn't seem to care, not reacting to use killing their friend. We kept eyes on, the Helios being the only things we couldn't pin down. With 15 min to down time, I podded my way back to kspace to quickly grab my last hauling trip. And later when I logged back in, I kinda helped when we found an Onyx and his Badger buddy with its pod. ;) I'm lovin' it.

  So here's to new adventures and new lessons. All apart of reaching Progression's Horizon. (see what I did there xD)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Page!

  Ok, so this news may be less exciting for you if you follow me through RSS feeds. But that is ok, feel free to write this on your arm or shave it into your friend's head to remember. I have a new page! Woo. Since I am now accumulating Eve related art work, I decided to consolidate it for ease and convenience. So, if you come to my page with a browser you will look in the left hand column and see it as the third page option. Pretty nifty, eh? For those of you too lazy to get on for it, I'll just link it.  Happy? :P

  In other news, I am no longer a Unista. I was accepted into Adhocracy Inc. and got myself all set up. It surprised me since I logged on just to haul and in the course of conversation had my mail tell me "Welcome!". Pretty awesome. I got all the relevant gear finally packed into one station and I'm ready to move it into the wormhole when we get a good connection. I have jumped through, quite literally, over 80 stargates in the last couple hours....I shouldn't be awake. Oh well, I am happy. I am now logged off in a safe spot in our home wormhole system. It's rather beautiful, I'll have to dotlan it later to see what all is going on.

  The people are great and gave a warm welcome. Only a few were on so late, so I look forward to logging  in next. An interesting note, this is also the corp that Maeve Trinity, my fellow host, calls home. Time to party.

 Mech is plugging along nicely, not much more than the basics. Anyways, I need sleep. I get far too little as of late.

  Fly erratically

Thursday, November 18, 2010


  No, I'm not quitting Eve or posting or anything. Although Minecraft is officially evil the way it sucks your life away and you don't even realize. Pretty proud of what I have done, but this isn't about that. :P

  Yesterday, I dropped my roles in the Uni as the first step in taking my leave. Today I filled out the app for Adhocracy Inc. and should know in the next day or two how it goes. I hope they like reading, I had a wall of text. I'll have an interview probably tomorrow, the whole corp will see my app and vote on whether they want me or not, and then I'll be an Ex-Unista. Of course, as I've said before, I'll always be a Unista.

  My scanning skills are finally out of the way with Astrometrics to IV and the others to III. It makes scanning in my Buzzard that much better. I stuck Covert Ops IV in so that'll fill the next 4 days up nicely. After that, it's back to rounding out my skill tree and a remap in the next month or two. I can't wait because that will mean I am that much closer to having another shiny and that much better of a pilot.

  As for Mech, he's chugging along. He's wiping out learning skills like a beast and I ended up buying a couple +3 implants for him since he only needs Cybernetics I and it makes my life easier. I'll get him the others with LP from Memoo when he needs them. I already blew 40 mil on skill books for Mech, so the cheaper route is better. Although I'm hardly worried about money I do need to be careful with it.

  I have been trying to plan things out with the accounts lately. If I sub Mech up to full for two months, I'm out 20 real USD. That will mean I need to plex Memoo because I am poor in USD and rich in ISK. Plexing is getting all the more expensive so I need to do it soon and my sub will end sometime in the next couple weeks. After Mech's training is done, I will have to buy him the Orca hull, which by itself is another 350 mil if I remember correctly. Although from the stories I hear come out of Adhoc, I may just wait til they "liberate" one.  Then I can name it Free Willy. Lawl.

  Once I hear about my app, I'll be posting in the Uni's Hi/Bye forum thread and on my way. I should probably keep moving and consolidating my assets....but the blocky joy that is Minecraft calls to me. And that pesky Psych test tomorrow..*sigh*

  Fly vicariously,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bits and Pieces

  So lately I have had another slowish period. I have spent it mainly working on skills, tweaking fits, picking up a new Myrm, and moving assets around. I did a spring cleaning to free up some space and get organized, donating everything I didn't want to the Uni hangars. Sorry about that Turhan, there was quite a bit.
  Lately, in line with my switch my training plan, I have begun to debate an alt account. Now, this may be a bit more of an undertaking if I didn't already have one. A while back, Steam had a deal and I ended up activating my gf's account and my own alt account for $4. It was awesome. I had intended to use him as my piratey sekrit and probably still will. But he fell into nonuse after the sub lapsed since I am, after all, a poor college kid paying for a ring. I checked my email tonight to my surprise. There was a 5 day pass due to Incursions and $20 to reactivate for 60 days. Quite a deal that I am willing to go after because of my needs. I am now training my first industrial alt. With a revitalized account, even only a few days, I have kickstarted my alt and in around 40 days he will be able to use an Orca. I wanted this to be something Mem could do and still will eventually. But this was too good to pass up.

  I may pay to have him transferred to my main account because, while I may be able to start plexing one account sporadically in the near future, I won't rely on it. So I'd like to have my abilities in one basket. I'm pretty excited because I am starting to need an Orca more and more now that I am moving assets, especially rigged ones. I started as an industrialist so it works perfectly for when I need to haul or mine. This is much faster and a bit more fun to do with a new character. I may even keep Mech in character when I log him on.

  I was also busy with another class edit for wormholes. Check it out if you want to learn about ganking in wormholes, it's under the new arrivals. I am also waiting to see if my design for a banner was chosen, which I'll update of course. As for now, I will be busy finishing scanning skill with Mem and working with Mech. A familiar name if you read my fic ;)

  The last of everything is not even in Eve. Shocker indeed. Minecraft has been something people have talked about quite a bit in the Uni and I never saw the draw. I spent some time watching videos lately, though, and made the leap. I haven't gone to sleep yet.....not good. lol

  So, things are moving along nicely and I'm excited for it all. How has your week been going?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CSM Item List

  Recently, the CSM put out a list of 203 items of interest that have needed attention by CCP. But they need the player base to root out which are the most important issues. I have read over the ones that I have interest in as well as some that I don't necessarily. Some are good, some I wonder how they got on the list in the first place, and some I don't see that should probably be there instead of others.

  If you head over to the list, it gives the list and a breakdown on each point. After you go through them and decide what you would like to see changed the most, you can head over to their thread and give your input. It is good for as many people to do this as possible because it gives more voice from more players, which makes sure what is looked at is actually what most people want, rather than just a vocal minority.

 One I found interesting, but one I don't think should really get too much focus was 156. I can see the reasoning, but I don't see even RPers taking up a rig slot just for added immersion. And from what I heard from my brother when he used to play STO, it smacks a bit of that mechanic. It could be interesting, but I don't see the need. Other items like fixing drone logic, aggression timer fixes, UI fixes, and others are a bit more worthwhile in my opinion. That's just me.

  So what are you hoping gets worked on in the hopefully near future? I also have a question. After saying near future, some people may have put ™ which is something I have noticed happens alot in Eve conversations.....why is the trademark symbol used? What does it mean in those kind of contexts? There's things like that I don't understand, so perhaps it's a cultural thing or a game thing I missed.

  Anyways, I look forward to the CSM keeping CCP in shape for developments.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


   Title comes from the motto a fellow pilot likes to use all the time while we are clearing sites. And it's what has happened. I have been really busy this weekend, between school work and doing two C5 wormhole operations.

  Friday night was the first one, an interesting and very long op. We found a very nice wormhole, but had to protect it first. As we sat on the exit, a viator jumped in and a cloaky was on Dscan. Both were part of the Russians and we think they were doing a bit of logistics. We found a connection to another C5 and one to null. The first we all jumped in and back, sending it into an angry critical state. We did it the lazy way and rounded numbers and kinda guessed, but it meant we were essentially safe from any decent fleet. Since we were in RRBS fits and had 2 Scorps, I didn't think we had much to worry about. The nullsec exit is what makes us think the Russians were just doing logistics, but it was also cap capable. That is never something you want while busy running sites. We had done a site before finding this exit, so while I guarded the salvager with a couple others, the fleet went to send that exit into critical as well. There were alot of sites, so I was up til around 4 am when we were finished. It made the most money in one op that I've ever gotten, which is always awesome.

  The other C5 op was from tonight. I originally wasn't sure if I'd go since I have work to do. Still do actually :P Anyways, it took a good 2 hours just to get things together and moving. I was at a friend's place so by the time I had to move locations for wi fi, we were in a C3 warming up. Some of the pilots were new and it showed. I moved and when I got back they had moved to the connecting C5. As I caught up, we started in on the sites. The first site showed that some people need to learn to control their drones. The triggers were falling fast, not a good thing when they are frigates and you are still fighting Sleeper battleships. I am quite comfortable in my Scorpion, even in upper class wormholes. At least when I have RR or Logi support. The fleet ran with a couple of guardians, an oneiros, 2 scorps, and the rest were all battlecruisers. Oh yea, it made for some fun but we didn't lose anyone. One of the funny parts was when we had our salvager analyzing some cans. A spawn comes up after you open one of them, a random one, and we didn't want her getting popped with our loot. Our solution? Invincidrake!

  I added my 5 medium rep drones to the mix, as the logis had a mass of light armors on her along with their large RR. We sure as heck weren't lettin' her die short of a titan. It was amusing, but needless since she was able to warp out when the spawns came. Things went quite well and as quick as any BS fleet thankfully. There was quite a bit of "Intact" loot to find, items that can run up to 66 million a pop. 

It may be hard to see, but the logis made a cool prism with cap transfers. I'm the Scorp in the middle.

  We polished off quite a few sites and I ended up jumping out as the last site was being salvaged, presumably so I could write my psych paper....but I wrote this first.  I logged off while still far from home, but I'll make it back later. I don't have plans for anything and my training up of Covert Ops skills is nearly done. By the end of the week, I will have dropped roles and hopefully on my way to a new home. It'll be nice to stop living out of my hauler like it's a suitcase.  

  I also mentioned my confliction when Viper gave me my Falcon. I am sorely tempted to go for the Recon first, grab a Cerberus HAC on the way, and be that much closer to a Tengu. But then I think about the Ishtar and its aHAC yumminess. We shall see when it comes up to it. For now I am dedicating my time to rounding out skills with Int/Mem so that I can remap and optimize for the next year. Enough of me babbling, though. I'll leave you with another picture or two.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aggression Timers and Ninjas

 Since I seem to be a fan of disclaimers, here's the one for this post. This can be something of heated topic for some people and a bit of a rant from me. But also not really a rant. It is a look at core gameplay mechanics and part of a discussion I have had with other pilots about the universe we choose to inhabit and my observations of things. So read at your own discretion.

  Aggression timers are pretty confusing. They can be convoluted and only the easy things really explained at all.  Too many young pilots do not understand them, subsequently learning the hard way. Engaging in a fight prevents you from jumping through stargates, that's simple enough. Attacking someone else that is not an outlaw or has engaged you first draws fire from gate guns, station guns, and gives you a Glocal Criminal Countdown. That's another easy one. But then it gets nebulous. When you steal, that person can shoot you. Then you can shoot back. Why? Self defense even though you just committed a crime? That’s like someone coming up and robbing me, I punch him to drive him off and suddenly he pulls a gun “in self defense”. That makes no sense to me, call me crazy. Not only that, but a ninja is able to extend YOUR aggression timer by popping your wrecks or stealing more. I don't have the best handle on much of this because I didn't spend much time at all with missions and never really dealt with ninjas. The only timers I ever had to worry about were ones that prevented me from chasing flashy targets, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But this just leads me into the issue of ninjas in Eve.

  I fail to see the point in allowing sociopathic actions predicated on confusing mechanics. When someone ganks or ninjas for the sole reason of “extracting tears”, they do it to ruin someone else’s experience. Yes, you can do it. That’s not my point. I don’t care that you CAN do it and I understand it’s just a game. But when all you do is ruin someone else’s gaming time, I don’t see how that should be encouraged. It amused me a while back when a mission runner got his CNR replaced and all the pirates and ninja’s whined up a storm.  And yet they are nothing but derisive in every reference to “carebears”.  While EVE is just a game, what a lot of people forget is that on the other side of the game theres a real person investing real life time into the game. As people, we make mistakes so when I see posts that just laugh at how “stupid and fail” a carebear is as if they are superior just for the kill…it’s just sad and rather immature. Why do some people feel the need for it? Internet anonymity has done some detrimental things to how people interact with each other.  I’m surprised so many MR’s lose their ships to ninjas, though. Just shoot the wreck and leave the ninja alone. He has an Orca waiting to switch ships and gank you, don’t shoot.

This is why I love and cannot wait to move to wormhole space. That is where I will be most comfortable. Someone tries to steal from you or gank you? There’s nothing stopping you from shooting back and dealing with them in whatever fitting manner. It’s also far easier to control your environment and who has access. No CONCORD, no gate guns, no sec status decreases, aggression timers mean less and in general less to worry about. No local means you have to be alert and aware, paranoid even. It’s the wild west and everyone has a gun. Highsec has started to feel like a straightjacket in some ways. You can’t stop a ninja without big consequence or disruptions in your mission. I digress.

  It may be working as programmed, but I highly doubt its as intended. Backtracking and calling it “intended” just means CCP has its own sociopathic tendencies and above stated love affair with “criminal activity”. Just sayin’. Yes I know Eve is to be gritty and harsh. I like it that way and it is a challenge. But make it harsh in a logical and sensible way that I can actually follow rather than waiting for petitions to explain if it’s “intended” or not. All I see is a breed of pilot that doesn’t do it for the kill like a criminal, they do it for the tears and anything that hinders them in that shouldn’t be allowed and, in fact, more things should be done to help them in their mission for the sorrow of others.

  There are, of course, many things to be fixed in New Eden, whether it is graphical or finishing a shiny. But I think a fundamental mechanic such as this should have been addressed long ago and not picked at bit by bit over time so that has become difficult. I personally have not had issues with aggression timers in my experience simply because I avoid such issues. While I am sure my views are highly trollable, they are just that, mine. I am not calling for nerfs or for things to change that shouldn’t. Logic simply dictates to me that the mechanic is awry.

  For those of you that haven't simply hit unsubscribe or completely ignored this, what are your thoughts? Do you find anything wrong or is it just me?


Friday, November 12, 2010

A Friday First

  As the title suggested, I have a first for you. Today, as promised, I have my first ever Eve fiction. There are a couple disclaimers, since I have mentioned my hesitations before. I have tried to stay true to Eve lore, while taking my own creative liberties. Story matters more to me than strict adhesion to each Eve related detail. I should read more Chronicles, perhaps, but this is my interpretation of the universe. There are parts where it seems I butcher a language, please keep an open mind and know I do it with good intentions. I love language and try to treat is as well as possible and be a responsible writer for you, my dear reader. But language does evolve over time so it is only logical that some bits get mashed together or changed between their ancestors' and their time. For some languages, I only understand the rudimentary but will do my best to not mangle them. Since this is setting everything up it is a long one, just to warn you. This may only be part of an ongoing thing, if you all like it. Possibly.

  I also wanted to give a thanks to Viperous Stark. He (or she?) was one of my first commenters and has been a loyal reader. My hectic week hasn't let me log in much until now and I got quite a shock. I had a mail, poking me about an outstanding contract. A Falcon. *squeals* Ahem...sorry you had to see that. It is so hard not to break my training for the much loved ship, especially since I am have been in Jita getting fittings for a new Myrm and it is sitting in that hangar taunting me. I will fly you, my pretty. So thanks, Viper. I forgot my indignity of critique after that. Don't worry, I love all my readers equally. ;)

Enough! We want story! You are right, apologies. Without further ado, I give you fiction

                 ==============                  ================

  Dante scanned the tablet in his hands one last time, pressing his thumb on the display to sign off on the docking agreement and handed it back to the dock assistant . It had been too long since he had tried anything resembling the archaic written form, so he was glad the station would accept his print.

  Turning his coat collar up he made his way from the docking bay. A sturdy Minmatar man met him short of the corridor leading toward the station’s main body. Tall, as the Brutor tribe tended to be, the man displayed his cultural tattoos proudly with his thick black hair pulled back and wearing a sleeveless jacket. Intricate designs webbed his exposed arms, an intimidating figure to be sure. The man met Dante with his somber, grey eyes and gave a customary Brutor embrace.

As they pulled away, he spoke. “You breathe our air again, my friend. It has been too long. It is good to see you. How was your trip?”

“As good as a pilot could hope for in these times, Mech. This shipment should cover my expenses and set me ahead a fair bit. Not the most exciting endeavor, but it’s a job. I’ll deal with the market details later. How about a drink while I get used to being meat again.”

“Always a good decision.” Mech gave a smile, a rarity from the stoic man.

  Mechao Amosan, Mech as Dante preferred, was one of Dante’s oldest friends. As Dante thought about it, he might be one of the only people to call a friend. But that satisfied the Gallente capsuleer. The dark skinned Brutor was loyal and had never failed to be so. He had met the towering man in the Academy, where they both were in training to be a capsuleer. The Brutor had dropped out of the program near the end and without any apparent reason and Dante had never felt the need to pry.

  They made their way through the ornate corridor, the typical Gallente style of wealth. It was a bit subdued than some Gallente environments, where the design was built to shove as much lavish luxury and entertainment into every cubic meter.

  The corridor opened up to the boarding area for inter-station taxi shuttles. Even stations in a dead end system like Andole were expansive to say the least. Hundreds of 1thousands of people were needed to maintain it, not to mention the people that came from the system’s two habitable planets and other systems. It was just another station, just another courier job for Dante.

  The shuttle hummed along its programmed path, shooting under bulkheads and past other paths extending into the deeper shadows of the behemoth station. He couldn’t really remember the time when it was daunting to think about, so he simply closed his eyes and felt the station moving around him.
  The two men stepped out of the shuttle, onto the polished walkway that lead out into the promenade as a multitude of sounds washed over them. Looking up, Dante quirked an eyebrow. The ceiling, stories above their heads, was a simulated sky.

  Groundpounders. Dante thought idly.

  Those who visited from planets often had trouble adjusting to the station environment, so the simulation tracked day and night. Considerate of the station owners, but to Dante it felt odd. The black was his sky now and a planet sky felt too small compared to the infinite expanse of space, even if it made no sense.

  Dante brought his attention back as they made their way through the throngs of station dwellers, groups of Intaki, small mixes of Minmatar tribes, and plenty of tourists from gawking at what must seem like a different world to them.

  The Gallente people were known for their enterprises in entertainment, their continual search for better things to amuse themselves. The promenade housed myriad forms of it, with neon signs over doorwars and screens showing everything from cultural sports to a few rather lewd productions. Dante preferred this collection of people to what a Capsuleer could avail himself of in the majority of stations. It was usually all the most decadent of foods, clothing, company, and distractions anyone living could want. But it wasn’t what he wanted.

  Capsuleers had become detached from the mortal world, lost in their own vanity and power. Flesh was nothing to them except a temporary home. Dante had decided long ago to maintain perspective as long as he could. With the gift of seeming immortality a man should work for bettering the universe. But Dante had given up that hope after years of watching capsuleer corporations and alliances build their dominions with iron fists without a thought to the impact on mortals that must live in their ships, and their stations.

  The startled look on a Gallente woman’s face as he passed made him realize he had begun to glower. He sighed and straightened his expression to a more neutral disinterest as they neared an establishment tucked away in its own niche. He followed Mech as the large man moved into the hallway that seemed quieter by comparison, furnished with long benches against the wall and imported plants while the news played across a display screen. The lone establishment held no sign or any marker for what it offered, but it was easy enough to know it was a bar.

  Most of the darkened room’s space was occupied by tables, lit by hanging fixtures while a traditional Jin-Mei rhythm was ported softly from small speakers in the walls. A small, elevated section, though, was set aside for the game and gambling tables. A few figures stood at one now, engaged in what Dante could only guess was the game Sec Wars. The bar itself matched the station’s designs with smooth lines, rounded edges, and asymmetrical shapes.

  Sitting down at the bar, he leaned onto his elbows and Mech greeted the bartender like a friend. He gave his order for a whiskey while Mech ordered his ale. It was a comfortable atmosphere in the bar, since it was only 1900, a regular crowd from the looks of it.

“Rather strong drink to start.” Mech stated in a deliberately neutral tone

Dante glanced as his friend and gave a grunt as he tapped his temple.

“When you have as much tech in your head as I do, you start to want the world dimmed every now and again.”

  After the conditioning and training a capsuleer endured, the height of reflexes and processing power they held was levels far above what any normal person could do. So when Dante wasn’t plugged into his pod, he preferred to drink. It made the world easier to handle. Conversations were also less awkward when you didn’t finish someone’s sentence or respond before they were done. It tended to make people avoid you. While cybernetic implants were an amazing tool, it could make human contact a trial.

“So what do they have you doing around this place anyways, Mech. I mean, besides looking intimidating.” Dante smiled as he looked at the Brutor.

“I spend most of my time keepin’ this place together. Whatever needs fixin’. I started bouncin’ here lately.”

“Supporting a life of luxury, are you?”

“Nah, this backwater just pays work with more work.”

“I could always use a good hand on my ship. Always good to have a friend along and I certainly pay better.”

Mech paused before responding, “I keep out of space, you know that. Thank you, but no.”

  As the bartender came with their drinks, the men looked toward the tables. Someone had been getting louder, in an argument it seemed. The man was pointing at a seated companion and rocked on his heels uncertainly. Someone had hit it hard.

“Fair enough. I’m just surprised you haven’t jetcanned yourself out of boredom. It’s a bit backwater, even for you.”

“It’s simple. I like simple.”

  Dante couldn’t help but smile. Mech never really saw a need for too much talking, so Dante simply enjoyed bringing on his buzz and being around his friend again. He looked over his neocom for the local market prices, setting orders and making sure his cargo was unloaded and on its way to being ISK. He sipped his drink while scrolling through contracts and job offers. When he undocked, it was never going to be with an empty hold or without a destination.

  It may not be the kind of life most people pictured for a capsuleer, working for hire primarily as a courier or as he had more recently started, a miner. His training made him a quick study of any trade or ship system after all. It was, however, the life he preferred. He’d leave the adrenaline highs to other capsuleers. Just like Mech, his life was simple and he liked simple.
  His browsing and reverie was interrupted suddenly when a jolt sent whiskey sloshing onto his hand, causing him to give a mild curse. He hadn’t noticed the man that had made a scene had stumbled his way to the bar and bumped Dante on his way to the bartender a few stools over. He didn’t seem to notice his error as he demanded a drink through a slur of words. His accent, and at closer inspection his face, showed Caldari heritage.

“No more for you, Aleksi, you have had enough. Sleep it off.”

“Dunn you tell no. I..I wll tell you when iss enough. Drnnk, now!”

The bartender simply shook his head as he continued to wipe a glass inside and out. The man threw a few profanities at him, apparently hoping to bully the man into it.

  Eventually even in his drunk stubbornness, he gave up trying after a while. The bartender seemed familiar with his type and able to handle it. Aleksi looked over at Dante with glassy eyes.

“’Ey, tomodachi, help me out here.” He slurred.

“Non, sorry. Not your friend.” Dante went back to his neocom.

“You got a dunn like me? It’s just a drink.”

He snorted, but didn’t seem to care for a reply since he started back to his table. Suddenly, when the drunk was passing Dante, his stumble into the Gallente man didn’t seem so innocent. Mech had been keeping an eye on him and was on his feet immediately.

“Time for you to leave.” The bass of Mech’s voice brooked no alternative.

“I dunn nothing. I leave when I want.”

“It’s ok, Mech let him go.”

The Brutor looked at Dante and back at Aleksi beforing sitting back down as the drunk walked away.

“Simple you say.” Dante chuckled into his glass.

  The two men order more drinks and caught up on what had happened in their lives since the Academy. Mech had moved around and hardly seemed to be in one place for long. His time on the station had been his longest time in any one place for years. Dante had of course graduated the Academy and decided to become work for hire, sometimes taking the contracts that would be more dangerous for those with only one life to spare.

“And yet you are in the same body I left you in.”

“I aim to keep it that way, n’ami. Why throw away a body as if it means nothing. Besides, I’ve seen a few who switched bodies too often. It can take a great toll in its own ways, immortal or not.”

  The capsuleers that had no regard for their own body began to devalue those around them. It sickened Dante. It was quite a thing to do when your own crew cannot simply wake up in a medical vat and act as if their ship didn’t just turn into space debris. Freedom was a core value for any true Gallente and what those capsuleers had was not freedom to him.

  The two continued to talk until there was little left. News of the great alliances and other regional politics of space hardly filtered this far, even with technology as it was, so they chatted idly about such things before deciding to leave the bar rather tipsy. Mech mentioned that he had a few things to tie up before being free of duties, so he headed off. Dante decided to retire to his guest quarters for the time being. It would be nice to rest. After being plugged into a pod for long periods of time, his body wasn't what it once was.

  Most stations were similar in layout, but Dante still had to backtrack a time or two before finally making it to the right door. Perhaps that whiskey was stronger than normal or maybe I'm just old, he thought wryly. He slumped onto the bunk and was out in moments.

  He woke a couple hours later to a chirp from his neocom. Groggily checking it, a hangar update notified him of minor repairs to his ship and a resupply he had ordered. It would be time to meet Mech soon, so he got up and showered. The alcohol's effect was gone for the most part, a small buzz remaining.

  He headed out from his quarters and made his way back towards the promenade. It wasn't long before he felt someone shadowing his movements. They weren't too bad at it, but they couldn't know he was a capsuleer with a bit more perception than an average pilot.

  As he walked he made sure it was casually to feign ignorance. If this station had any logic to it, he would be able to make his way towards the engineering sections and hopefully find Mech if he got lucky or at the very least lose his new follower.

  He made his way through the corridors until the moderate elegance of decorations gave way to more bluntly business hallways that lead to restricted areas and maintenance areas. As he took another turn in hopes of getting further ahead, Dante stopped short. The hallway ended abruptly with a wall, not even a locked door to try hacking.

"Merde" He muttered softly.

  He could hear footsteps, more than a single pair now. It seems someone had brought friends. He turned and flicked a short message on his neocom to Mech. He was left without options now that he had cornered himself. The steps resolved into three men, two Gallente men and the third was Aleksi, the drunk from the bar. He seemed more able now and a fair bit angry.

"We have unsettled business, tomodachi.You dishonored me."

"I don't want trouble, I didn't dishonor anyone."

  Despite his hopes to the contrary, this situation wasn't about to just go away. As he spoke, he sized up the man's cohorts. They weren't overly impressive, but each had the build of a man that could turn a rusty wrench without too much effort. Besides, Dante's expertise was in ships, not people. His limited hand-to-hand combat was a bit out of shape. Whatever he was paying them, it was enough for them not to care what came out of his mouth.

"You think not? Of course you Gallente scum know nothing of honor. But we will fix that, won't we?"

  Dante knew Caldari could be odd, but this man was beyond it with words as deranged as his looks. The man had wild eyes now, far from the glassed gaze from the bar, and stood with an arrogance that irritated Dante.

  The Gallente to his right made a lunge, trying to catch him off guard while Aleksi continued to rant. Dante didn't have the best of implants, far from it in fact. His interests were more directed his own memory and intelligence anyways. But even a capsuleers most basic level of perception bested most mortals and it showed as his buzz was immediately forgotten. He processed the action and his body responded instantly, grabbing the man's arm and leaning into a punch to the midsection. Apparently, Aleksi wasn't quite as stupid as he seemed.

"Nobody's that fast. He's an egger! Put him down."

    He didn't focus on either man for too long, throwing punches and jabs at each and hoping to keep them both busy enough to find an opening. It was a defensive fight for him and he was tiring quickly, paying for it when they landed a couple blows. Two men were too much for him. to handle. His opening came when the first man stepped toward him too far, extending himself and allowing Dante to knock him off balance. Before he could recover, Dante threw a flurry of fists and knees at him and was able to connect with the man's jaw. He crumpled to the floor in a heap, leaving the second man left to fight. As he watched his partner go down, however, the money wasn't as attractive as it had been and he pushed past Aleksi, profanities following him down the corridor.

  Dante breathed hard, tired after the unplanned exertion as his limbs felt heavy. But Aleksi didn't seem to be leaving. It had gone this far, so Dante sighed and moved forward. He feinted to the left with a following punch to Aleksi's chest. His eyes went wide with surprise when the man was able to catch the fist. Aleksi gave a smug smile.

"You think you are the only one with fancy toys?" He turned enough for Dante to see the spots in the back of his neck where an implant could be inserted.

  He overcame his surprise quickly and knew it had to end. Fighting another capsuleer would only end badly for him and who knew what other surprises the man was hiding. The Caldari was stronger than he looked and more than willing to use it. Dante's free hand came around to knock the smile off Aleksi's face, but it was caught as well. He had hoped for it. As he pulled, Aleksi tightened his grip allowing Dante to shift his weight. This allowed his knee to come up between the man's legs. Aleksi's eyes went wide, nearly crossing as he groaned and sank to his knees weakly.

"I'm not your friend, conasse."

  He stepped past the incapacitated man and jogged down the corridor back to an intersection that would take him to the promenade.   After he was sure he was clear of Aleksi, he made his way to a display that was placed in its own alcove along the hallway. It was a comm relay and he quickly brought up Mech's extension. It was time he was leaving.


(©2010 This work of fiction is property of its author only)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dev Blog Update

  So a couple blogs have been posted recently in reference to the Incursion expansion. The first one was blogged about quite a bit with optimistic reservations by most. It detailed what exactly incursions will be and how they will affect player gameplay, which is to say quite a bit for any affected system. System-wide debuffs? Sleeper-AI for new invaders? Three levels of sites? This is certainly going to be interesting.

  The most recent blog, however, details the actual releasing of the expansion. While CCP works to put out 2 expansions a year, this time they are taking the time to polish and make it quality work, a good direction for them to go even in this young pilot's opinion. From what I have read as well, it seems much of the community is in favor of waiting and having a system that works when it comes out. But the odd thing to me is how they are deciding to trickle things out. It's a precursor to a precursor. Bits of an expansion, then the expansion which in turn leads up to Incarna.

  Anyways, from the blog it seems they have decided in breaking it into three parts:

  1. Release a first-step patch with a collection of player requested improvements November 30th.
  2. Release a second-step patch before Christmas (Only Santa knows what will be in this patch!)
  3. Release key features of this expansion such as the Incarna Character Creator and Sansha Incursions in January 2011
  I feel so teased and led on. :P While it will be hard to be patient, I think their new plan for things might just make it all well worthwhile. The first part will be an important one for many pilots. The intended tweaks to be released with that are:

  • 80 new story line courier missions
  • Rocket balancing
  • Tech 2 ammo balancing
  • Adding faction ships to the market
  • Fighter bomber missile visual effects changes
  • Anti-aliasing support
  • Window resizing, camera offset
  • Meta-item indicator icons
  • UI optimization to contract delivery filtering
  • Cargo can now be dragged to hangar by dropping on Neocom
  • Toggling probes in overview
  • POS gunners now receive notifications about control towers under attack
  • Sorting deliveries according to distance in jumps or regional locations
  • Unique icons for Microwarpdrives and Afterburners
  All I have to say is, score! While there is much yet to be worked on for the existing content and UI, this is a good start and I'm glad it's the first to come to us. The rocket fix means the new Hawk I have might actually be viable as an assault frigate. Ammo balancing has been desired for some time and faction ships on the market will have an interesting effect on their availability and pricing. The unique icons for MWD vs AB is much appreciated since it can be a nightmare for dual propped ships or simply figuring out what named modules are in the first place. The other points are great too and I can't wait for the end of the month. Sure it might be later than we were told or anticipated, but now they set it in, like...they can't not give it to us....right? 

  Time will tell. So a good job to CCP for at least deciding to wait and give it more lovin' and finally letting us know what's going on. For myself, I am off to die in my art critique, so if I don't post for a while you know I was consumed.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Eden Chronicles Podcast!

  Extra Extra! New Eden Chronicles Podcast is formed!

  I am proud to announce that the winner's have been decided for CrazyKinux and Maeve Trinity's new podcast. Myself and Ardwulf are the proud new co-hosts of the podcast that will be based around the Eve Community and all the great people in it. From CK's release:

"For the time being, we've set up a Gmail account - for you to send in your requests and suggestions. We're also working on other ways for you to communicate with us and will let you know about those as they become available."

  I have to say, I'm blown away. Never did I imagine when I started this blog that it would go anywhere. I was happy to write in my small neck of the woods to whoever decided to drop by from time to time. After only a couple months of blogging and just over half a year of playing Eve I am now going to be on a podcast. It's so surreal since I am usually the one looking for podcasts to listen to and have never done one. It's very exciting and, of course, there's a good measure of being nervous for me. From the big names I saw in comments and around the net, surely there are those better and wiser. But for whatever reason that I will not dispute, me and Ardwulf will be haunting your airwaves with our new friends CK and Maeve.  Funny thing is, Maeve never even hinted to this when I was talking to her ingame today. Sneaky sneaky :P

  Anyways, I won't rant more about being happy, although I've been smiling for the last hour or so. I called my brother immediately and texted my gf while she was at work. They're the only two in my life right now that can fully appreciate this.

  So! Stay tuned and be on the lookout for our new podcast New Eden Chronicles. CK is looking to put it out in the next 2 weeks or so. Head over to our Facebook page in the meantime!


On Writing and Such

  You may or may not have noticed my posting slow down lately. It has been a mix of choice and circumstance. The last dozen posts or so, with a few exceptions, have felt like I’m just trying to force something out in the name of posting consistently. When I started the blog, I posted every day and sometimes multiple times in a day. That’s not to say I am burnt out, but I want my writing to be quality. Quite frankly, I’ve surprised myself coming this far. I have tried my hand at a blog before and
I could never post consistently. I guess having a focus for the writing helps :P

 The choice part of things is to try to keep the posts farther in quality than in quantity. I don’t want them to simply become things that are not relevant or not worth reading. Don’t let it be said I don’t think of you, reader. The consequence side of things is due to a lull in gameplay. I log in most days and just stare of my ships, perhaps move some things around, but largely inactive. I have refined my scanning, which was much needed. I am much faster and more efficient than I used to be. Until the shorter stretch of training ends and things pick back up, posting will be slow.

  The National Month of Novel Writing is also still young. I certainly won’t be able to write a novel this month, but it has pushed me back into working on stories I have had sitting idle. I have revised my Eve fic, revised a cyberpunk fic I am working on, and elaborated a bit more on a fantasy. If I can get to a place I feel works well and is interesting enough, I am thinking of finally posting the Eve fic right here. That comes with some hesitation.

  I have always been a bit wary when it comes to fan fiction. The majority of the time….it’s just painful to read. Thankfully, Eve capsuleers seem to be better at it than the denizens of other universes. There are some great blogs that write Eve fic well. With the way I write, I take artistic liberties and might step on rules-lawyer types. That’s less of a worry to me. As with my photography or other endeavors, I am wary of self publishing things on the internet thanks to thieves. That is not to say you, my dear readers, have ill any intentions. But the interwebs are a vast beast. Enough of my insecurities, though. Life permitting, I will have it for you this week. Pesky art critique…

  Just so this post is even somewhat interesting, I’ll leave give a little story. So last night, a bunch of us were bored. I have scanned down a handful of worthless wormholes and was getting tired of it. A friend had found a decent C1, something I had never run. Since it had been a while since my last WH and he wanted to make things “interesting”, we were looking for cruisers and smaller. Well, nobody was really on so we settled for him in an Ishkur, a couple guys that had never done WH’s in a Caracal, and two Canes. It turned into an exercise in learning and fun, with a bonus of some ISK. I decided to play salvager in my salvage Drake, which I thoroughly enjoy. I can contribute and make ISK, but had time to sit and write while they blew stuff up. It was rather easy and I had sites cleaned while they were working through the next. Interesting part came when our FC went afk, leaving the new guys to work on a site by themselves. Next thing I hear, rather calmly, was “check, check..uuh…there’s a Tengu here”. O.o

  So our FC has them bug out, trying to get particulars at the same time. I think the new guy was a bit overwhelmed, since it took him a bit to get out and talk through things. I just sat in my safe cloaked until we got definitives. One of the other guys was able to drag the Tengu’s name into chat and we looked him up. The killboard was….well it was sad. The Tengu had cloaked after showing himself so it was safe to say he was in a covert ops fit, which would have pitiful dps and tank. The KB said we probably didn't have much to worry about anyways. After the initial scare, we finally found out they weren’t actually in a site. He had jumped into the WH and was probably just checking things out. Our FC, a Tengu pilot himself, started getting eager for a kill. The Uni is neutral, so we don’t fight unless engaged…as frustrating as that can be in wspace. One of us had to log so the others reshipped to a Drake, and kept the Canes. If we were going to get jumped, we were making sure we got a nice kill or if he ejected, a new Tengu. I had developed a devious plan to get my salvage Drake on the KM too. But we didn’t hear from our Tengu friend the rest of the time and burned through more sites before we wore out. I need to run to Jita at some point today to sell it all, but we made a nice haul for a C1. 30 some odd melted nano ribbons was a welcome shock.

  So there you are, my reader, I hope this satisfied your literary appetite for a time, rambling and all. Hopefully I can have something again when you get hungry.

Monday, November 8, 2010


  First, I'll say thank you to everyone that gave me birthday wishes. It actually gave me quite a few smiles and laughs. Several people were even kind enough to give gifts, everything from ISK to Quafe to a very generous CN Hookbill and a fitted Hawk from my brother. So far, I'll settle for Quafe in place of real booze xP Since I was relegated to classes for the day, I spent most of my time in game having fun with friends and talking. Thanks guys.

  As to the title, no not ninja salvagers. I  fiiiinally can sit in and fit up my Buzzard. Hoorah! My first T2 ship ever, which is icing on the cake that I don't have. I have to say, it's amazing to be able to warp at 13.5 AU/sec and I can't wait to do it cloaked. The Improved Cloak just doesn't cut it, but will have to do for now. Not that I'll be doing any serious work with it. It's amazing how much I can stick on to the little thing. All my exploration mods, a prop mod, nanos of course, a point due to advice from my betters, a salvager, expanded probe launcher and cloak. Most of it is offlined until I actually need it, but still. Scanning is faster and easier, thank goodness. I can't wait to train up those skills to make it even better. Things are finally getting a bit more momentum after such a long train. It's good considering I lost my Pvp Scorpion last night. It happens, I now just know to not take a Scorp out if I don't want to get primaried lol. KB borked and copied my comment, so no I'm not crazy. People can no longer whine about the Uni blobbing things when they do it too heh.

  Progress, progress. It seems the blog is earning its name. Of course, there is still much to do, much to see, and much to train. I'll be wiping out skills that need Int/Mem in the coming weeks, before my big remap to Perc/Will. But I has a new shiny and I'm happy. Thanks me, good present. :P

  Anyways, before this gets any weirder I'll end it. Just wanted to post to say thanks to you guys and say I can finally fly yet another role "with the big boys". Woot!

  Fly well :)

21st Birthday

  It's officially my 21st birthday today. Which means, in the US at least, I am legal to drink. Not that I really care and not that it's something big to me since I was raised the right, European way by drinkin' wine with the folks as a teenager. :P But it is a big day nonetheless.

  It's also gonna be the biggest birthday suck ever.  I will be in classes from 1 pm til 11 pm....effectively murdering any time I want to celebrate and my girlfriend cannot visit like originally planned thanks to a MIA friend. So my sole birthday present shall be the fact that today I get to fiiiinally jump into my Buzzard Covert Ops frig. I still have Cloaking IV to train, but shhh don't tell. I just wanna zoom around at 13 AU/sec like everyone else that has one. I'll just put an Improved cloak on since the Covert cloak I have in my hangar isn't ready. This also means I have a week and a half to two weeks away from leaving the Uni. Big step and kinda sad, but in a good way. I love the Uni and I will always be a proud Unista. However, I think my path lies elsewhere for now.

  So, since I can't really do much of anything on my b-day, perhaps I'll be the biggest nerd and do something in game to celebrate. No clue what, though. Ideas? Otherwise,  perhaps I'll walk to the nearest alcoholic vendor, buy a merlot or perhaps a bottle of whiskey and end up drinking alone in my apartment. Oh yea, I'm a party let me tell ya...

  If I don't come on today or post for a bit, my apologies in advance. Knowing me, however, it'll be just the opposite :P

  Fly crazy

Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Art

  Alright, since I'm never going to be happy with my work I'm gonna stop now just to stay sane. I tend to drive myself nuts thinking about how someone else probably does it better. I always end up with about 50 different versions of whatever I'm doing because I just can't decide. I know Azmo reads my blog so he'll see it here and the forums. For your perusal, banner designs:

  Things like size, layout, colors, whatever can always be adjusted as desired. I tried to stay at least slightly relevant to the idea of logisitcs with the graphs and wallet transparencies while still putting a big ole' ship for the cool factor. I had fun putting the Uni logo on as a decal, something I wish we could actually do in the game. Out of this I have discovered banner layouts can be rather difficult and drive me nuts. Keeping the visual hierarchy and flow in the design while communicating spaceships and logistics, as well as trying to make it somewhat cool, got frustrating at times. But of course, I enjoyed the work. I hope they aren't too generic or busy or......ok I'll shut up.

  Let me know what you think. And if you ever need anything yourself, feel free to hollar before I get smart and start charging for this kind of thing :P

 Fly creatively

Musings on Logistics and Burnout

  I finally took my Pvp Scorpion out for a run tonight..or last night..the night blurs together and it's late. Nearly lost it when we got jumped in a belt by 2 Cynabals, a Curse, and a Lachesis. I got locked up and jammed before I could get my lock solidified, since I was the obvious primary. Thankfully the rest of the fleet began to drop on top of me, giving them other things to think about. I still had Hammerhead hammering on me, 'scuse the pun. Of course, they all decided to kite the fleet at a good 70-90 km, so I decided to bounce when I got down to low armor. I think the dual plate saved me from dying, but I'd rather have an extra signal amp to give jam strength. Sadly, we got our butts wooped. It happens. The firetail and friend were playing before the other group showed up.

  Anyways, I settled some orders and actually got a few modules I've needed after the fleet and logged. Then I switched into graphics mode and got started on the blog banner for Azmodeus Valar.  He gave out specs to the Uni as a whole in the forums, so if you want to try your hand go for it. I am having a bit of trouble, trying to make it cool, but relevant to logistics. I have one done and kind of like it, but I will be doing one or two more to give a few choices and variety. When I feel they are ready, I'll be sure to post so I can get your opinions. I certainly have fun doing this kind of thing, but I'm a perfectionist and sometimes don't think my creativity is good enough. As long as Azmo likes something, that's all that matters. But the logistics angle got me thinking.

Logistics is tough stuff. When you think about actually auditing finances, keeping corp hangars stocked, putting a budget together, moving assets around, and all that fun....that kinda sucks. I have to say for the logistics team of the Uni, good on ya! I think it's easy to say they are unsung heroes. That kind of work and dedication is admirable. When does it become a bit much? I have read recently quite a few blog posts from older vets and hardened pilots that are either beginning to burn out or have already gotten to that point. When does Eve stop being a simulation game and turn into a second job that sucks the life out of a Capsuleer? Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. That is not something you want in something that is supposed to be relaxation or escape. If it ever gets to the point that you are reluctant to even log in, take a break. So how do pilots young and old prevent or deal with burnout?

  • Make sure you are where you want to be, doing what you want to.
  • Keep perspective. Yes, internet spaceships is srs bsns, but it is also a game.
  •  There are lulls and peaks, learn to enjoy the ride.
  • Instead of station spinning when you're bored, undock. Undock in a cheap ship and go pick a fight. It's fun, educational, and infinitely better than staring at the station.
  • Try different things in New Eden and keep things fresh and moving. Learn the whole spectrum; if you only ninja salvage or pirate, start hauling or mission running. Who knows, you might learn to like it or gain valuable knowledge about that counterpart. 
  • If all else fails, take a break from Eve. Time away is great to expand other hobbies, enjoy human contact and company, or just get outside and suck in some rays. Don't worry, New Eden will be around for quite a while.
I'm sure there are those wiser that have already given such advice. But it's never bad to remind gamers, myself included, that perhaps there is a different way to do things and a real world to explore. I am still a young pilot, but I do have days where I will stay off Mem to make sure I want to log on or just want time to myself. After all, everything in life is better in moderation. Tonight, my alternative has been graphic design and writing for my dear readers. I still have that fiction I keep meaning to post, don't I? Heh, soon perhaps. I think I'll go write some more.

Until later

Thursday, November 4, 2010


  Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days. I think it's the first time I failed to post on a day, let alone two.  It seems my last post was my excitement for a while.  All I have really been doing lately is watching some buy orders I have had for a long time. I have built most of my Pvp Scorpion and rather itch to take it out and see how she handles. I suppose I should replace the BB I lost, but I have 2 or 3 in my hangar already. I wouldn't mind taking out a different role for once. Perhaps I'll break out a Pvp Myrm or Drake, a Vexor would even be a fun run. Now, though, it seems I have relegated myself to simply waiting for my training to be done, which still has 3 days on this skill. Almost there and I'll be moving out of the Uni, which is another thing I've been preparing for in small ways. If I'm not running a wormhole, it seems I don't know what to do with myself. :P

  Life has been busy lately and I have a big graphic design critique coming up that I need to refine. Eve has taken a slow turn for once, but that will soon change. Speaking of graphics, it seems nobody has any need of my skills, but feel free to refer anyone you know to me. After doing the last one, I'm curious to see what ideas are out there. Also, tomorrow is the day CK will be announcing the new co-host for his reinvigorated podcast, so that'll be interesting.

  But anyways, enough of that. This is about Eve and since I have so little related news, I'll end it before it gets too monotonous or boring. Hope your Eve time is a bit more exciting


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrity Night

  I just had one of the best fleets. In fact, I'm still shaking from the adrenaline rush. And talk about a celebrity bunch to fight too. But a set up is in order.

  So, I had and still have at the moment a clean C2 I wanted to run. I couldn't get any interest in it when I called for roles so I decided to join a fleet that was forming up. I could tell it was going to be interesting when I saw some roles that were different from normal. So naturally I took my Blackbird. However, this time I decided to buy some rigs since I have yet to do that on cruisers. So I picked up some ECM rigs and remembered I didn't have the skill trained. So I had to wait 21 min with the rigs in my hold while the fleet started to move into low sec right off of Hek.

  We were moving quickly and our FC seemed to know where he was headed for a fight. We made it a few jumps out from Hek and then ended up gatecamping for a while. Normal Uni fleet til then. We were then told to jump into the next system and gate camp the upcoming gate for a while. I was nearly to the gate when all of a sudden I hear "Check, Check! Flashy Domi on gate" and just as I get on grid I see it is none other but Nashh Kadavr himself. Locking him down I started my newly strengthened jams and got lucky. But not before he let loose his Warrior II's on me, forcing me off field before I popped. It was good because as I leave, a flashy fleet jumps in and primaries are called. Blood rushing hard now, I am impatient to bounce back at range. My overview flooded with angry flashes and I was surprised at the big names. Red Vegas, Flashfresh, Nashh, Kingwood, and a few others had decided to jump us. Too bad they didn't know we had our own secrets, in the form of cloaked torps unleashing their fury. I landed jams on all the big names I could see just for the KM, which ended up leading to my downfall.

  Jams cycled and I watched my brackets to make sure I wasn't targeted. Nashh had gone down hard and Flashfresh was called primary before Kingwood was on field. Our FC seemed to have a grudge with KW, so he was next on the list as well as podded. It seems I had a bit of celeb shock and too much adrenaline because I noticed the yellow box from Fizixx in a Drake. I did get a jam on him as I was spamming warp but not before I watched my armor melt and ended up in my pod. I cannot see a better way to lose my Blackbird. There were two other kills before the big battle was over. So I bounce and dock up for my noob ship, only to hear there's a Loki toying with us off the Arnher gate. So I warp to the gate and orbit, waiting for a warp in just to get in on the KM. I didn't care if I got popped and podded this time either. With such a good fight, I was high and ready to kill or be killed. While I waited, I looted some decent T2 from one of the Cane wrecks, which helped soften the loss of my beloved cruiser, Burned Illusion. My first rigged one too.

  So, my first run in with celebs besides the infamous Lady S and it made for a great night. Now I think I'll wind down my murdering the Sleepers in that C2.

 Fly dangerous