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Sunday, April 29, 2012

.:Transmission on Hold:.

  So I have successfully graduated college and I am now back home to rebond with my wife and son. It also turns out we don't have internet so updating will be very difficult. Due to the responsibilities and priorities and job hunting, I've decided to put Progression's on hiatus until I can get a stable enough situation to update on a regular basis. 

  Sorry that things have been sparse lately, but I hope to be back soon with explodey goodness and wormhole huntings.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Real Money Trade

  The title sounds like an RMT discussion, but it's actually about the deal that CCP is initiating with their PLEX for Nvidia cards. For the low, low price of 20 PLEX you can get a GeForce 560 card as if you had bought it with real money. That's pretty sweet and this is one of those times that I kind of wish I was in a full out carebear wspace corp that had more money than sense.

  At current PLEX rates in this inflated economy, that would require 10 billion ISK. For a good station trader or industrialist may have no problem, but otherwise I see that scratch coming only from older players. Either way, the supply is sitting at 100 cards for the first supply. So unless you throw ISK at it quickly, they will probably be gone in hours.

  It is this kind of economy manipulation in terms of PLEX and the cool programs of exchange that CCP implements that restores my faith in them. Other games may have a drawing or you may have to jump through other hoops for lesser prizes, but in Eve you can be rewarded for being a keen market speculator, an industrious manufacturer or simply a dedicated mission runner. And I've mentioned before that I appreciate the PLEX even more since it is the only way I can actually play Eve month after month. Very cool.

  Spend those spacebucks!

Monday, April 9, 2012

-A- Wants to Be Big Boys

  So I just found out a hilarious bit of information and I think you all will enjoy it as well. Over on EveReddit, there's an interesting thread about wormhole space. Specifically, it appear Against All Authorities wants to wage war against all of wspace.

  No, I'm not kidding. Yes, this promises to be hilarious. For those of you that can't be arsed to click the link:

[AAA.WH From: MulaSoldats Sent: 2012.04.07 06:47 To: Against ALL Authorities, Kevis Gorbaf, Lahari,

We are setting up Invasion. AAA.WH will be the intel channel for all WH OPS. Operators will provide initial intel and Capital placement. AAA will be responsible for the hammer.

Second, Cash Reward for WH's

C267 - Every single system must be found we have the first!

Find 'em, Invade them, Break the game.

Every invasion is one step closer to a new world order of WH's AAA will control.


  A hilarious comment in the thread: "WHELP, NOBODY IN LOCAL, NEXT SYSTEM TROOPS!"

  Now first off, let me tell you that there is no such thing as a C267 wormhole, so they must mean they want all the wormholes in the C267 constellation or they simply don't know how to read wormhole types. From the looks of things, they will be living in a C5 wormhole and raiding...C3...wormholes? Apparently they already have a staging system.

  I do have to say that I wouldn't mind if they wiped out some of the Russian bots that plague wspace as well but I'm not holding my breath. Besides, any serious corp, Russian or otherwise, is in the higher classes. But since they now live in my neighborhood, I simply cannot wait to find them. Any decent wormhole corp that enjoys pvp or is willing to defend their system will smell blood in the water and come..."help" the situation.

  It is this apparent lack of understanding of wormhole space that gives rise to such amusing ambitions, but also worries me since I can't help thinking about how this ignorance extends to people like the CSM (except Two Step and maybe one other) or even CCP. Wspace is one of the least broken, not at all in my opinion but I'm biased, areas in the game so when they finally get around to poking it again...who knows what will happen. But that's for another post.

  For now, I will be :popcorn:ing it up as this unfolds. Not even a nullsec alliance can safely control a large swathe since they cannot project their numbers at will like they are used to in kspace. And I give it a week before most of them are stuck in a system because they forgot to fit probes and their dedicated scanners are busy elsewhere.

  Welcome to my town, boys. Hope you don't mind getting bloody.