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Friday, July 29, 2011

There's a Reason...

  I don't go to Kspace. I hate local, I hate the gates, many other things, and most of all the the mother8e92839ing alt spai using gate camping pirates.

  It was my fault but I'm still raging/wristing. Lost my legion after a vacation from another wormhole trying to get home. Only entrance to our space was 37 jumps away that I did all through highsec. Last two systems? Robbed me of my T3 and the can I had in it that contains the beginnings of a different endeavor.

 When Eve bites, it's not some nice thing. Whatever, it's 1 am anyways...I'm going to sleep


Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Wormholes Attack

  It seems the storyline is finally moving forward in regards to wormhole space. Or at least, the forgotten toy is being picked back up and played with a bit. If you live in or at least keep a pulse on all the happy-haps in wspace, you already know. For those that don't, a recent post here explains a bit. I have been wondering if it's because a while ago, this derp moment happened and Dropbear rolled with it.

  So it seems that miners are even more unsafe in wormholes, despite what some others think of our space. Not only do we have to watch out for capsuleers looking for easy prey, but now Sleepers will drop on us and beat our faces in. So much for them waiting to get punched first anymore. The Blazing Angels alliance learned the hard way when a wormhole opened up in their grav site.

  However, this is pretty cool in my opinion. The fact that you can find the "Awakened Infomorph" with your dscan is handy, giving me all the more reason to spam it. It also gives wormholers yet another reason to be on their toes. I'd say it's a win-win situation, and all the better for having the potential to move the wormhole storyline forward after next to no help from CCP.

An old screenie of mine that shows our silent foe
 Keep an eye here for any breakthroughs and a weathered eye on your dscan. You never know what will happen next.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CSM Gets Some Priorities

  I'm a bit late to the party in this post, but better late than never. The CSM needs your help, yet again, to get the priorities of the community in order so they can push the proper issue with CCP.

  Here's the list.

  There are plenty of good items on the list and this time around. things are slightly different with your voting.

 * Each ballot is worth 20 points, divided equally between the items selected. No item can get more than 3 points per ballot, so pick at least 7 to ensure all your points are used. In the example above, Bugshunter Bunny picked 10 items, so each of his selections will receive 2 points. If he picked 40 items, each would receive 1/2 of a point.

* Based on player feedback on previous prioritizations, this time around you can also vote against items. To do this, just put a "-" in front of an item you want to vote against. For example:

Negativity Duck,1,7,19,24,25,3,99,-27,-44,-57

In this case, 10 votes are being cast, so each is worth 2 points, but 7 of them will add 2 points and 3 of them will subtract two points. Note that casting negative votes makes your positive votes less powerful!

* Since we will be looking at the results both with and without negative votes, please make sure you pick at least 7 positive vote items to ensure that your votes get full weight when only positive votes are considered.

  It is a bit oddly worded, but essentially you get to vote for and against items on the list, which are weighted with points. Use all your points to make sure you have an effective vote, or don't if you don't care much.

  So, with all that's on there what are you looking to have improved? There are some great ones that will be getting my votes:

12 Balance Self Destruct
27 Corp Bookmarks
28 Corp & Alliance Tool Overhaul
85 Possibly Practical POS Proposal
88  Reconnect to lost drones

123 T3 Refitting in Wspace
139 Unanchoring Abandoned POSes

  Choose wisely!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free ISK!

 Send me all your isk and I'll double it!

  Kidding. The title was mainly to get your attention and give you a heads up on something pretty neat. CCP has decided to start a little experiment it seems. They call it the "PLEX for Buddy Program" and it seems to have a nice ring to it.

  The short of the issue is that CCP wants to know if you want game time or the actual PLEX item more. All you have to do is invite someone with a buddy invite and take your pick. Since I have to pay for my account(s) with PLEX, this is a pretty interesting choice. On the one hand, I could just take the time for free and I'd be happy. But the PLEX can be ISK or time and I can choose which at a time that is more convenient for me.

  But be careful if you're thinking shifty thoughts. Any exploits are going to get slammed hard, so they say. Besides, the buddy account has to be a paid account before you get your reward, so no funny business unless you don't mind dropping real money for it. The Buddy Invite page itself is here.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CSM Minutes and Wormholes Iterations

  The CSM minutes for May are now out and there are some interesting things there to read if you like that kinda stuff. These minutes has me a bit hot under the collar. EON magazine's newest issue also features wormholes and

  Starting with the minutes, I'll just throw a quote out:

"Based on comments by CCP Greyscale in a previous session, the subject of removing "ABC" minerals from wormholes was raised by nullsec-resident CSMs, who were surprised to learn that WH space was nullsec and that ABC minerals were available in them. They favored entirely removing ABC from WH space -- or limiting them to C5 and C6 holes -- but the two wormhole-resident CSMs objected strongly, pointing out that exporting minerals from deep wormhole space was difficult, and much of it was likely consumed locally. An argument was made by some CSMs that the prices of ABC ores and refined products were being crashed by "daytrippers" mining in easily-accessible wormhole space; other CSMs stated that no nerfing of ABC minerals should take place without first obtaining detailed statistics about the balance of trade for each mineral and class of wormhole."

  The fact that many of the CSM had no knowledge of wormholes is disturbing, considering how long they have played and their new high status placement. I also find it amusing since the most frequent "daytripper" are nullsec dwellers that only see wspace as a "carebear candyland". Then, when they apparently find out what it is they object to our playstyle and living environment. Excuse me? Nullsec tears tend to be my guilty pleasure sometimes, but this one hits home. We are nullsec and we do have the advantages. But unlike them, we don't have local or jumpbridges or gates so we do have disadvantages. Leave my space alone, it's fine the way it is. Now, that's not to say any of those changes would happen, but I worry for wormholes sometimes. 

Later in the minutes you will find this gem as well:

"The CSM brought up Superveld and the need for high-yield low-end asteroids in nullsec to remove the need to compress and import everything from hisec. CCP Greyscale was cautiously in favor of this, depending upon what the statistics might show"

 Lolwut? I'd say there are too many carebear nullsec'ers on the CSM. Take away ABC ore from wspace and give nullsec some better low-end ore? Hell naw, brosif, shed your tears elsewhere. 

  Which leads me into the EON issue #24. I'm happy to see them feature wormholes, since the more people know is usually the better. I'm not, however, sure about the implications that some of the articles were showing. It seems CCP is thinking of picking up the lost toy that is wspace and "iterating" on it. That's enough to get people worried, when we aren't sure what they will break or throw in against player wishes. The only real "issues" with wspace are the bookmark copy mechanic, POS mechanics, and corp mechanics. Those are things that will benefit everyone in the game, so when I'm unsure of what they might do I think the worst. 

  Stations in wspace? Tiered wspace? Making things easier in any regard? No. Thanks. Outposts, if done correctly, might be pretty cool. 

  But these are only my worries and reservations and even though many share them I will leave you to make your own conclusions and thoughts. 


Friday, July 8, 2011

New Blog!

  Not I, one blog is enough for me at present. Instead, I am pimping a corpmate who decided to start one of his own. Along with Maeve Trinity and myself in Adhoc, K'endro has taken the plunge into the creative writing field of our dear Eve universe.  The more the merrier, I say.

  So, without further ado I give you Emergent Structure.

  I am really looking forward to future posts, since I said in my previous post that I enjoy different perspectives. So not only will it be one from another wh dweller, but one of my own corpmates. This guy is a wicked trader and knows his stuff when it comes to many areas in Eve. Keep an eye on that space, it'll be worthwhile.

  Yay, more reading material.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Culture Shock and Spreading Wealth

  So it seems there's a couple things in the works that will prove to be interesting developments for Eve. The first I find slightly amusing given the recent turmoil, but it seems there is a contest for entries about your favorite experience in Eve. When the entries reach a certain amount, everyone in Eve gets Aurum and there's some contests as well. The second event being the Japanese invasion of TQ.

  The first one came in a recent devblog titled "Eve is real because of you." It is an advertising campaign that seeks the creative works like videos and posters done by capsuleers. As I said above, it will give everyone Aurum, but they hint also that the more entries there are then the more that gets unlocked. I wonder if it's more Aurum or more things of differing nature. Either way, it's a quick and easy way of getting people excited about a few minutes in the limelight with their own works as well as giving some free points toward the sore issue of MTs. Do some stuff, get free stuff.

  The second event I was not expecting, but sounds fun. It seems the release of Eve in Japan will be connected to TQ and they will be mingling with us Western folks. I find this exciting, since new blood means culture shock between us both and new targets. Unleashing a new horde may give a new look to the nullsec map eventually, if they find a taste for it. Since Japan is a hard market to sell shooters like Dust and PC games like Eve, it remains to be seen how this will unfold. Hopefully well, in my opinion.

  So, get your entries ready and keep your guns warm for a welcome to our eastern neighbors.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wormhole Summit

  Since I have moved into wormholes, many things changed for my play time and my mindset in Eve. I quickly became comfortable in them and now chuckle at those I find along the way that don't seem to understand the environment.  I also think that, since wormholes are the true endgame of Eve, explaining the mechanics and realities of wormhole life falls to any who live there and want others to enjoy it. Of course, for some that just means more targets to hunt, but nevermind that.

  All this to say I just listened to quite an interesting episode of the Podgoo Podcast, a special "wormhole summit". Members of Lonestar Explorations, the Night Crew, and Z3RO Returns Mining joined the podcast to talk about expectations and the way some corporations function in the unique setting. 

  It was certainly a great opportunity to see how others operate and see wormhole space. They really emphasized leadership and structure to the way the corp operates, going so far as to saying leadership should provide things for the corp to do. That I can tell you is not so, at least it is not some hard requirement. I am part of an adhocracy, the very name of our corp being our philosophy in our play style. We do not have structure as others seem to need nor do we look to directors for our activities. If we want to do something, we do it. There's nothing keeping you from finding something to do on your own or with a few people. The type of person that will thrive in wormholes is someone who can adapt, survive, think for themselves and act when it is necessary without the red tape. But that's simply my opinion, so don't take that too much to heart or as a shot at the podcast. ADHC is a bit unique in Eve, not that I'm biased ;)

  Anyways, give it a listen and take away what you will from it. I enjoy hearing others' opinions and experiences in wormholes. My own ventures into podcasting seem to have stagnated sadly, but I am always happy to lend my own voice to others. If any are reading. *winkwink*


Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome back

  A while back a fellow blogger, commentor and pilot Shirralia took a break from blogging over at Life of a Student. It's a great blog and I am happy to say that Shirralia is back in business and writing again. So if you like ACTION, ADVENTURE, INTRIGUE, and ROMANCE then you should definitely check it out. Well, I don't know about the romance, but you never know!

  I've always enjoyed Shirralia's blog and to see a good writer return is always a good thing. But why are you still here reading my drivel? Go! Go now!

  And leave a welcome back comment..cuz I said so!