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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Not So Distant Place

  As pilots continue to be disappointed and upset over CCP's botched responses and lack of proper promises or trust building action, more and more are choosing to leave New Eden altogether. This saddens me, but their vote goes with their dollar. I hope CCP truly understands that soon.

  But where to go? There are few if any MMOs that are like Eve. I would almost stretch to say none. So what can fill the void of internet spaceships?


  If you are a fan of robots or mech type games, you'll love Perpetuum. There is already scores of Eve refugees that have subbed up and begun a new journey. And the game is not that different from Eve. Instead of spaceships, you have mechs. You have "Extension Points" that you are able to accrue simply by having an account and then apply to your character. Think of it as a more free form skill queue. You can only have 3 characters and your EPs count for all of them, but it seems quite simple.

  It's also a single shard, harsh, open Pvp world that offers much and has much more room to grow. The mining is actually more complicated and the economy seems to be exactly how Eve's is set up. If you must leave Eve, at least find a new home with Perpetuum. I immediately took to it and will be pursuing it, even though I am staying with Eve.

 There is an Eve channel, make sure to join and say hey. You'll find many familiar faces as well as strangers. I hear Helicity is haunting it already.

  In whatever universe you are, good luck. Also, canihazurstuff? :PP

Friday, June 24, 2011

When Srs Gets Too Srs

  It seems that today, capsuleers have decided to respond to CCP Pann's PR post by staging a protest in Jita and the surrounding systems. There have reportedly been attempts to shoot the alliance tournament monument that is set outside of Jita 4-4.

  As I posted on Twitter, I find this to be getting ridiculous. If this kind of effort and outrage could be channeled into real life needs and causes, much could be accomplished. Instead, players are emoraging at a developer that they should be well accustomed to by now. They are people, people that are doing a job and are going to make mistakes. Yes, I'm sorry your internet spaceships isn't just the way you want it to be.

  Chill out.

  That is all.

*NINJAEDIT* For the record, I agree with protesting for the right reasons so as long as this in response to the internal leak thing, I think I can be a bit more ok with it. Just make sure you protest intelligently and read the whole newsletter, not just part. MTs for benefit will never be ok with me.

*EDIT 2* Here's the new devblog. CCP, of course, gave a stand-offish non-apology that means just about nothing. Good job...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Incarna's Impact

  It seems that in the time from my last post, hardly much time at all, Incarna has made splash after splash. In the end I had to re-download my entire client, find my preferences folder and replace it with my old one since they moved its location. That was fun. But, I was able to get in and have my own glances over the new shinies.

  So where to start? We'll go with impressions and pictures first. While it is a bit of a nuisance to wait for your person to load just at docking, I don't think it takes too long after the initial time. You can also click a setting to take off the requirement of walking around all together if you really feel it is necessary. I do not. I enjoy it as I had hoped I would ad I find that even just walking in a limited space for now is infinitely better than spinning a ship in circles repetitively. The interfaces are pretty neat too.

The new digs. Click for bigness.

  On the left in that picture is your corp windown, then all the news and whatnot in the center with PI on the right. The table holds your ship model and an agent finder. That finder is pretty cool, since I was always tired of having to go to standing, find the corp, find the agents and then try to figure out who is where. This is quite handy and much appreciated by this capsuleer. 

The new agent finder. Click for bigness.
Chillin' on the couch catchin' up. Click for bigness.
  And of course, now your ship looks a little more impressive and, while some feel otherwise, I feel a bit more scale from the models. 

Loving that Legion view. Click for bigness.

  While this may only be a 20 minute distraction right now, keep in mind that many things are now able to build on this and there is plenty of content to come. I do find it a bit ridiculous that after 5 or so years, this is the most they can give us, but it is what it is. 

  Other changes came in the form of turret redesigns. It is something that is small, but sweet and just adds more to the game in details. New players might be able to appreciate is more than the bittervets, but even so it's another tool for immersion. And scouting, since now you can match high slots to actual turrent positions. So win, win. \o/

  An unexpected change, at least for me, was the probing change. All probes that you use are able to contribute to the strength of a signature, meaning you could get a warpable hit with just three probes. It also makes full Astrometrics skill viable and worth training.  Eve-O has a thread going on this if you want to follow along.

  The change to jump bridges was finally implemented. This means that no system can have more than one jump bridge and networks are going to be a bit different from now on. This change was delayed, but now that it is in game it seems there are reports of more sub cap fleets fighting for sov and not supercap hotdrops. This is good news for many.

  Then, after all the fun of patching and breaking and shinies, came the storm. Aurum prices were found to be a bit ridiculous and the (in)famous example being the monocle. This thread is one giant troll, which can be funny but a bit stupid at the same time. is it so hard to spell monocle right? Oh, :internet:. It cost over a billion in conversion just to buy a completely useless and frankly ugly pixelized piece for your avatar. It is the definition of waste. But people can do it, so they will. For that $60, you might as well get a real one though.  

  Not all were receptive to this new business model, however. Pandemic Legion has gone beyond just talking and is now implementing a policy of kicking anyone who finds it necessary to waste resources in such a way and not allowing anyone to be recruited that has history of dealing in these MTs. They are reported to be in talks with other alliances to push this initiative further and give the middle finger to CCP. Eve does have quite a unique community and when they are motivated, you may want to watch out. 

  But the MT drama hardly stopped there. Rumors started flying about a leaked document from CCP internals, later given credit by Massively. The leak was an internal newsletter that talked about taking micro-transactions further and making non-vanity items available, a move that would anger much of the player base. However, in the original leak a second page was not shown that held a disclaimer stating all of that information to be opinions and not policy. So, do not go throwing Molotovs into CCP buildings just yet. 

  It seems this expansion, with all the anticipation, hate, tears, and praises, has been quite the event this summer. And here I thought it was going to be another slow summer for Eve Online. Silly me.

  What are your thoughts and impressions?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Incarnation of Incarna

  I would love to tell you all about what is new and how things are now that we have bodies. But I can't. CCP decided that they don't know what they are doing in reference to the Mac client and now I am downloading the entire thing again. Not that there's even a guarantee it will work, but I shall try. Something about the client not looking in the right spot for preferences. *sigh*

  From those I have talked to, Aurum prices are ridiculous and things are as buggy as would be expected for patch day. However, this isn't the worst roll out. I was rather surprised we were able to get onto the servers so that is a credit to CCP.

  When things are smoothed out and not as chaotic, I will make a better post with pretty, pretty pictures.

Son, I Am Disappoint

  I have hesitated to post this before now simply because there's a lot of bitterness and anger over the results. Some of that is my own and since this is my blog and I get to say things that may be fan boi-ish or bitter or whatever, I can. You have been forewarned.

  This tourney has been a great one, with some really intense fights and set-ups that were a bit surprising at times. I think the most used would be the Tengu kiting blob or the Minmarush strategies. I have enjoyed it all immensely and plan on rewatching or finding the matches I couldn't watch live.

  But the ending left a foul taste in the mouths of many, since it was blatantly obvious to be a rigged match and not the epic final battle fans had been anticipating. The teams, Outbreak and HYDRA RELOADED, are bff's and it seems Outbreak wanted HYDRA to place first. As the match went, Outbreak decimated HYDRA within 3 minutes, leaving an Oneiros and a Vindicator on the field. It should have been over. Instead, they ceased fire and even self destructed two ships, letting HYDRA slowing pick off their ships one by one with only the Vindi, who then strutted around when it won as if it was totally BA. And what do they have to say? A member of HYDRA made a wall of text trying to explain and justify what they did and all the :effort: they went through for the tourney.

  Personally, I don't care about all the BS and say it was a disgrace. Alliance tournaments are not sandbox, they are not "Eve" pvp. That's not why I watch them, I could just explore Youtube for player vids for that. I watch to see who can field their set ups and strategies well in this given setting. Yes, there is a ridiculous amount of meta-gaming in Eve and I don't dispute the ability. But to openly and shamelessly rig a match, and a final at that, and then try to wave around your e-honor is the epitome of selfish stupidity. But there's plenty of that kind of talk in the thread for you to read.

  Right now, I can't give you the video itself until CCP uploads it, but here's their page. Make sure to check back there for yourself if you missed the match. My gripe isn't against metagaming or friendship. If you earned your place in the finals, good on ya. But do not decide to take a crap on the audience and CCP, who made it possible at all, and rig it. That's just weak. I watch to be entertained, not watch one team bend over just as they were destroying the other.

  RL is kicking up so my writing has slowed along with my game time, but I have a big ole' post waiting for you all and I hope to be able to get it out soon. As a teaser, you may have already heard about it. But I won't say much more ;)

  As always, take it easy

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CCP Gets DDoSed

  At a random turn of events today, Eve's login and website got hit by Lulzsec. Just about everything is down according to Eve-Offline.  I am hardly the only one that is annoyed or upset about this.

  "We just wiped out the login server for Eve Online, and it accidentally took their website out at the same time:"-Lulzsec

  Trying to get to the Eve O site just brings up errors and CCP has taken everything down to deal with the new intrusion. It seems Lulz is not happy with taking out Sony's networks and has moved on to pissed everyone off possible. 

  As more is made available or I am able to rangle up more info, I will update this post so make sure to check back. CCP is doing what they can so be patient, your pixels will be there when it comes back up.


 "At 17:00 GMT today, CCP became aware of a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) attack against the EVE Online cluster and web servers.

Immediately, these services were taken offline. As an added precaution all of CCP's infrastructure was disconnected from the public Internet. T
he CCP Security team is conducting a thorough investigation to determine exactly what happened and how, what the possible impact may be and, first and foremost, assuring that any personal information of our customers remains secure.

More information will be released as it’s available."

  Lulzsec has hit Minecraft, League of Legends, and more by now. Personally, I can't wait for the law to catch up with them.

*EDIT 2*

  Everything is in a bit of disarray still and there is no ETA on TQ's revival. So instead of hoping for it soon, just go outside and do something else for a day or so. CCP was good enough to big-red-button the situation and shut everything down instead of losing vital user info, a credit to them. 

Everything is pure conjecture at this stage of developments, but an look at Atlas' killboard shows an interesting possibility that they paid for it. Or that they have been hacked themselves. Rumblings in nullsec may point to Atlas members being burned out of Eve. Only time will tell at this point.

*EDIT3* It seems that whether or not the Atlas bit is true, the Eve community has taken it upon themselves to have a good ole' fashion purge of Atlas, complete with a Facebook event and all. This'll be quite interesting :popcorn:

*EDIT4* TQ has returned to service after an initial false start. CCP's COO gave a release to address 
this issue.

*FINAL EDIT* It seems Lulz is going for a second run at CCP today (June 15). While nothing is completely down, the login is having trouble so be careful and set long skills, folks.

Stay strong, capsuleers.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alliance Tourney 9

  The teams have been getting whittled down and now the matches are being shown on EveTV. Each year, alliances pay to duke it out and find who the best is in the arena.

  Pandemic Legion has taken the gold, so to speak, year after year in recent history. Will they be unseated this year? It will take a brilliant strategist to bring them down, or just pure driving willpower. It is certainly interesting to see the choices of loadout different teams choose in hopes of climbing the ladders. There has been quite a bit of shield gangs with logi support. I wouldn't want to lose a Tengu just for the tourney, but it seems many are doing just that.

  The tourney is also a good way of showing people a fun part of Eve. There are a couple friends of mine that are always saying they want to see something actually happen, not just me sitting in space. That's hard to just have happen on a whim, but this is the perfect event to show them things that go boom.

  So kick back and enjoy

Monday, June 6, 2011

DUST514 at E3

   I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed by CCP. They have proven to me that they do either do no market research or they completely fail at it. Watching the E3 stream, CCP announced that DUST514, their vaunted FPS brainchild, will be a PS3 exclusive.


  Not only is the PSN network complete crap and has already been hacked 3 times, but the PS3 itself is nothing more than a glorified and overpriced Bluray player. The PS3 player base is not big enough to justify the exclusive restriction and it's not as if it makes it some elite game. And they say they are making it work with the PS3's equivalent of the Xbox's Kinect.

  *Le sigh* CCP, when will you get it right the first time and do it the way it should be done?


Sunday, June 5, 2011

.:Connection Interrupted:.

  So there I was on Eve, talking to corpies as I did some missions to build my wallet back up a bit. So monotonous...

  Then I noticed my browser telling me no. Wifi signal is still there...? Aaaand now Eve isn't responding. Come ooooon. So 20 min later after playing with the router and modem we called the provider. Of course, they couldn't do anything and a tech was to be sent the next day. I haven't seen any...per usual behavior of utility personnel. So until we get things back up, I'll be a bit MIA. Almost lost my skill training today, barely got it in time.

  Send me lots of comments and mail while I'm away. Love meeeeeee!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This, That and the Other

  Summer has really kicked in now, because we can't seem to find much to do in wormholes. Although I did just help steal a Tengu that was nearly all faction fit with t2 rigs. It felt sooo good. That was one among many shiny things we got.

  But no good fights lately. Although I lost my Legion when we got counter ganked a bit ago and have been missioning to work my ISk back up. Mech's account went inactive because I'm broke IRL and just about in game, unfortunately. So things are kinda just sloggin along.

  I paid off my engagement ring and pick it up in a day or two which is awesome. I'll be a right engaged man soon enough. Of course, this prompted a funny thing on my corp forums where they tried to make a "sekrit forum of doom" that was invisible to me. Amusingly I could see it when it was created, but in the spirit of fun and curiosity I let them know and can no longer see it. "Mem's Wedding Gift" is now in my head and making me crazy with curiosity of what's being said. I could make a new alt, train him up, work his way through the Uni and then back into Adhoc as to gain separate forum access and the ability to see that thread....but by that time I'd be married :P

  I am also anticipating Incarna, as much as some people don't care or want it. I think it's a good way to get some new blood and different attention for Eve. I also would have something to do on these slow, slow days. CCP should certainly look into POS environments as well, imho. I think it'd be awesome to be able to go in and walk the tower. Maybe even go for different looks with faction towers, keep it fresh and what not. But I'm just dreaming. After all, only CCP could make my T3 fly backwards and move a POS 5, 000km from the moon in a patch.

  How goes things for you?