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Art: Banners, Forum Sigs, Etc

  Since I am getting more work now, I decided to stick all of it in one place for your convenience and perusal. Since forums seem to be touchy about PMing pictures, I will be adding them here for client viewing and thus they will change from time to time. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy. If you would like your own graphic design from me, feel free to comment or Evemail me. I have begun charging so rates are as follows:

  It is based on time and effort dedicated to commission.
  All situations are different, so they can range between 10 and 50 million ISK.
  Don't let prices scare you off, though, I am always open and willing.

My first job, for my brother

First design I did for Azmo's banner and currently in use here

Second design I came up with

Forum signature by request, also used as banner here

My own sig I am toying around with. Not sure I like it yet

Forum sig by request.

New sig

Got bored again

Forum sig by request

Forum sig by request

Forum sig by request