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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clear Skies 3 Is Out!

  If you have no clue what I am talking about, then you are in for a big treat. You need to go Google the first two movies and watch them. Eve based adventure with Half Life engine generated avatars makes for great fun.

  So on to the goods: Eve O forum post is here and the official website is here.

  Go, watch, enjoy, profit.

  Now shush, I am trying to watch it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Aurum: The Beginning of the End

  Now my title may be a bit dramatic, but it is certainly the sentiment that many seem to hold with CCP's recent press release. While the idea of micro-transactions was thought to have already been shot down, CCP has shown otherwise by giving a new system of currency called "Aurum".  Anyone else notice the Spanish there? Little weak to use it, but what do I know.

   What does this mean? Using the middle man of a PLEX for the conversion it means that people can by pretty pretty things for their avatar. Completely useless items that will royally screw PLEX prices that are already in the ridiculous zone. Have you looked at the prices lately? Within 2 days I watched prices go from selling for 375 to 392 million ISK. This is getting out of hand and will only be worsened by this new Aurum system. CCP supposedly reserves the right the screw with PLEX prices and not tell us, but I find that stupid, frankly.

  At this rate, I won't be able to play much longer. I have zero money, since all of it is going towards a certain ring and nobody will hire me for the summer. That's a different headache altogether. No, the only way I can play my favorite game is PLEXing it with ISK I work to save up each month. On top of that I am PLEXing two accounts so that I can function in wspace. That's definitely not going to keep up. This makes me rather angry, but why would CCP care about just one or two people that can't keep it up?

  The real problem for them will come if they ever give items that directly affect flying by giving an advantage to the pilot that others will have to spend real money on as well to even the field. That is when you will see a mass cancelation of accounts. Will I go that far? It may be moot with prices so high, but I may if I am still around. CCP is quickly pulling their sandbox out of the stars and into the mud. I would advise them to seriously consider their aim. I understand that they are a relatively small developer in the industry and young. I know that in business you must adapt or die. But do not destroy such a long running and loved universe for your business model. It will only breed contempt.

  My words, however, will go unnoticed and unheeded. The only thing we can do at present is watch and hope they don't go the wrong way or that we can push them back on track. We have that, as much as many don't think so, with the CSM who has already been giving CCP a stern talking to.

  Needless to say, I am a bit pissed. Perhaps, though, it will get to a point that buying PLEX with USD will become viable for me to get rich and keep my account alive. ISK is devaluing so very quickly these days.

  Stay strong, capsuleers, and stand united when needed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kspace Crunch

 I've mentioned how living in wormholes can alter your mindset and operational procedures quite drastically, within weeks of living there much less 6 months. Well, that was brought to the forefront and waved around madly like a man in front of a speeding truck. Except that the truck ignores it and just barrels through the man.

  Kinda like I did. And which is why Memoo now has a security status of -1.58. Oh my.

  Our wormhole chain was a rabbit warren of links with enough links to kspace to have any type of space you want. We had countless bookmarks with links to 20 systems. Yes, twenty. Annoyingly enough, the majority of the night was extremely boring and had nothing going on in any of them. Seriously, does nobody live in wspace anymore? Anyways, so some of us decided to go out into lowsec and poke around. It was a jump from nullsec and an Archon had been spotted briefly, so there was bound to be something. I get bored and just wanna kill stuff so I went out.

  Well, there kind of wasn't. Nothing we could go after at least. So we went to the nearby nullsec and poked in, while the others stayed in lowsec. Next thing I hear is one of us engaging a Hurricane on a gate and he said he was aggressed. So I warp straight at him and get my mods hot. The gate? Turns out to be a mission gate. Warning message in my face? Odd, since he supposedly aggressed first. Oh well, ignore and begin the pew! The cane melted fasted under my neuts and my corpies guns. Then again, you can see for yourself why. Aaaah my eyes! Such terribad fittings in lowsec! The gate? Turns out to be a mission gate. Not only do we get that, in my adrenaline fueled haste we nab the pod. Oh yes, my gut instincts were raging at me to make sure he gets podded back to kspace where he belongs....forgetting that I am not in null nor am I in wspace. Craaaaaap. "For your participation blahblahblah sec status lowered 3.115164 pts."

  Hooraay, I'm nearly a criminal! I went from 0.3 to -1.58 in a matter of seconds thanks to my forgetfulness and bloodlust. Which really isn't an issue since I can still go anywhere I want. It's close to getting bad though so I will have to do some nullsec ratting soon. I'm still kind of chuckling about it.

  I have also noticed my desire for more shinies. I am loving my Legion, but I want to get back to real damage at some point. I have started training up T2 lasers, my first T2 in the gunnery section, as well as hybrids. I have 2 other Legion fits in mind, another T3 to train for and many other ships on my list of things to get or at least fly. I am ridiculous. All of that on top of sekrit stuffz I need to train for instead.

  So remember kids, podding in lowsec is bad for your health unless you live there. Remember your timers and consequences or you may be in for some trouble.

  Fly intelligently

Sunday, May 22, 2011

That Which Doesn't Pod You, Only Makes You Smarter

  Welp, I just hit the 6 month mark of being in Adhoc and living in wormholes. Half a year already? Wow...on the one hand it feels like I just got here, but on the other like I've always been here and never played any other part of Eve. Which is ok with me, wspace is what has kept me addicted to this mistress of a game. And now I realize it's been a year of me playing in general and here I didn't do anything special. Hmm...might have to fix that.

  It's been an amazing 6 months and there will certainly be plenty more to come. My first week I saw and helped steal my first dread, bashed my first tower and it's been a long list of firsts ever since then. I went from 'roid drilling carebear to bloodthirsty warbear pretty quickly. I kind of miss mining sometimes and we do get sites to mine, but my carebearing is mainly restricted to PI nowadays and the occasional mission.

  I think my skill sheet can show how chaotic my path has been. It's all over the board, only recently becoming more focused and solid. Goodness, I'm coming up on 20 mil SP even and my stash of shinies still confuses me. 2 Tech 3 ships that I can fly well in a year is not bad by my ruler, among the other stuff. I am still loving my Falcon, it is the best ECM platform after all. In fact, we have been getting some good fights and ganks lately, one of which we actually needed the Falcon.

  We were running Sleeper sites in our static connection as some of our cloakies scouted around and kept eyes out. Since we were flying a shield gang, I was able to use my Thundercat Tengu. I keep intending to take it into kspace and leave it there for missioning...I just never seem to get around to it. Anyways, one of our cloakies found a new hole and jumped in, only to squawk a second later about a gang sitting on the other side.

 "Two Machariels, Scimi, Loki, and more landing." He called.

  This just got fun and it always seems to happen when we try to PvE. I'm ok with that. It seemed that they saw our Noctis cleaning up behind us and were looking to ruin our carebear party. We don't go outside the POS in anything that can't fight on the whole, so they were more than welcome to try. But when we heard what they had and weren't sure if their numbers would swell, we decided to play it safe and switched to Guardian backed armor ships. In all honesty and without trying to sound arrogant, when we field them we are a force to be reckoned with in Eve. It takes extremely overwhelming force or a bad situation to get us on a bad foot when we get the thirst.

  Apparently, running back home got them trigger happy though. A buzzard had scanned our hole down and two things started happening. The buzzard decloaked and jumped in to our system, seeming to not mind a suicide mission. We had no fast tackle sadly so he got away, but not before I got his name and added him to my watchlist. We got your number, Austex. Their gang started moving at the same time.

 They thought we were running? I'm not sure if their buzzard simply didn't get a look at what we had as he changed his pants, but suddenly they were landing. On our hole. Right on it. And jumping in?
They decloaked in piecemeal, kicking us into immediate action of grabbing point and lighting them up. Laser fire cut through the black of space and I decloaked to lay some ECM smackdown.

  That's when they realized how bad a decision it was to come to us. We were ready with a good force much faster than they predicted and happy to meet them. One of ours had the Scimi tackled and was pounding on it on the opposite side, making their day even worse. He eventually jumped in and started repping the Loki, but not before their forces began to panic and scatter. We gave chase, their Scimi oddly staying in our Scimi with one of our new recruits to keep him company. In what seemed a  hiccup in our communications, points were spread as much as we thought, so three of them warped out. Pushed for more blood by this, we finished burning the rest to rubble and spacedust. When all was settled and accounted for, it seems we lost 3 of them but got some great kills. And now we saw why they failed.

  They had jumped a Mach onto a hole in the first place, which a sniper BS is not supposed to do but it was understandable if they thought they were chasing. That allowed us to get under his guns quite easily. 3 faction sebo's though? I don't mind gettin' paid. They also had brought a Scimitar, the Minnie shield logi in with an armor gang and he was rather easy to jam. Pro.

  A good fight over all and they brought it, so props. We don't get enough fun like that, but the Narwhals always seem willing which is cool. Oh yea...I was dualboxxing that entire fight. That was my first time fighting with two clients on the same screen...on a laptop. Canhazkudos?

  As is the case in just about any sec, sometimes you get fights all the time and sometimes it's nothing for weeks. I am happy to take them where I can get them in between RL engagements. I also am happy to get blood on my Legion again...I wonder how it feels about killing its own kind. Oh well.

 There you have it, 6 months and still kickin'. I have learned much and continue to do so each time I log on. Adhoc is still recruiting the Euro/Aussie times so head on to Adhocracy Public and give a shout if you're interested.

  Fly smart

Monday, May 16, 2011

There Goes the Neighborhood

  I've been having some interesting reads lately. First up, there's the new patch coming out Thursday. A very interesting change, especially for the carebears among us. I am a bit interested considering I plan to mission when I have the time, mainly for standings and LP. This is just makes things...different. Let's break it down.

  As of now, mission agents have a quality that essentially tells you how good the rewards will be from them. It's based on standings and some skills, but it still leads you in a line up the ladder of agents to better and better quality.  Each agent also has their own department, everything from administration to R&D. This tells you the types of missions you will get from them...mostly. You will still get a few other random types thrown in, which can be annoying when you are only set up for combat and your combat agent just gave you a mining mission. Welp, forget all that.

  Starting Thursday, your mission rewards will be based on the security status of the system you are in and no longer have their own quality. The departments will also give strictly their type of missions, no divergence. That is a welcome change in my eyes, but using the system's sec status is an iffy one. CCP is essentially trying to push MR's into lowsec, with the temptation of more shinies. I am highly skeptical it will work, since hubs will simply move to 0.5 systems, not wherever the best agent happens to be. The risk:reward is something that has needed work, but will this be the proper answer? As a corpmate stated, lowsec missioning can be quite "ass in the wind" type of operating. It's not bad if you watch local and Dscan, but some people just can't be arsed to actually put effort into MRing.

  So, what does this mean? Well let's just say I will be missioning hardcore with SOE for the next couple of days. Might as well make it work to my advantage ;)

  There are, however, other changes that caught my eye. Your onboard system scanner, NOT your Dscan, that is able to detect the presence of anomalies is getting a beef up to the 64 AU range and the time goes down to 10 sec. That is amazing for WH dwellers. Not only are you able to find everything in one go, except for those massive systems, and run them, but hunting just got sooo much easier.

  And speaking of easier, it seems scanning is getting a bit of a face lift, the wording of which is slightly confusing. Suffice to say, you may not have to agonize so much over positioning and such, making it more dangerous to be hunted by combat probes. Fun times to come >:)

   There you have it, Eve gets a little more interesting each day. Whether that's a good or bad interesting is up to you. Oh yes, and I FINALLY got some real blood on my Legion. Sadly, our KB is down at the moment so I'll have to ninjaedit the KM. Basically, we had Russians in our static link and found them to be in 3 Tengus, a Broadsword, Cane, Scorp and a Pilgrim. We scanned one down sitting at a moon...doing nothing, except when myself and my corpie jumped in to kill he turned on hardners. So we thought bait with the escalation. Nope, just ganked him and he got into another Tengu at their POS. It took something like an hour to finally get them to engage...on a highsec hole of all things! My Legion was the bait, so I took a pounding. It held up stalwartly, they could only slowly chip away at my armor and allowed our fleet to land and start the fun. I had beaten a Tengu into armor, but was forced to jump to safety and get the cap back the Pilgrim had stolen. In the end, we didn't get any kills and neither did they, but I had a blast and props to them for engaging on a highsec hole.

  There you have it. I am awaiting a mail from EON as you may have noticed I took down the ads. I am hoping to get an EON one up, with the bonus of a free sub for them.

  Enough of my rambling. Go enjoy the summer sun

Friday, May 13, 2011

No Luck is Bad Luck

  This week has been a very frustrating one for me. 12 hour work days with no pay blows as it is, but look at this killboard. Take a gooood look at those top kills.

  I have missed so far:
 1 Rorq= 3 bil
 2 carriers within a 24 hour period= 3 bil
 1 Orca missed by seconds = half a bil

 and other smaller assorted shinies.  Eve hates me and she's a mistress I am not happy with at the moment. It seems when I am working...the fun happens. Bah...emorage. My only consolation lately has been the ocean of nullsec tears, ironically a large outcry from Goons, over the changes to jumpbridges. I have one word: finally. I am happy CCP got around to this and it is a good change for nullsec, despite the gnashing of teeth it produced.

  Moar changes, CCP!

  I won't beat the dead horse, as many have posted about it already. Saw a comment about "woe to small alliances" which made no sense, considering this should make it easier to hold small areas of space without the threat of massive cap fleets making the long trek. That and if a small alliance really wants nullsec space...go to wormholes. Seriously, not kidding about it. It's can be easy to hold and all that good stuff.

   Anyways, tired and frustrated so I shall end this rant. Hope your luck is better than mine.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grillin' the Devs

  CCP devs are opening up a thread for all you pilots to ask whatever you want. The fail posters are already at it with questions regarding underwear and hazzing stuffz. But there are some good ones down, some that I will be looking forward to hearing the answer for and not just the run around. Well, hopefully not the run around.

  Anyways, go take a look and see if you can add something worthwhile. This game thrives off of communication between the community and the developer, so the more the merrier.


Monday, May 9, 2011

The New Fancy?

  I've been absently perusing blogs I follow on my iPod's feed and got something of a surprise when I found a few directly aimed at wormhole space. They were mainly just general information about it, stuff I've posted before. But I am more surprised at the increase in interest related to wormhole space. I think people are finally starting to realize the great benefits, and dangers, associated with it. Information saturation is always a good way to get something into the public eye and having more people in wormhole space wouldn't be a terrible thing.

  The only thing that annoys me more than not having things to shoot, however, is having people that are ignant, as they say in the south. Just as a week old character doesn't belong in lowsec to mine, neither does someone that doesn't understand wormholes belong in them. All they get is butthurt when someone comes along and takes advantage of the situation.

  So, beyond the general information I've posted previously, I've been batting around the idea of making a post or series of posts about surviving in wormholes, whether it's a day trip or long term. With the increase in curiosity and interest for the space, despite not "intended" for long term occupation, I think it only my duty to you, dear reader.

  If you're interested or think it would be a good thing to have for those interested, let me know. I don't really get feedback so I think I tend to ramble in random directions.

  Back to work

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

  The summer is least for me. The sun is getting even hotter and the summer job hunting has begun. I have also started seeing the effects in Eve, as it tends to happen in summertime. There is always a slump where pilots are AFG for extended periods of time, leaving the bored or the diehard to smaller groups or solo activities.

  So if you find yourself logging in to a lull in the norm, take the opportunity to change up the routine. What to do, though?

  • Become a mission runner! - Did you burn out or decide they were too boring or monotonous so long ago? Take another stab at them, there are quite a few benefits and it beats station spinning. Earning LP gives you access to some great items, the rep with corps and factions can give you access to new jump clones and space for putting up a POS, the ISK is always a nice reward, and you may get the chance to thwart a ninja. It's not all bad.

  • Consolidate the crap - Every time you open your assets list, do you sigh as how many systems have things of so little worth? Clean up the mess and consolidate things to only systems you want or need those items in. 

  • Explore other space - Have you never been outside of highsec? Never roamed nullsec? Take the chance to get out and explore more of the 60,000 systems Eve has to offer. There are some amazing places waiting for you.

  • Solo Pvp - Have you never pvped outside the blob or without backup? Get some courage, buy a cheap ship and promise yourself to lose it. The experience you gain is priceless and the action is adrenaline surging fun.

  • Take up station trading - You don't have to leave the station to take advantage of this one. There are pilots making billions off the market, here's your chance to get your foot in the door as they are away from the computer. Need a primer? I may be able to help you there ;)

  • Get back to yarrrr - This one is simple. Create a new character, train them up into your favorite ship and go flashy. Take the sec status plunge and become a pirate, whether that is part of a prestigious corp like the Bastards or just solo profiteering, take a shot at it. You may just find your new calling.

  • Get some sun - Are you always plugged in and playing Eve? Get out, get some sun and go have fun in the real world. I know, I know it can be scary that there is another world out there, but try it anyways. Ride a bike, get a tan, read a book. 
  The list could go on and on. Find something new and run with it, then tell me about it! There's no better way of getting refreshed like trying something new.

  As for me, my days are being consumed by jobhunting, temp work, a girlfriend (they exist!), and surviving. So, enjoy and fly safe.


Monday, May 2, 2011


  So, I was busy for the last couple of weeks thanks to school and the insanity that is the end of the year with moving out, finals, etcetc. Now life is kicking in with a complicated living space at home, straining to find a job as I am flat broke and no way to make money at the moment, and a few obligations that are carrying over from the last couple of months.

  So, you can imagine how my Eve time is much less my time to stick posts up. Someone decided to wardec us for some stupid reason and then whined to us about wanting "fair fights"....stupidity abounds. I have also gotten caught up with other games, don't tell anyone! I know, I'm a game's a problem sometimes..lawl.  I recently found League of Legends, primarily as it's free to play and of course Minecraft. I am doing videos for Minecraft now and will probably extend into other games, but that of course only happens when I have the time and motivation. Things that are a bit low now in the summer.

  With this perfect storm of factors, my posting will be sadly lacking. I am not gone and I do still love you, dear reader. I am just having to confront the realites of RL responsibilities and relationships. In the meantime, feel free to find me in game or shoot me some mails and tell me your fun stories. I enjoy hearing them as much as telling them.

  Til later, may the road rise up to meet you,