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Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolving to Keep Resolutions...Resolute

  2011 was a pretty busy year. It started with the Create-A-Starship contest debacle, PI iterations, New Eden Chronicles starting and then sadly puttering out, PL forums leaks, PLEX for Good drives, moving on with the new Clear Skies, plenty of CCP blundering around, buying my first Vindi...and then losing it to Sleepers in an embarrassing situation I may never explain, Incarna, Crucible, CCP getting scarily understanding and smart(er), hitting my year with ADHC, and so much more. That's quite a list of things that 2012 will need to live up to in its time before we all explode.

  I didn't do any resolutions last year, so why not start this year off with some and see how far we get.

1. I will be working on breaking 250bil in damage done and/or having 200x more kills than deaths. As it stands now:
653 kills
40 deaths
188 billion damage done
  I admit, 250 bil isn't a huge goal, but it's attainable. Especially if I keep killing Nyx's ;) Having 800 kills and keeping 40 deaths would be pretty cool. Guess I'll just have to do what I do best and ECM the masses.

2. This goal is one I thought I would never want. I want to be able to fly capitals, both dreads and carriers with good skills. I never saw them in much use, except when I was helping kill one. But now the neighborhood is bigger and thus we play with bigger toys. Gotta adapt.

3. Less specifically, there are some other ships that I want to train into and getting my overall skill set stronger is a longterm goal.

4. Getting my wallet back to being somewhat healthy. For months now I've been riding the line between flat broke and ok, but with PLEX prices getting ridiculously (stupidly I think) high that is a hard thing. PLEXing is the only way I play since RL cash is taken by school, living, and now a new marriage and baby on the way. PLEXing is an awesome feature that I love about Eve. So any market manipulation to bring it down is quite fine by me. Maybe I could replace my Vindi one day :D

5. Going hand in hand with the PLEX thing, keeping both my account and my wife's account running. I just got her back into the game after a year or more of her being AFG. Her account ran dry as she was getting into cruisers, so we have a lot of training to work on with her. It's a whole other fun when you get to share your hobby and experiences with a significant other that enjoys it too.

6. Killing more supercaps. Taking down that Nyx, and FCing it as well, left me thirsty to try it again. Who knows, maybe a Titan falls prey to us, eh?

7. Giving Progression's Horizon a facelift finally. This will probably have to happen after I somehow survive my last semester of college.

8. Another year in Eve and ADHC. Eve has become a part of my routine; a hobby, a past-time, a fallback. Any game you can keep enjoying year after year is a good one, but it's the people that really make it worthwhile. I can't play Eve without ADHC.

  There's my list. How about you, now? What are some goals you want to set for the new year?

Anything's possible