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Monday, January 3, 2011

Gank Gone Awry

  If there is one thing I love about wormholes, it is our neighbors. It could anyone on any given day and our encounters range from bloody and hostile to merely noticing each other in passing. Or in the case of this post, camping them until your eyes bleed.

  Local in any system can be interesting, but wormhole local can get hilarious. I even made a thread in our forums dedicated to these kind of events. Since local is delayed and you don't want to talk to give away that you are there, it's usually blank. If someone chooses to, it usually turns into a real jem. In this instance, I have been highsec missioning for R&D agents, but got bored and wanted to come home. Thankfully, after days of links that are 30+ jumps away from me, I got a 7 jump trip. So I made my way in a shuttle, leaving my mission Drake behind. As I came into the lowsec system that ran home, it was called on comms that a Chimera, Tengu and Nighthawk had appeared on Dscan, one by one. Sounds tasty. So I wanted to get in and reship to be useful. Well, I got told to sit tight so I don't spook what may come of it. Bloodthirsty scoundrels :P

  The carrier made its way enough to poke outside the POS shields and sit. He most likely intended to assign fighters with the carrier and then solo sites in the T3 or command ship. But then he simply goes AFK. At this point I make my way in to home and reship to my Gila and camp the hole back. So we get restless enough to send a pilot in to poke around and look dumb in his Cane. We don't usually bait with Canes, but that may be a good thing. So he starts trying anomalies, but it turns out his tank won't last the second wave so after one site he moves to the next and lets the trigger simply live.

  This seems to get the carrier's attention as he reships into the Tengu and warps off. Next thing I hear is that he is on grid with our pilot, 100km off. He was cloaky so it's rather odd that he decloaked and then warped off to a planet. Then the fun begins in local.

[06:25:13] Issaqauh haven't seen you guys in our wh for awhile

We didn't know we had been here before, much less made ourselves known to his corp. So what do we do? Have fun.

[06:26:27] Our Guy Is there someone in here?

[06:26:46] Our Guy I ran out of ammo, and this frig wont let me go

[06:26:48] Issaqauh ofc, lol

[06:26:56] Issaqauh but you already knew that....

[06:29:11] Our Guy do you have any extra EMP laying around or something? or could you kill the frig?

[06:29:38] Issaqauh I do but last time you guys were in our wh you set a trap and got some of our ships.....

[06:29:56] Our Guy ?

[06:30:04] Issaqauh Adhocracy corp

[06:31:09] Our Guy i dont recall being in this wormhole before

Then our prey gets smart. He read our corp descrip or something because all of a sudden he is in our public channel. O.o

[06:31:48] Issaqauh > I think it was Asayanami Dei and Klak...??? something and some others

  Ok, now I'm really interested so I go digging in his killboard histories. It's not so much a killboard as a lossboard, really, and I still find no results showing for us killing his corp or alliance mates. But he obviously remembers us. We figure, playing dumb may get us something to play with so a collaboration springs up from a few corpmates.

[06:32:56] Corpie > hmm?

[06:33:05] ilove fallout3 > que?

[06:33:29] Issaqauh > I was chatting with your guy in local, thought I would answer him in here

[06:34:17] Corpie > Local, where, in lowsec?

[06:34:26] Issaqauh > nah, in our wh

[06:34:49] Corpie > Uh ... why was he even talking in local?

[06:34:52] Our Guy > oh, hey!

[06:35:17] Our Guy > oh... right

[06:36:23] Corpie > So, dude, local chat, really?

[06:36:32] Issaqauh > my fault,

[06:37:12] Corpie > oh?

[06:37:23] Corpie 2> dude, thats against our policies, im reporting your ass to a director

[06:37:33] Our Guy > what, seriously?

[06:38:45] Our Guy > kinda need help. this frig wont let me go and im out of ammo

[06:39:07] Corpie 2 > dumbass, where the hell are you?

[06:39:09] Corpie > Geeze dude

[06:39:18] Corpie 2> did you get yourself stuck soloing shit again?

[06:39:22] Corpie > how far in are you?

[06:39:49] Our Guy > um...

[06:40:16] Corpie > Am I really going to have to stop mining to kill a frig for you?

[06:40:29] Our Guy > my bookmarks say im in hole 5

[06:40:40] Corpie 2 > sec

[06:40:42] Issaqauh > normally I would help a guy out but....... last time you guys were in here you set a trap and got one of my corpmates

[06:41:08] Corpie 2 > sorry man, you might have to eject or some shit... someone didnt put the bookmarks back

[06:41:15] Corpie 2 > check your cargo

[06:41:38] Our Guy > um... how long would it take you to rescan...

[06:41:45] Corpie> the bookmarks haven't been updated?

[06:41:46] Our Guy > i think i still have the BMs

[06:41:51] Corpie 2 > 5 holes deep? fuck if i know =/

[06:42:11] Corpie > yeah, that really helps loads man, you have the bms and you can't get back

[06:42:22] Corpie 2 > err, lets take this to corp chat and not do it in public

[06:42:28] Corpie > gj buddy

[06:42:39] Our Guy > well, i would be okay if this local guy would drop me some ammo or something

[06:43:26] Issaqauh > lol, ofc you know you can just move away till out of range..... they do stop following at some point.....

[06:43:38] Our Guy > really?

[06:43:43] Corpie > I say he should put you out of your misery for you getting into the situation you're in, IMO

[06:43:56] Our Guy > f-

[06:43:57] Issaqauh > someone with your experience..... from 2006......?

[06:44:11] Corpie 2 > gd ebayers

[06:44:19] Our Guy > top speed is like 75m/s gonna take forever

[06:45:14] Corpie > How are you gonna get out man?

[06:45:27] Corpie > you're way too deep, we don't have bms

[06:45:28] Our Guy > gonna try to motor out i think

[06:45:37] Corpie > podexpress?

[06:46:08] Our Guy > nah, got like +3s. besides, i think i have the BMs back

[06:46:51] Our Guy > just gotta get away from this frig

[06:46:55] Corpie > How about you put him out of his misery Issa?

[06:47:26] Issaqauh > nah, this is too fun to watch :-)

[06:47:50] Corpie 2 > 10mil reward to the first person to scan him out of there - from his wallet

[06:48:29] Corpie> I feel like washing my hands of this, mining seems more productive

[06:48:40] Our Guy > sorry guys :(

[06:48:56] Corpie2 > get back to sucking, at least youre making money unlike that scrub

[06:49:29] Our Guy > he can't make money, he can't even kill that frig and he's scrammed

[06:49:29] Issaqauh > lol

[06:54:19] Our Guy > wait, i think the frig just unscrammed me for a sec there

[06:54:41] Corpie > and you didn't leave?

[06:54:47] Issaqauh > he has atleast a dozen times since i've been watching....

[06:54:47] Corpie 2 > ...

[06:55:02] Our Guy > i didnt realize he would do that...

[06:55:17] Corpie 2 > you have drones right?

[06:55:33] Our Guy > i do not, or this stupid thing would be dead

  It seems I lost the last bit of chat, but it basically ends up that he warps out when the frig stops scramming him and thanks the local for the tip. Our guy now looks like a complete idiot to everyone in our public chat, but that may come in handy some day. The ad libbing that went into this was phenomenal and I almost wish I could have added to it, but we wanted to keep it to as few as possible. It was almost as good as actually killing this guy. Almost. He was a bit observant on a few points, enough to keep out of our grasp, but gotta give points for playin' with us.

  So even when you are staring at the butt of a wormhole for nearly an hour to end up not getting a kill, it can still be fun. We have some pretty funny stuff in that thread, I may have to dig out some jewels for you all.

  Always fun times in wspace


nathanica said...

We should recruit him \o/

Memoocan said...

Haha Recruiting prey...sounds like an interesting strategy xD