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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Whole New Look

  I *FINALLY* got SiSi to work long enough to get something out of it for you guys. Memoo has looked like some French weirdo punk rock wannabe for too long and the character editors on SiSi are fun to play with. Now, they are really incomplete because the lighting effects wouldn't work for me and some details wouldn't generate like hair. So instead of having a mohawk that stands up, Mem just has a strip down the middle of his

This is what I started with. Time to mould 

A bit into it, I decided I wanted a less naked Mem

A closer look. Mem is sporting a younger look, but not too young

I like being able to do so much to get a great shot. I did a few, just playing around and not really caring since it's not permanent. The multiple slots makes me wonder if we can use them alternately.

  All in all, this is a far leap from our current avatars, and a precursor to walking which will be fun. I enjoy the updated look and the control over your individuality.





Laedy said...


Memoocan said...

why thank ya :">

Ardent Finder said...

Isn't that just a picture of Timberlake you photoshopped? :P

Memoocan said...

Hey now, no need to insult :PP