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Monday, January 31, 2011

Little of This, Little of That

  Much has been happening in my travels through New Eden and beyond. So I guess this post is kind of a check up/update kinda things. More to figure out what I've done so I can remember what I still need to do :P

  So Mech has been able to fly Orcas now for a couple days and I have to say...I love it. It's awesome. The drag of training all the skills up was so very worth the ability to have my own mobile base. I can shove ships inside it, spare modules and assorted loot that I can then use the Orca to fit on my ships, and an ore hold for when I decide to carebear it up. Space is a premium when you live out of a POS, so having your own "private" space is quite a luxury. I love it even more when I take it out to kspace. I said I was going to try highsec explo and boy have I. My first try at it was just alone in my Gila scanning systems near the exit we had into highsec. I got very lucky and almost immediately got an escalation that had me traipsing all over the Forge/Citadel area. At the end I got some Dread Gurista missile launcher and a pitiful deadspace frigate sized shield transporter that nobody wants. But I was hooked. So now, with my very own Orca, I went back into the Citadel/Forge area loaded up with my Buzzard, Gila and a few other handy ships and modules to try again. Sadly, I was not so lucky or successful. My best find was a radar with 2 Tuning Instruction thingies. But I will press on and be more intelligent in my planning of routes. With my refining, I shall bring you my experiences and advice should you want it.

  I also mentioned a bit back that we had a rather awesome operation against some Russians. That will be its own post, a rather long one, when I can kick myself enough to write it. Life has been very hectic lately and it is only getting worse. But my thorough enjoyment of cloaky ECM has hardly been halted. The last couple weeks have been filled with some interesting kills, pricey shiny kills, and this extremely embarrassing kill among many others. That last one..I just don't know. The more I live in wormholes, the more I seem to run into complete idiots. Seriously, failfit AND carrying fighter bomber books, drone books, warfare books, and those drones you see were never even launched. He came to kill us....and never even launched drones. I've gone over 200 kills which is big for me and almost 50 billion ISK destroyed. Maybe I'll do a blog celebration at 50..idk xD

  One of the hectic things is the podcast. I want to apologize again for the failure to get iTunes to work with us, even after some frustrating emails with people I'm not sure knew what I was even asking. In the interest of sanity and progress, I have started the process of re-hosting the podcast on a different page. Maeve initially did this, but has taken a break from Eve and NEC for a little while, so I am doing what I can in the interim. It is still on podbean and I am working to make it look identical, but the site is driving me nuts with confusing upload requirements and errors as well as my lack of understanding much about feeds in the first place. This is all because iTunes isn't letting us resubmit the first feed we had, thus my current predicament. Hopefully, though, this will mean we can give you all an iTunes address to be more convenient. Thanks to all the listeners for being ever patient with our bumbling. Getting this started was much harder than I anticipated. We were supposed to record Ep 2 this last Friday, but CK posted on FB last minute that he had a RL engagement come up and rescheduling has yet to happen. I really hope things don't failcascade, because I am enjoying it and think it'd be a great podcast to keep up.

  For those of you that read my posts from the RSS feed, you won't have noticed anything different. But for those that use browsers, you may have noticed a new little thing under the post. It is an ad. Only one, so don't worry I won't be spamming anyone with ads. It's something I never thought I would have, but recent encouragement from a few people has had me try at least. Never feel pressure to do anything with them, you can ignore them altogether if you wish. It is kind of an experiment on my part, but also perhaps a way to earn a buck or two every once in a while doing what I love. I am hardly a novelist...yet ;P As a college kid, and one that is trying to pay off a ring for that special girl, I figured it might be a way to worry less about Eve subscrips. Nothing more, this blog is dedicated to Eve and thus anything that comes of it will be as well. Anyways, that's enough of that.

  Time to sleep. I have a lecture Scuba about biology and need to review the physics lecture we had last week. Heh.

  Fly well my friends



Druur Monakh said...

I think a number of people are hoping that TNEC continues - even if it is in form of a 'lite' episode with reduced cast and length.

Memoocan said...

That is definitely an encouragement :) Hopefully we won't have to go 'lite', but things change I suppose