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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adhocracy....At War?

  Here I thought these were over after the Uni, but sadly not. We are indeed at war as of a moment ago by Federation Mercenary's. I think this is the second time in the last year or two that a proper dec has been issued to ADHC. And it's great when people that can't even spell mercenaries correctly wardec you.  Their entire killboard amounts to around 3 or 4 billion ISK destroyed....we've destroyed that much in a single kill and do as much damage on a regular basis.

  Now, the question is where it came from? They are obviously amateurs that we can eat for breakfast, but what else is behind it waiting? We have had a few recent run ins with AHARM...ones that were hardly civil from their end. They got pissy and tried to come into our home, getting spanked for it. They planted a scan alt in our place with threats and bluffs all around from their joke of a diplo, who said he can't even order his own corpmate to leave...most useless diplo I've ever seen then. Of course, if they ever really do try to bring the fight to us they don't know what kinda hurt they are in for. They also can't do it alone, as they've proven against other corps, having to hire mercs and usually pull out their capitals. But hopefully it'll be good fights.

  Perhaps there's nothing behind it and the mercs are stupid enough to think we are carebear haulers and easy targets. There is also speculation that it is over a 6bil lottery that one of our member won from Eve Radio today. Apparently some guys were trash talking about how the winners should get ganked and 2 min after our guy won...this lands. Coincidence? Maybe. This is the more likely reason, but you never know. Possibilites abound. It makes me happy, though, since I will soon be jamming noobs in my Falcon, named after it's gifter, Viperous Stark. I won't get in until I have at least Recon IV, but it means as soon as I do I will have targets to annoy.

  Things are certainly getting fun in the new year


Viperous Stark said...

Yay for Falcons :P

nathanica said...

Attack of the hisec carebears \o/

could be fun, lets see what they bring :P