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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saviors or Slaughtered

  The hostile incursions of Sansha Kuvakei have begun in earnest. The debrief from CONCORD gave some interesting information, even disturbing. The resulting chaos has shown how capsuleers may or may not be able to actually work well enough together to overcome a common enemy. As I read some of the dialogue and things from the Live Events, the nerdy RPer in me got all giddy. It's hard for me to like RP in video games, preferring table top and my imagination. Video games are too meta for me to be able to get fully into character. But reading the way others do so is pretty awesome. Roc Weiler had quite an interesting write up.

  But alas, I have yet to experience anything of the sort. This expansion will have to work hard to prove itself, and the effort:reward ratio is severely unbalanced in my limited opinion. It seems so many players have already been slaughtered, in highsec even, trying to combat the invaders. Consequentially,  ship prices have been on quite the rise. None of this really affects me, seeing as I already deal with Sleeper drones on a daily basis. I am an incursion already, you could say. I have lived in Empire and now wormholes and it's my opinion that the release of wormholes was one of the best expansions. CCP wouldn't go wrong to throw us a bone with the Sleeper story line or mechanics for living inside wormholes.

  For now, I will watch and listen to others' take on the slaves Kuvakei has released on New Eden and observe from afar. The encouragement of blob tactics and crashing nodes in kspace is rather...unfortunate. I believe it could have been handled a bit better, but that's just me. I have not had a post in a while for RL reasons and because I have a very big post coming up. I have gotten some very good, and some very odd, kills in my Falcon and I am loving it. Let the hating and flaming begin.

  Mech is a day away from his Orca and I cannot wait. I have, with quite a bit of convincing from corpies through their own success, have decided I will try my hand at highsec exploration and use the Orca as my mobile base. Get a good circuit and you could make quite a bit of money in an evening, depending on your luck. I hope mine will be good and I will of course chronicle my exploits. Will I find expensive faction mods? Will I finally encounter ninjas or griefers? Will I find romance among the stars? Who knows! It will be quite exciting.

 School is currently curbstomping my face, so I apologize for the lag in posts. Life has certainly turned the heat up lately. Anyone have that issue? Heh anyways..

Lemme know what you think of the Incursions


Loki said...

I've been too busy the last couple of weeks to do much more than log on and update my skill queue, but I did manage to look at the Incursions on the Star Map...

Curious to see the way this will play out over time. CCP dropping a few "random" Incursions in bot-heavy Constellations, maybe?

Or Incursion-focussed corps springing up, much as wormholes have given rise to corps like ADHOC and EDROP - "Sansha messing with your 0.0 Anom's? Temp-blue us and we'll clean that mess up for you. Contact us for a quote now!"

This is Eve, after all - there's profit to be made in everything, everywhere...

Memoocan said...

I have yet to look at the map for them, which I think will be quite interesting as you said. The idea of a corp based on Incursions would certainly be consistent with the way of Eve of I wonder if it could actually be done or profitable enough to ensure the viability. Then again, I'm sure the carebear corps in nullsec wouldn't mind having some janitors around