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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hulkageddon Neareth

  And so it has come, another Hulkageddon to purge the cosmos of the defenseless. This iteration is slated to haunt systems all around from February 19th to the 28th, midnight to midnight. Of course, as always, there are prizes for those who kill and whatnot. This time, though, be aware that industrial ships are fair game. That means haulers and Orcas and basically anything that can't shoot back. The official website with FAQ and lists is here.

  I try to stay reserved with my opinions about it. I have mixed feelings, but this is a blog of course so I get to spout whatever I please :P Anyways, I do know the reasons. It fuels the economy with the demand for ships rising rapidly, the tears that they enjoy..a point I will come to later, the fun of sploding pixels, so on and tiresomely so on. I have never been tempted to do this and probably never will. I know people that have participated and it doesn't sound half as fun as what people make it out to be.

  I understand the reasons. But I really don't like it. Not because I can't or won't fight back, that point is moot since I don't mine in kspace. Simply because blowing up people that happen to enjoy shooting rocks instead of people and cannot fight back in any effective way in that setup is just sad. I really don't understand the joy gankers/ninjas etc get out of ruining peoples' day and I have stated this before at length so I won't drag that on. I live in wormholes, called the wild west for a reason, and I do blow up anything there including miners and haulers. But the setting is what matters in my mind, so Empire space having laws means something. No, space is not safe in Eve no matter where you go. I just find that going out of your way to do such things is low and in some ways just makes me pity the person. Remember, I am only talking about those that do it for the tears and enjoy the making others angry.
Now Memoo, this is just a game blah blah blah blah
Why yes it is. It's a game with pixels that nobody should get overly upset about losing. I am able to shrug losses off and move on as every pilot should be able. It's also a time investment and highsec is home to carebears. I now see I did drag this out...sorry. Moving on.

  So! Instead of whining about it, here's some words of caution to the wise. If you can help it, just don't undock in those ships. It's simple. Mission run or find a different facet of Eve for a bit. If you really can't handle the urges, the do it smart. A good quick list to run down is found on the Eve O Forums. Smart advice, that post. Heed it and live it while HG IV is raging. Or, if none of that works for you, come to wspace to mine. You can control the environment far more and I highly doubt those roving gangs will go anywhere near wspace. Keep an eye on D, if you do. I might find ya ;)

  So, be safe out there. Or have fun blowing up carebears. Either way, can't say I didn't warn ya :P


Shandir said...

Did you screw up the link to survival tips? Because it doesn't go to the EVE-O forums. But rather the HG4 site.
And I think the only advice the HG4 site has is 'Die please, drop good loots, and give us your sweet tears'

Memoocan said...

Baha you're right, it was just swapped links. Fixed now, thanks :P