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Monday, January 17, 2011

Capital Punishment

Unfortunately, my life is crazy chaos right now so this won't be the detailed and fun post I want it to be. You have my apologies.

  For those of you that think carriers are beasts and triage carriers are nearly impossible to kill, I bring you evidence of the contrary. After an hour or two of fighting, we took down an Archon and a Thanatos that had battleship support including Scorp, Amrageddons, Raven, Proteus, and others.

Battle Report

 We only lost 2 in the fight, the first loss was unrelated but still shows in the report. You know you are truly a Pvper when you see carriers not as something to be worried about, but something to put on your killboard.
  Also proving once again that ECM is amazing as are logis. Oorah ADHC, you guys are awesome.

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Ardent Finder said...

And Cap Warfare. Ho-Lee Ca-rap.