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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Create A Starship Redo

  As you may or may not have known, a second contest has been administered after the debacle with DeviantArt. It is in its final stages of entries and you can vote for 3 from your Facebook account...that is if you have one.

  Final Vote Link

  Now, my votes were a bit biased for a few reasons. The first being: Seriously? So many freakin' Amarr ships? I understand the design characteristics lend themselves well, but there really is no need for more Amarr...dirty slavers.

  My second was the fact that, for the love of everything pretty make something symmetrical!! I am not sure why CCP became so infatuated with lop sided hunks of ship, but it drives me insane...personal preference perhaps, but one I find many share. Symmetry is beautiful..nice and yeah...

  My other thought is, why doesn't anyone design a decent Caldari HAC or similar vessel? CCP right out said they won't fix things like the Eagle because nobody uses if that logic is something you want to use when shaping a game environment. *rolls eyes* The Cerberus can be outdone by a Caracal in many instances or a Drake. The only ships Caldari pilots really fly are the Drake, Tengu, Raven, Scorp, and of course my beloved Falcon. Ravens have largely been reduced to mission running or POS bashing, the Tengu is excellent at Pve and alright for Pvp, and the Scorp has to be primary with little tank if it wants to be able to have enough jammers.

  Anyways, I will withhold my votes so as not to bias anyone else, but I think I already let that ship sail with my previous points. Good luck to the incredible designers and I can't wait to see who gets voted to the top.


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