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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Busy Bees

  Firstly, a bump. A bit ago I did a forum sig for a Unista that returned and requested it also be a blog banner. Looks like we have a new blogger, so head over to Zraltori's place and say hey. I'm not sure that the sig scaled well, but he likes it so I'm ok with it. Since I started out as a miner, his blog can let me shoot roids vicariously through him I suppose while I kill stuff. I also keep totally forgetting to mention that Azmodeus Valar chose my design as his blog banner as well, which I thought was pretty cool.

  Speaking of killing things, I just hit 100 "real kills". I broke 100 a while ago, but I wanted the real kills before I mentioned it.

99.05% efficiency, love it. 

  Last night was a marathon of killage, rolling holes and finding targets. Amusingly enough, they happened in very similar circumstances in each instace. The first hole we jumped into found us an offshoot wormhole that had a POS under siege by a bunch of battleships. Armageddon, Raven, Rohks, and others that were mainly T1 fit.

Like a Maelstrom.
Shooting missiles.

  Seriously...where do people get these ideas? Mixed tank fleet and the only logi boat is a Basilisk and a bunch of drones. Fail. But it makes for good times for us. But it seems they were at least slightly less dimwitted in scouting since they saw our cloaky jump in and convo'ed him, offering "safe passage" to highsec. Well, we fooled him into thinking we went home. Then watched as we got a warpin and a fleet assembled. We then get the green light to jump in and hold cloak, waiting a few seconds before warping in. It seems that was our error because they aligned and when we landed with our bubble up there were only 2 left for us to pop and pod. It was a rather lesser fight than what we hoped we were getting into, but kills all the same. After getting mailed by these guys, it seems the POS owner was a corp thief, he was even yapping in local asking if we were gonna sit or finish the job...seriously. So temp blue status was given and we told them to come finish the job. We aren't bad guys, we just want to kill pixels. If the other guy had come out with a battle worthy fleet, we would have engaged him. And them. Just saying :P

  So we rolled the hole with little use left in it. The next hole gets scouted out and I soon here that another POS in under siege. The aggressor was a part of Transmission Lost, a newer group that we have run into before. They are competitors of a sort and ones I don't mind taking out at my earliest convenience. I don't really like TL. Anyways, there's 2 battleships and a bomber bashing some abandoned POS, so we do what we do best and drop on them. Well the bomber cloaks and gets away, leaving a hostile in system, but the other two are popped and podded. It also seems someone was good enough to check the tower, because we now see it is in structure. Easy killing for easy loots. So we reship into a fleet of bombers and go at it, quickly downing the tower and leaving the arrays inside free for our taking. We get a bit antsy though, because hostiles starting coming back into the hole. A Falcon and a scanner come through, but our eyes are too far to get them. Then a pod from the Abaddon we killed comes back, having to slowboat out of the warp bubble they had put down on the exit. So our man pods him yet again. I hope he didn't update his clone or had nice implants, cuz that's just funny.

  We get to popping the arrays, but nothing really comes out other than a couple cans. But the cans are so nice inside, I'm a bit surprised. Domination and Federation Navy modules littered along with T2, jump fuel, a Deimos, Myrm, a couple Skiffs, and tons more stuff. Talk about a nice haul. Getting kills and massive loot so fast is awesome. A few people grab haulers and get it home, myself as well. I reshipped to my Gila just as the Falcon decloaked and jammed the only guy still on site, a Hookbill. Apparently the bomber came back as well, but failed to pop our guy and they both soon left when we returned. After all that noise, we rolled the hole again so we didn't have to worry about retaliation.

  All in all, a good day and fun times.


nathanica said...

Killboards lie, POS mods are also real kills.

you have 21 of those.

(has 84 /hide)

Memoocan said...

Well that's just confusing. Someone's gotta fix those boards or make it a bit more logical :P