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Monday, October 8, 2012

Transmission Lost Lost

  I have been a bit absent of late in my postings. In Adhc, it is usually summed by with "RL>Eve" and that applies to my writings as well. But I was recently in two back to back fights that I thought might be of interest, especially since it seems there are speculations about one of them already.

  This was actually the second fight of the day, but in my opinion the better of the two. It all started as I was logging in to hear that we were scrapping with a small skirmish force of shiny hulls belonging to Transmission Lost.

  As I was not fully aware of the full situation, I took control of organizing a backup force that was assembling on our static connection. As our initial forces pulled back, we were waiting for our logi pilots to join the now satisfactory force. We would at least equal the opfor's numbers or have a few more. But since they seemed to be getting less interested, I called for the fleet to jump and warp to their connecting hole.

  That's when the fun began.

  As I landed, I called an out of place Rupture primary quickly and watched it turn into debris. But it was a bit futile for the heavier ships since they either jumped straight away or waited until we melted half their armor off to do so. I called for a pursuit, but our logi pilots held back due to a range discrepancy between the two of them. As grid loaded on the other side, we were met with a considerably larger force than ours that was full of T3s, faction BSes, recons, Guardians and an Archon that had just arrived. With their bubble up, I called for a retreat back through the hole and to pull range for a defensive stance.

  TL wasted no time in following and popping their bubble back up. That left a number of our pilots stuck inside it and so we dug in for a fight, whatever the result. I have to give a tip of the hat to our logi considering there were only two of them, one of which this was his first time doing it with adhc and they were getting harassed the whole time.

  Out went the call for reinforcements to get their tails online. In the meantime, a number of us went down swinging to the wall of dps. This included a couple curses and my Sleipnir.

  And to those who call our fits shit, I only have to chuckle. Is it because they aren't full of faction and deadspace or officer mods? My ASB Sleip tanked like a beast through all their dps as I watched my shields play ping pong. It allowed the logi time to try assisting in the reps, but not enough to keep me up. The only reason it went down? I ran out of charges. By the time it did, I was out of the bubble and able to get my pod safely away, at which point I had to relinquish FC temporarily.

  It's not often I'm able to fly shield fleets, but I enjoy them when we do. So I headed home, debating what I would do. I have a couple other ship choices but nothing like a Sleip.

  Cynabal it was, in the end.

  I sped back to the fight and landed on grid, right next to the bubble that was still active. As I lit my MWD and burned out of enemy range I took up target calling again and set in for a long fight. Our numbers soon were backed by another pair of logi and more dps, not to mention our ace ECM pilots. As a primarily ECM pilot, I just love how much disruption it can cause and rage that comes from its proper use. TL had brought Falcons of their own...but they sat on the hole long enough for us to blap them both.

  Anyways, we began alternating targets and nearly had a guardian down. That was when they brought in a solo Archon. Bad idea.

  Why? Well we watched a stage change on the hole's mass. We had assumed it was only to stage 2, but that was soon proved false when their hole collapsed from some unknown smaller ship transiting.

  This left their entire force stuck with us, in a bubble and we were just getting started. Immediately we set to getting a dread ready while I got a warpin out of line of the bubble's drag. I just love how fast I can move in shield fleets, have I said that before?

  With the hole collapsed, TL would be looking to run and minimize losses. We had lost ships and I wanted as much blood as possible so a spreading of points was reinforced. A number of subcaps had begun to warp off, leaving their capital brother to die.

  It was then we dropped the Revelation. The Archon was a tough nut to crack so we figured we might as well bring a hammer to help since we lost some of our neut power earlier in the fight. While he focused on some cap on cap lovin', we locked down the rest and readied our own bubble. It was a choice between saving his subcap wards or his own Archon and you can see how that ended.

  From the implants in that Archon's head, I can see why it took a little bit to wear him down. Shiny.

BR report

  A note bene on that report, notice that there are TL pilots on the adhc side. Probably due to smartbombs or some such. So while it looks like we had tons of pilots, in actuality it was simply that we had reships and they were hitting their own somehow.

 On a more personal note, a while back we brought a fight to TL, decidedly lost and got an odd local chat (the first comment was a 3rd party wondering wtf was going on lol):

  I took particular exception to the comment considering we brought the fight...we didn't pussy out. Left me confused, not raging in case that wasn't clear. So I hope this most recent run in is evidence enough that we bring it and we bring it hard.

  Thanks for the fat lootz :D gfgf

  We have fraps of the first fight of the day, but sadly none of this one. Another day, perhaps.

  Here's to future brawlfests o7


Nic Huston said...

On behalf of DJ, apologies for the initial profanity. Good job murdering our alliance members, and nice write up - but you need to get some bling on those ships! we're wormholers! I often put a plex in my cargo bay just to roll with a bit more style.

Memoocan said...

hahah awesome. Yeah, I've actually been thinking about factioning up at least my T3s. Might as well with all the ISK spent, right?

Cheers for the great fights. We know we can always rely on TL for them :D