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Friday, October 26, 2012

EON Mag Issue 29

The new issue of EON is out and how could you not want to get it with a cover like that? It has all the details listed below and it's just one more great way to stay connected to everything Eve. They have a new store so go ahead and click here to get there. Do eeeeeet!

EON Magazine Issue #029
Crime & Punishment

Imagine Star Wars without Boba Fett, or even worse, Blade Runner without Rick Deckard. Now consider EVE and marvel at how we've muddled through the game for so long without a working bounty system. Thankfully that's going to change when Retribution is released, because as part of an all-new aggression system, fugitive recovery will be an honorable profession. We talk with CCP to find out exactly how.
New Ships
We take a look at the new ships that will be launching this December, from the shiny new destroyers that wouldn't look out of place in the seas of Das Boot, to the re-purposed frigates and cruisers that form part of the biggest ship re-balancing effort since EVE first went live.
The Science of EVE
Without being able to travel faster than the speed of light, getting about New Eden would be whole lot different than it is. Without warp gates we'd all still be trying to escape Genesis twenty years from now. So just how realistic is EVE's version of FTL travel? To discover the answers we asked a proper scientist to investigate.
Banter Management
Blogs have been a cornerstone of EVE community life for years, especially the ever-popular Blog Banters; in which EVE's greatest scribes ponder the burning questions of the day. As we begin a new series to compile the best of what the EVE blogosphere has to offer, we catch up on a year of happy posting.
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EON #029:
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