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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Real Deal: RIP Vile Rat

  Yesterday was a sad day in many ways. It was the 11th anniversary of 9/11 for us in the States and it was also the day that 2 coordinated attacks on US embassies took place. But why talk about RL tragedy on an Eve blog? It hit home for the Goons in a big way.

  Many know Vile Rat because of his status in the Goons as their diplomat. He was one of the Mittani's right hand men in game and a friend out of game. I can't say much else because I honestly never took notice of anything related to Goons or knew much about the members. But from what I've read already and the outpouring of support, I think anyone can see VR was a good guy, father and husband.

  It is times like this that the Eve community really shines and this time should be no exception. No matter what your views of RL politics, religion, etc. or any grudges you hold in game...senseless death like this is always tragic and it shows us how fragile life truly is, even in the modern era.

  I do not want to drone on, so I will simply say: in whatever way you do such things, take a moment and remember a fellow Eve pilot.

  If I find a link for donations for his family, I will edit this post so keep an eye out. Condolences and prayers to VR's family. Rest in peace, sir.

EDIT: (5:25:49 PM) My people, many of you have asked us to 'do something'. SA is going to be arranging a fundraiser for Sean's kids in the next few days and we will be plowing all the interested GSF/CFC/HBC folks into that fundraiser so our efforts are combined; until then, grieve. If you want to channel your rage and loss, save that motivation for laying a financial foundation down for Sean's kids to go to college.

*** This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all, replies are not monitored ***

EDIT2: There is now a fund you can donate to in order to support Vile Rat's wife and children found here.


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