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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Vegge

  I am quite possibly the worst student. Ok, maybe not the worst, but I am certainly terrible at being productive. So I make up for it by being productive in Eve.

  This weekend has started off quite well with a carrier kill that makes me cringe. There were a few smaller ships, one that Mech even got to help kill. He has been training to be more capable in combat lately, so today was the day he bought and fit a Harbinger. That's pretty cool to me, because it's the first time I've flown a big ole' laser boat. I did refit my Myrm to lasers, but that hardly counts. He's ready to fight players or Sleepers and I think it's awesome to have an ammo that never runs out. Until I can use T2 crystals that is. I also put fittings onto a Noctis that I bought for my solo excursions, a pretty awesome ship to have along. It's a bit annoying that it takes most of the Orca's ship array, but whatever.

  Mem has also been progressing quite nicely of late. His T3 skills are rounding out, working on level V for all subsystems. It's training intensive, but definitely worthwhile. I still find it crazy how Mem is not even a year old and is already rockin' a Tengu. While I may get frustrated by many things in my life, at least Eve gives me a sense of accomplishment, even just pixel accomplishment.

  I have also recently moved into the darker dealings in Eve. I know a guy who knows a guy, you know? I may slip a few nuggets about that here and there. But of course, opsec needs to be tight with such...activities. You understand. Let's just say, nearly having a Machariel blueprint in your hands is adrenaline inducing...the failure sucks.

  Next week, I'll be back to stress filled days of painting and all sorts of educational dealings. So thankful there's only a month left of it...wait.....crap, it's gonna be crunch time.

  If I don't show up for a month, send a search fleet.

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