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Friday, March 25, 2011

If It's Too Good to Be True...

  It seems there has been something of a devblog "leak". Why quotations? Because in my mind, this kind of thing has to be a troll, although quite elaborate and well done. Supposedly, the information for an upcoming expansion called 'Unity' has been leaked with a metric ton of goodies. Not the least of these is new T3s with no more skill loss, new market tools, supercap rebalancing, etcetc. 

Real or massive troll?

  I'll leave the decision up to you. Personally, I am leaning towards fake, but hoping so hard it's not. There are things on there that make me drool so very much and would make Eve that much better. The list seems too long for a viable release, it would be too many new features at once that will cripple Eve with bugs. That's not to say it can't come out in staged portions, but the way this has been presented still screams TARP to me.  Seleene wrote it? Orly?

  You know what they say, if it's true good to be true then it probably is just that. As for me, school is getting into overdrive for this next month and I have reignited my geekness (you know..besides playing interweb spaceships) with some old school RPG action. I'll be here...probably just not as often as we would all like. Of course, I am still active and having quite a few adventures lately in Eve. Perhaps I'll stop being lazy and tell you about them soon. Ever made 3 billion ISK in one night legally? hehe Tale for another day, dear reader.


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