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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet Your New Overlords

  Well, not really overlords. But the CSM 6 roster has been chosen and posted. Just glancing at the first couple slots makes me cringe and give a bit of a:

  Why? Because 5 thousand fools voted for the Mittani and his cronies. Whatever progress was made with previous CSMs is going to be undone in a matter of weeks. Goons are goons and I really want nothing to do with them, much less letting them tear down the CSM. Some will just say that the CSM is a joke and does nothing, that CCP nods and smiles like a father that's tuning out his child. But Goons will just make a mockery of things. That and Roc isn't on the roster...that makes me sadpanda. When some pretentious dbag can get on simply because he has too many minions and someone that actually wants to make a difference isn't....

  Anyways, the list:
  • The Mittani
  • Seleene
  • UAxDeath
  • Trebor Daehdoow
  • Killer2
  • Vile Rat
  • White Tree
  • Meissa Anunthiel
  • Draco Llasa
  Seleene used to work for CCP, on wormholes specifically so I am really hoping he does something good. People seem to really like Vile Rat so I hope that works out as well. But, for myself at least, I am not really optimistic.

  What are your thoughts?

PS. Just got my 300th kill. Pretty neat, even if it wasn't anything special shipwise.


Anonymous said...

I agree goons are literally the niggers of space.

Shandir said...

In the thread about the CSM results - a goon proudly proclaims that he submitted 28 votes, personally, without spending an extra penny.
This is not counting the possibility of the 4 hour reactivation, 5 day reactivation, or petitioned reactivations just for votes.

Just how many votes did the average NC player make, I wonder?

Shandir said...

To clarify - the goon said he had 8 accounts (8 votes) and made 3 buddy accounts for each, using a plex that he would have used for his own account, and getting the 30 days free in exchange (so no loss in gametime).
Each of these buddy accounts could live for up to 51 days, longer than the 30 required to vote. So, 8*3, 24 additional votes ... hmm, I must have misremembered, it's 32 votes?