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Monday, March 7, 2011

Duck Hunt

  I am now back from my Spring Break. I can say we did quite the job and have one soon-to-be house owner quite happy. This is what we got done and how we left it:

  It may not look like much, but considering all that was there when we showed up was the concrete foundation I would say we did a good job. Especially since only myself and 4 other students worked on it with some geezers, while 8 others went to a different site to paint. Oh yes, what a hard time of it they had :P 

  So when I came back, I wanted to recover and veg. Eve is naturally my choice for that. It seems I was in time for a big event.


  For quite some time, my corp has been playing a POS bash. Normally, we drag our feet because we hate the monotony of such activities, but this one was special. We found the wormhole home system of one Duckeye, a guy that lives in a C4 with his 13 alts. Seriously. That's gotta be some form of sociopath. Why is he special? A while ago he thought it would be really cool to dec the Uni multiple times and sit outside of their HQ being a dbag. So the Uni has a tendency to take that stuff personally and doesn't mind payback if it is available. Well, being the friends we are with them we proposed a bit of a joint effort. The Uni loved the idea and we spent this weekend executing the plan.

  Essentially, we scanned the routes and let our own pilots in first to set up a beach head so the Unis didn't have to worry about much. As we did so, the Uni got a nice blob together and I have to say I'm not used to being in those anymore. It was a bit intimidating even though I was there only a few months ago. Wspace molds you quickly. Anyways, the connections couldn't handle 100+ pilots so we had to scan a couple different routes to get them all inside.

  The funniest part came as we were still onlining our POS and the Uni wasn't there yet. Duckeye convo'ed a pilot of ours and started asking our intentions when he saw us in kspace. Then when he found our POS in his system, a couple characters in his POS started self destructing everything they had. Literally, we hadn't even gotten our force field up and he decided to not even try at escape or home defense. Kinda sad, I was hoping for good fights and there were rumors of a carrier. But this op was mainly for fun, teaching and revenge. So we watched as tons of T1 frigs, haulers, BCs, BSs, and even a Legion popped inside his shields.

  After we brought in the blob, we got them organized and finally started incapping his defenses, which weren't up to the challenge. I had to go to sleep at that point, but the next day I logged in to find the Duckeye POS rape caged and in reinforced with 9 hours left. Such a short timer. So while we waited, we chewed the cud with the Unistas and had trivia games about wormholes with them. Since these chances are rare for them, we also ran them through some anomalies and gave practical lessons on wormhole life and mechanics, something I think they really enjoyed.

  In the end, we downed the tower and arrays in record time. It's nice having countless battleships and smaller hulls pounding relentlessly in a torrent of laser flash and missile barrages. The loot was pitiful, but that was to be expected. The most important part was having fun on a joint op and helping Unistas understand a different part of Eve. I guess they thought so too. So remember, the Uni has a long memory and it could be very harmful to you if you think it'd be fun to attack them. Their blob is bad enough, but they have friends in many places.

  Exfil was timely and we were able to remove all our assets without much trouble. I was able to employ Mech with set up and tear down in an Orca, always happy to put that training to use. The Unistas went first and we made our way out of the now clean system. I'm sure if anyone is looking to move in we could make a deal for the right price.

The next couple are thanks to Honsou Blackblade of the Uni:

  Not a bad way to come back into New Eden, eh? Alas, I have neglected work that I really should have been doing before school kicks back in and murders me. Oh's not like I'm paying ridiculous amounts of money for it, right?


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Anonymous said...

Aamzing Victory!!! 14 alts?? man that guy is a piece of work. My favorite part about the whole thing is the one hundred percent accurate account of the event... and man... you guys got so many kills it is unreal. Hope you guys enjoy all the loot that was purposefully left behind. You deserve it.