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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Friends in Unknown Places

  I have had one of the funniest and more endearing encounters in my Eve career, short as that may be. But of course, we must set the scene.

  Today, my normal night class allowed me to skip. So what is my natural tendency? Eve time. I really need to work more...but I digress. We scanned out a new connection to our home system and began our normal routines in scouting.  Within minutes, one of our scouts had a bomber throw ordinance at him and diplo channels opened up from the locals. They were curious as to our intentions, but friendly from the looks of the convo and revealed themselves to be part of the Gentlemen's Interstellar Nightclub alliance.. Even so, we are in wormholes and NBSI so we don't mind grabbing kills if they present themselves. We ended up playing on the highsec hole with their hauler and bombers until eventually, our guys got lucky.

 Well, the link to Empire space was near Dodixie, so I decided to have some fun in Kspace with my shiniest new toy. I also wanted to be a bit profitable in my endeavor so I took Mech out with his Orca and Mem in his Tengu and started scanning systems. I guess while I was out, our man soloed them again. I found a nice highsec to highsec hole that plopped me near Amarr, something I was quite happy about. Then I found one to lowsec..not so enthused about that one. Finally, I jumped another system or two and resolved a C2 wormhole, inhabited by one Russian POS with only one visible pilot. So I set up and got to work on a few anomalies, testing my new ship. Of course, it's a Tengu so no sweat, but soloing wormholes is quite stressful when you have to watch Dscan on two screens and make sure nothing goes south.

  Fast forward to a bit of a disappointed ending, too few nanoribbons in my opinion. But at least I am alive and making some ISK. I headed back out and saw in chat that our home connection was dying. Good timing. I made my way back with the lumbering pair, glad that I wouldn't get locked out. Just before I got to the transit system, our camp caught yet another ship. But the entire time we were there, they were good enough not to smack in local. Gentlemen indeed.

  So I waited on our home connection for our guys to get bored and go home so that I didn't crash anyone out. Nothing much happened so I idly tapped Dscan and saw there was a hostile Tengu in system, one I was told is a command link booster fit. Interesting fits all around. So I mirrored my Tengu's name to the hostile one for kicks. A few minutes later, my corpmate is cautioning us that there are 2 hostile Tengus. I chuckled and informed him, to which he replied that I was changing it yet again. lolwut? No I wasn't. Checking Dscan, I found my twin Tengu changing his name every couple beats.

Original: CR Nexus
Variations: Russian lettering of C and backwards R Nexus
                     C Nexus R
                     C® Nexus
                     and so on.
  I found this amusing. Then I got curious. And I changed my ship name:

  I didn't think anything would come of it, but then again you should never assume. Later I noticed local: [03:43:16] Madner Kami > copycats, I'm gonna sue you next time :P

  LOL. Welp, I wasn't going anywhere so I continued.

  A surprising and funny proposition. I wasn't sure how it would go, but quite willing to try it out. The pilgrim was my corpie getting in on the fun.

  It continued for a few more, and I think I lost because I don't normally play with a grid that has designations. I'm no chess master. The conversation kept up over ship names and Dscan,  until I mentioned the blog post worthiness of this and my corpmates began crashing. So I bid farewell to my new friends. 

[04:01:07] Memoocan > Check my bio for the blog. You have made me smile and thus shall be in it ;)
[04:01:35] Memoocan > Anyways, off I go o/ Take it easy
[04:01:36] Madner Kami > yeaha, I amde it into someone's blog \o/
[04:01:38] Madner Kami > bb o/
[04:01:40] Memoocan > haha

  It was quite a cool encounter and good way to end a long day. Thanks Madner, you're some cool cats o/


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