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Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Encounters

  When I wrote the title to this post, I thought hey, that'd be a fun series of posts to do. But I'm not sure if there are many things I haven't seen in Eve now. Perhaps I just don't know I haven't seen something. Or something.

  Anyways, I finally got to see my first supercap fleet in game. Many people see these behemoths on the daily, but when you live in space where they are not allowed you can get a little giddy at the chance to stare like a country lad in the city.

Ain't they purty?

  Our scanner had found the new connection to our home and we were exploring it, finding a few other connections along with the Kspace exit. He hopped into the lowsec system to see if we were close to anything and noticed an Avatar on Dscan. It was in the Rancer pipe, so we were rather curious. Shortly following that, Nyx after Nyx appeared and the list started to grow. We thought the Avatar was getting jumped and hoped to get in on the killmail. So we jumped into cloakies, I chose my Falcon of course, and headed out with high hopes. What we found was pretty cool, even if we didn't get an awesome killmail. Two POSes were filled with Avatars and Erebuses, Nyxes and Aeons. It was incredible and the first time I've seen titans, much less a plethora of massive supercaps. I found it pretty neat, even if I do have the opinion that supercaps are too prevalent and able to project too far. 

  It was fun watching for a little while, but we got bored and headed home to roll the connection. I logged soon after since school is whipping me hard. Later, though, a second connection opened into our home and we found it in time to see a Domi trying to crash. It was halfway dead, so we needed to be careful. We jumped a bunch of pilots in, tearing into the polarized battleship. The funniest part was when we were trying to figure out who got the KM. I got it \o/ It was the first time I got one in my Falcon of all things. Fun times. 
  I've been stuck in our home system for too long with a string of bad connections lately. I want to get out and do some good ole' carebearing, make some ISK and whatnot. Perhaps soon, for now killing things in wspace sounds good to me :P

  What was your last "first"?

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