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Friday, March 18, 2011

Solo Frig Fighting's official. I utterly fail and I am kinda starting to dislike soloing. I fail at it, hard. I knew this already, but I tried a lot recently and failed hard.

  A corpmate had the awesome idea of a frigate dueling league. This combines the awesomeness of frig tourneys with something a little more long term. You can challenge anyone that has signed up and use any fittings up to Tech 2. You get a ref to check your fits and go at it, all with rankings and everything. It got me pretty fired up and I brought in 4 or 5 frigs to fit and challenge others. Within a day I already had a couple people challenging me, ironically.

  My first fight was in my Tristan, a ship I really miss and love. I was up against a Kestrel and confident in being able to take it down. Little did I know it was armor tanked and ate straight through my tank, even as I overheated my repper. My first loss.

  My second fight, I tricked out a Merlin since I am heavy in Caldari skills. I made some wrong assumptions and went against a Rifter that blew me into dust. Fail.

  Third in line, I'm looking for blood in an Imicus with a fit I thought was clever. Again, made wrong assumptions since my opponent nearly always flies Caldari. Turns out he also came in an Imicus. I stupidly didn't attack his drones with mine, but it was a close fight. We both ended in structure, but again my loss.

  And tonight my last humiliation. I fitted a Rifter with Gallente/Caldari Ewar and arty, sporting a MWD.
It was an interesting fight, I was able to get 50km on my opponent and had him jammed most of the fight. But I wasn't doing the DPS I needed and wasn't cap stable. So when he finally grabbed a lock on me, he lit up neuts and his ACs, wiping me out completely. Depressing.

  So I think I am giving up on solo. At least in frigs, I may go at it for cruisers or battleships if we go that high. It's fun and I am definitely happy to have fought, I went in with some crazzzzy fits. Thankfully our KB doesn't track those losses since it's against corpies, even in BattleClinic does. This certainly makes things a little more interesting than POS spinning, even just watching is awesome. It's a wonderful way to try your hand and test your skills as well as vent at each other by blasting faces.

  If you find me in a frig and watch me immediately warp away, you'll know why. I never trained much in such small weapons anyways, so I'm kind of at a disadvantage. Perhaps I'll change that in the future.

  All fun at the end of the day


noise said...

You will have losses in duels like this.

I am competing in the EON Frigate tournament and started off by losing lots. Now I am in second place! The more you loose, the more you learn from it.

Memoocan said...

Yea, I am definitely learning what parts of my fits work and which parts don't. I almost had a win a couple of times, but will need to tweak some things and train more.

Shandir said...

I'm in the EON tournament , and frig dueling is great fun :D
At least when there's no wars. :(

Memoocan said...

Haha true, wars are such a nuisance. I'm hoping I can at least get in a win before I try calling it quits. I'll have better chances when I can pull out a Blackbird xDD