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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PL Leakage

  It seems PL has been hacked, courtesy of TEST alliance, and access to the Eve Foreplay has been given to the public. Eve Foreplay was a part of the forum that was only open to paying customers, a much desired part it seems. Well, the mirror is now available, and PL's spy strategies and intel related posts are worthless and their dirty laundry is going to be the talk for a while. Makes me so happy I never got into the drama that is Nullsec. Have fun with the board while it lasts, who knows how long it will stay around.

  I wasn't able to get in on the recent blog banter thanks to spring break, I may catch it up soon. But this event just goes along with my opinion on alliances. Too big and need to get pruned down to a size that makes Eve a little more interesting, instead of just throwing caps at each other until the other side loses.

  Also, there seems to be a live Dev Blog or some such in-game tonight at 22:00 UTC if you're interested.

  "The next Live Dev Blog from CCP will focus on Fiction and Content in EVE Online. This broadcast can be heard in-game over EVE Voice in the Live Dev Blog channel."


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