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Thursday, March 10, 2011

POS mechanics

  I just got back from time with the fam and my lady, just wanted to make a quick post since I'm not feeling well.

  For those that are running for CSM and looking at issues to address, please take a hard look at POS mechanics. Everything from T3 refitting to hangar logs, etc. That last is especially important when you have to live in wormholes where everything is basically available to the community without a way of tracking what goes where. The last thing I want to find is that I log in and my ships are gone. It's one thing to die in glorious battle, another altogether to get stolen out from under me.

  I think I remember hearing CCP mention that they do want focus on wspace a bit more sometime soon...hoping that's true.

  Also did a little hunting of a familiar name today. Shout out to Nashh Kadavr, although we didn't get any tasty killmails. He's rather smart when it comes to knowing what to look for and how to not get ganked. Maybe next time ;) Asuri says hi, too.

  Anyways, I'm going to go rest because I have lots of work to catch up on in the next couple of days.


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