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Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Willy

  Mech cursed as he saw the wormhole collapse behind him. Not good. Mem was not going to be happy when he found out that Mech had gotten locked out in the Orca. With only a nullsec exit. And all of Mem's ships in the Orca's hangar, save one or two. Mech cursed again.

  He took a few glances at the screens that glowed in front of him, taking stock of the situation. One of his corpmates came over comms.

  "Nice one. Well there is a connecting wormhole, class four, that you can get into. It's your best bet at this point, just get a deep safe in there."

  "Roger, I'll keep you updated. Mech out."

  He closed comms to think about things. Luckily he had current bookmarks for what he needed, so he got the Orca rambling into motion toward the class four connection. It seemed that the tower in that system was dead, no trouble to be had from the locals.

  As he came up on the wormhole, he noticed the symptoms of a hole that was half dead as well as coming to the end of its natural life cycle. Oh good. Well there was nothing for it, so he jumped in and watched the hole shrink even farther. At least that would cover his backside for a while. He needed to wait it out instead of risking a collapse on the wrong side, so he initiated warp towards the farthest planet  and set the computer to mark random places in between. It certainly got his blood going to be trapped in hostile space with so many assets, unsure of his surroundings. Now it was time to wait.

  As he bounced off the planet and made it into his safe, Mech engaged the cloak. That was as safe as he was going to be for a while. So, he made his way to his bunk with instructions to be awoken if anything came up.


  The probes made their way out into distant space as Mech waited. It had been quite a few hours of waiting for the hole to die, but now the new one was up. It was difficult to narrow down with a mass of signatures in the system.

  Eventually, though, he found it with the probes that were mounted on the Orca itself. He made his way onto a shuttle in the Orca's array and set off to check the new system. As he materialized on the other side, he ran the normal programs and gave a grunt of satisfaction when they showed the system to most likely have a highsec exit.

  So back he went, getting the Orca and making his way back to Empire space. The Vargur on directional scan was a bit worrying, but chances were it wasn't even piloted at this hour. It seemed his luck was in in so many ways, with the exit showing up near Jita.


  So I was tired and had been missing out on awesome fights most of the day which got me a little testy. Not a good mix, let me tell you because when it came time to roll our static connection...I decided it'd be a good idea to use to the Orca. Well that's fine normally. Not on a hole that is already half dead, however. So it went boom and I got stuck, but now the Orca is safe with all my valuable in highsec. Close call though, so a bit of advice from me would to not be rash about things. Especially in wspace, where things are a bit more...chaotic.

  Lesson learned.


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