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Monday, May 9, 2011

The New Fancy?

  I've been absently perusing blogs I follow on my iPod's feed and got something of a surprise when I found a few directly aimed at wormhole space. They were mainly just general information about it, stuff I've posted before. But I am more surprised at the increase in interest related to wormhole space. I think people are finally starting to realize the great benefits, and dangers, associated with it. Information saturation is always a good way to get something into the public eye and having more people in wormhole space wouldn't be a terrible thing.

  The only thing that annoys me more than not having things to shoot, however, is having people that are ignant, as they say in the south. Just as a week old character doesn't belong in lowsec to mine, neither does someone that doesn't understand wormholes belong in them. All they get is butthurt when someone comes along and takes advantage of the situation.

  So, beyond the general information I've posted previously, I've been batting around the idea of making a post or series of posts about surviving in wormholes, whether it's a day trip or long term. With the increase in curiosity and interest for the space, despite not "intended" for long term occupation, I think it only my duty to you, dear reader.

  If you're interested or think it would be a good thing to have for those interested, let me know. I don't really get feedback so I think I tend to ramble in random directions.

  Back to work

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